[Teek] Faceless - Open World Raiding

Discussion in 'TLP Guild Recruitment' started by Protocol, Feb 29, 2024.

  1. Bard2019 Elder

    Probably number one and number two guild to be honest.
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  2. Protocol Dragon Defender

    No doubt, we are the number one guild on Mischief which is basically the same server as this and there has been no competition showing up so far, should be an easy run.

    It do be like that though lmao.
  3. Kenny Powers New Member

    Faceless hitting up Teek solid ! Good to see you guys back on the 25th anniversary TLP
  4. Protocol Dragon Defender

    It never ends!
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  5. Tikno New Member

    I was in The Faceless Order years ago on Test. Great bunch. I applied.
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  6. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Welcome back Tikno!
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  7. Kharnage New Member

    Looking forward to coming out of retirement with this crew.

    And good to see the discord so active!

    Xilshale in the discord, unsure my rogues name til creation screen ;)
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  8. Shenzar New Member

    My app is in and can't wait to meet everyone in discord, I am Shenzar hit me up
  9. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Welcome aboard.
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  10. TrolleyDruid New Member

    <3 playing with Faceless :^)
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  11. AzzlannOG Elder

  12. AzzlannOG Elder

  13. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Plat raids, in house PLing service, and playing with the guild that has already (and still) been the top guild on this ruleset before. There is no better place to be.
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  14. Kruggan New Member

    Just applied as Kragg/Aubron - looking forward to joining in!
  15. AzzlannOG Elder

    You would be surprised how chill you can be if that's what you want to do.
  16. ISupportGuilds Journeyman

    It's time to slay the dragon!!!
  17. Protocol Dragon Defender

    100% you can batphone and raid all day if you want or you can just do 2 scheduled raid nights per week!
  18. Wiegraff New Member

    Would this guild be semi-new player friendly or mainly just for old school vets? I haven't raided in EQ for 20 years, I played a bit on Mischief but was raiding in EQ2 TLP still so never got to experience much.

    I'm wanting to go all in on Tormax this time and I want to see all the raids, be part of the level races, and have a front seat for all the inevitable EQ drama. But my game knowledge from being gone so long is pretty lacking.
  19. Protocol Dragon Defender

  20. Protocol Dragon Defender

    We are going to Teek, not Tormax. Generally speaking Faceless isn’t the place to go to learn how to raid.