Teek and Tormax are on the horizon!

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  1. Ilshade Augur

    NO - i account pet computer no matter the TLP server
  2. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    When Tormax reaches live expansion, will it be possible to transfer characters to 'normal' servers (like Luclin, but not FV?)
  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    With concerns over Teek being bogged down on launch night, would it be possible to unlock the servers for char creation over the weekend before launch to allow players to create 1 char per account. It is something that was done years ago to help with launch.

    As I understand it the servers issues stem from players creating chars on opening night.
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  4. kain200 Augur

    There's still time. I wouldn't expect it, but they have occasionally made some adjustments. I was really hoping for something involving exp rate or bonuses for Teek so that the name means...anything at all. The grind to 60 right out of the gate is gonna be some serious stuff. Other than that, i'm still happy we got a mischief clone.

    I'm far more worried for the prospective Tormax players though. Holy cow, that server needs something. The people who just want another recycled phinny clone experience are gonna find out a hard truth. The rest of us might have been playing there with them if we had no other options this year. Putting up a mischief clone is gonna straight crater Tormax's chances of a decent population. I hope the devs add/change something about Tormax to make it worth logging in at all.
  5. Hamshire Augur

    Nah, if they lift true-box now ill need to rename my guild from Five Hour Que to Ten Hour Que and that wouldn't be fair to me and my que enjoyers.
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  6. Tulisin_Dragonflame Augur

    +1 for being disappointed they didn't do anything more interesting with Tormax to level out the population. Looking forward to Teek, but not looking forward to the queues.

    I assume that the name reservation system is an attempt to cut down on some of that first-week database churn that causes the queues. If that's the case maybe they should just go ahead and say people who use the system (either because they have old characters or because they paid for the privilege) get shorter queues. If we're getting the problem either way you might as well monetize the solution.
  7. Taladir Augur

    What time do the servers launch on 5/22?
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  8. Rijacki Just a rare RPer on FV and Oakwynd

    I don't recall seeing this statement with the Oakwynd announcement. I find it interesting this is part of the server announcement to underscore the information already in the ToS. I will be interested to see how well they actually do enforce it, too.
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  9. Sheila Elder

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  10. Purpledrink New Member

    For the love of all that is holy please make an overflow server for Teek. This is going to be utter madness.
  11. Aussieguy Elder

    Can't you just enable 2 boxing for Teek? Would make it more fun IMO.
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  12. Jamesly New Member

    Please open up relaxed boxing on start for Tormax!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. Sheila Elder

    Yeah, I think they spoke volumes when they continued the Tormax train without any changes, unfortunately. Still going to post until the servers launch just because, but not very hopeful to see changes.
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  14. Exmortis_MT Augur

    Keeping the dream alive!
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  15. GamerGramps Journeyman

    Just curious...

    According to the post, Teek & Tormax launch on Wed, May 22nd, and will unlock at regular intervals.

    Will Teek & Tormax fall into line with the rest of the TLPs and continue to unlock expansions on Thursdays?
  16. Greffan New Member

    Will there be any new adventurer packs like the Lyirae bundle for those who claimed them on older TLP servers?
  17. Duder Augur

    I'm surprised they haven't publicly announced the Teek overflow server "Frostreaver" yet.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    LOL they could always change the name of Teek to Franklin Teek and have the overflow server as Clayton Teek. :p
  19. Demetri Augur

    These would be expected to show somewhere between Tuesday and Thursday of the week of the launch. And with every year in recent memory having them would be shocking if there wasn't one added this year.
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  20. Barton-Vox Fizzlethorpe Rules !!

    Yes, Per Discord