Teek and Tormax guild listing as of 4/11/24

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  1. Lejaun Augur

    Did a quick list of guilds. My apologies if I left out information on your guild or have other errors. Just a base guide.


    -Annihilation https://discord.gg/GPkazSZF5Y /// TBD /// TBD /// Semi-Casual

    -Back Stabbath https://discord.com/invite/zHSD2WtDRf /// Mon-Tues-Sat 7:30 PST /// Unknown loot system /// Rogues only

    -Chill Mode https://discord.gg/wJMdcuGU76 /// Mon-Weds-Fri 7:30-11pm EST /// Open DKP

    -Democracy Manifest https://discord.gg/gpPafWsYcx /// Mon-Tue-Thurs 7pm GMT 8pm CET /// Unknown DKP style

    -Eastern Coalition https://discord.gg/uNaTW85WGF /// 2-3 days oceanic /// DKP system on Discord /// No batphone, no RA

    -Faceless https://discord.gg/Faceless25th /// Sun, Mon 8:30 EST /// OW & Batphone

    -Jaded Horizons https://discord.gg/uUrXJ4YYKA /// Sat-Mon-Thur 7-10pm EST /// SK Loot system /// AOC only

    -Magus Imperialis Magicus https://discord.gg/FFnpSmhT4Z /// Tue-Thurs 8pm EST, Sun 2pm EST /// Closed bid DKP +1 /// No batphone, but will take targets of opportunity

    -Major https://discord.gg/M29wW4Khx6 /// Wed/Fri/Sun 8pm EST(nights could change based on member feedback at launch) /// Suicide Kings /// no batphone

    -Mess https://discord.gg/5EcfbAeHS3 /// Tue-Thur-Sun 9pm-12am EST /// Closed bid DKP +1

    -Modest https://discord.gg/q9tDshhrNY /// Farm: Tues-Thurs 7-10pm PST. Progression: Tue-Thur-Fri 7-10PST /// DKP closed bid, No RA

    -One Last Time Again https://discord.gg/tZz5WgYpew /// Raid time TBD /// GKDP, No RA %, No Batphones

    -Past Curfew https://discord.gg/KaNGZGWT /// Mon-Tues-Thurs 8pm-11pm or 12am PST /// Unknown loot system

    -The Platinum Order https://discord.gg/2ufPHZrK7j /// Tues-Thurs 9pm-12am EST /// GDKP /// No RA, No batphone

    -Qeynos Yacht Club https://discord.gg/7jNMMUd9Pb /// Mon-Wed-Fri 6pm PST /// Open bid DKP /// OW targets on reasonable hours, No RA

    -Rampage https://discord.gg/yvbK7Srz /// Wed-Sun 8pm CEST /// Unknown loot system /// No RA

    -Rapiers Ho https://discord.gg/X9y6jY5bmu /// Unknown raiding time /// Unknown loot system

    -Relentless Incorporated https://discord.gg/Relentless /// 8pm EST /// OW Batphone targets

    -Runestone https://discord.gg/GPRd9USCvw /// Sun 7pm-12am, Tues 8pm 12am EST /// DKP loot system, No RA requirements

    -25th Anniversary https://discord.com/invite/SBJD6WZw3q /// EST /// Unknown loot system


    -Dirty Five Dozen https://discord.gg/E2sT7D4EpV /// Tue-Wed-Fri 10pm-2am EST /// Suicide King Loot system

    -The Heroic Few https://discord.gg/CfKnvp6X2D /// Mon-Wed-Thu 6pm GMT 1pm EST /// Open DKP /// No batphone
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  2. ayoforYayoh Augur

    Thank you for this! i was just in the process of trying to figure out who would be the best fit for someone that has Thursday/Friday/Saturday off.

    Looks like either Modest or Jaded would be the closest fit out of the current lineup.
  3. jeskola pheerie

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  4. Lejaun Augur

    No problem. Keep in mind this was just a preliminary one. I’ll update it soon to make it more accessible, informative, and easier to read for those searching for a guild.
  5. Innate - Monk Journeyman

    <Tormax> Dirty Five Dozen (DFD)
    10pm - 2am EST Tues / Wed / Fri
    Suicide Kings Loot
  6. Keon Oreeves New Member

    Thank you for adding The Rapiers!
  7. Jure New Member

    Tormax - The Heroic Few
    Mon, Weds & Thurs - 6pm GMT 1pm EST
  8. Lejaun Augur

    Gotcha corrected
  9. Jure New Member

    Thank you but you've put Friday and not Thursday
  10. Lejaun Augur

    Updated again with two more guilds, and hopefully I have the correct times down now, sorry Jure.
  11. Jure New Member

    Sorry to be a pain Lejaun but The Heroic Fews days are Mon, Weds & Thursday. Everything else is fine. Thanks.
  12. Hatchling New Member

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  13. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Mess is also recruiting but I only see their posts in the official discord. Looks like they are Tue/Thur/Sunday at 9pm EST, loot is closed bid +1 on opendkp
  14. Zansobar Augur

    They may need to rebrand as the five singletons.
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  15. Iyacc Augur

    You can add Major for Teek.

    Major / https://discord.gg/M29wW4Khx6 / Wed/Fri/Sun 8pm EST(nights could change based on member feedback at launch) / Suicide Kings / no batphone
  16. Protocol Dragon Defender

    Whew Teek passing 20 guilds already. I know a few formed up that just aren’t advertising.
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  17. Tanar Lorekeeper

    Teek is going to be pog.
  18. Byun Elder

  19. Lejaun Augur

    Updated. 100% likely to have bad information or expired links. Good luck those hunting for guilds !!!
  20. Woozy New Member

    Not trying to start any drama, but as someone who has been out of the loop since Phinny, and really wasn't even in the loop then, can anyone give me a rundown on the "cultures" of some of the Teek guilds? Just trying to avoid falling into a group that doesn't fit my personality as I usually get 'attached' to a guild.