TDS was small... TBM is smaller.

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  1. Abazzagorath Augur

    To be fair, they may call it an expansion, but standard edition is only $31.49 or whatever assuming your account is subscribed. So they aren't pricing it like an expansion. The other two editions are awful cash grabs to people addicted to illusions or with money to flush.
  2. Raynrace Augur

    Well on the live stream you have revamped Fear and Hate, I was under the assumption it was raid only but it seems based on their conversation there might be some group content there as well. Clarification?

    Secondly all of the zones access are in Plane of Tranquility, New fear and hate plus Plane of Health.

    From Plane of Health you went to Life then click the mirror frag to get to Decay. This is all that I saw so far.

    Are we assuming that Fear and Hate are counted as part of the 7? If its raid only, I would hope not but if group content is there it might be.

    So can you clarify please?

    Fear and Hate? Part of the 7 zones or no? They are the same as they've been just new mobs.

    Health, Life and Decay are 3 new zones, I know that Life and Decay are exact in pixels minus lighting and sky but it is an entirely different quest line, mobs and raid instance.

    So there are either 2 or 4 more zones.

    If Fear has 2 raids Draco, Cazic and 3 one off types the golems (total of 5 raids)
    If Hate has 2 raids Maestro and Inny (total of 2 raids)

    That is 7 raids. At one point in the conversation I heard 19 but still back to 15+ so at least 16 we hope giving us 8 or 9 additional progression raids if none of those are one offs.

    This does make the number of zones smaller than TDS, yes, but it doesn't mean less content. The zones did seem larger as well.

    Yes, I am trying to stay positive.
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  3. Iila Augur

    Since EQ recently did a two sided god of life and decay, I was wondering how they were gonna do this one.

    I like the bright, day of the dead style coloring and art for the "good" side. It's very different from her style in EQ2, and different from anything else in EQ.

    The decay/bad side looked a lot like a generic death and decay theme from what I saw.

    The mirror port between zones has a lot potential for cool things. I hope those zones aren't restricted to one or two devs, so we can get more devs paying homage to their favorite light/dark world games.
  4. segap Augur


    Seems they're so focused on scaling content most of this will be more HA style instanced crap. Content with one prescribed way to complete with no respawns. Boring and no replay value once completed.

    Why are they focusing on scaling to 75? How many people are in that level range? How long do they actually stay that level with a character they actually spend time playing? Why waste time on a target audience that will outgrow it faster than it will take to complete that content (assuming they can find enough other people to even do it with at their level)?

    I was really hoping for the revamped Fear and Hate to be more a classic raid feel. Something a bit different than how current content has evolved. But, they're taking each mini/boss and making them either instances or hail to start things. Yuck!

    And the gear point system... Yay, now you have to "progress" your gear by being told what to kill to earn points. Less choice of how to play.

    Illusion key ring... So, all the non-illusion classes now have something potentially more convenient than the one true illusion class? They at least had to sacrifice storage space to have something they should never have had to begin with. Now it's a big freebie.

    And cat familiars.... Can you please give us a UI option to hide familiars? And while you're at it, hide swarm pets?

    Yesterday, I was a definite on buying. Now on the fence. Need to see if they release more info that might make this more enticing.
  5. Raynrace Augur

    Ok, so I stand corrected, 4 new zones, 3 revamps according to EQ Resource.

    Hate, Fear, and??? (really hope you arent counting Plane of Tranquility...)
    Health, Life, Decay and (Insert new end zone here)

    The world is closing in on us and getting a little smaller... Sure hope there is a lot of content in these few zones.

    I cant imagine much group content in Hate and Fear...
  6. Tyraxor Augur

    Seems like they swindled their players again, i mean counting the Pofear Golems as raids is just...well it's just getting silly, and thus advertising with over 15 Raids and a full expansion.
    Not difficult to think of why they did it too, so they can take $35 (+ totally overprized "special" editions) from you again. If you play on AB and add the server problem...nah there's no way to stay positive there. Getting the shaft left and right, sad.
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  7. Axxius Augur

    In 2007, we got TBS for $29.99. It had less content than what's already announced for TBM. And it was a good expansion.

    Now compare the RL prices in 2007 and in 2015. How can anybody complain about the price tag? :confused:

    My only question is whether this is all we get for a year or not.
  8. YellowBelly Augur

    How hard can it be to create more zones? Create a huge square, add a ground middle and sky, throw in some generic structures, add mobs and terrain, press compile and TADA!! A zone! Lazy is what this is.
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  9. Sheaffer Augur

    I think they've said before it takes an artist months to make each zone
  10. Quench New Member

    I am looking forward to this exp now.I like the theme.
  11. Tyraxor Augur

    No sorry that isn't true from my experience. Standard games don't cost more than back then, or why did i get for example Divinity: OS for around 35 Euro? And those guys will add in an extended version for free soon (highly recommended game, by the way). So i got almost 2 full games for 35 Euro there that last weeks and months in fun.

    Sure i can complain about the price tag, if i see that everyone who wants the extra stuff will pay up to i think 130? + this game still has a monthly sub. Other mmos give out expansions (sometimes simply called patches) for free. I mean the money isn't a problem for me, or wouldn't be as i am not buying it probably, but how can you say this is all normal...
    I know i'm in a defend Eq at all costs place, but this is just getting...weird.
    Maybe at least don't talk those with a realistic view down, would be nice.
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  12. Silv Augur

    Given the total number on the team and the apparent re-arrangement of duties [thank gawd Dzarn on AA], I think it's going to be fairly limited. At least it's not ALL in one zone. That's something... I guess?
  13. Silv Augur

    So do the 3 golem "minis" count towards that lovely '15 raids!!!!!' number that has been thrown around? That's really the question people want to know. In the live stream they were equated to one-offs. So in TDS we had 5 raids + 2 one-offs for a total of 7. Do the golems account for 3 of the "raids" advertised?
  14. Axxius Augur

    Thanks for clarifying.

    Assuming that Inny and Maestro are in the same category as well, we get 12 real raids? This night is getting better and better.
  15. Darkark Augur

    Ok, but is the gear from Cazic and Drac going to be on par with the loot from the "normal" raids? I only ask because I'm curious if these are going to be raids guilds can expect to add to their farm list.
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  16. adinaei New Member

    the point most players are feeling elidroth espically in my guild and across most of my friends list is that we would prefer more content. if this is all the expansion releases for 1 year or more its not really that good. but if you release more content the longer its active like you did with rof it might be a little more interesting.
  17. Zarakii Augur

    Remember fair is a concept elidroth just doesnt care about
  18. Zarzac Augur

    Even with the extremely limited content that it appears to have, I think the price is fair for the standard version. Most console games are $60 and don't offer all that much more entertainment value over time than I think EQ does.

    I would have much rather had a 49.99 expansion personally that had more stuff.
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  19. Kravitz Augur

    I'll be buying it at some point in the next 4 months, and I'm sure you will even though you are saying you won't.;) Let's face it if you've been playing the game this long, you are going to come back for more. Stop fooling yourself.

    Your zone count is off on new zones, you only get 3 new zones:

    2 new zones + 1 new zone (mirror copy/paste alternate version)

    Then the 3 revamp zones (yet another copy/paste). So only 3 new zones which is worse than TDS even.
  20. Silv Augur

    Positive: Dzarn is doing AA

    Negative: Elidroth is doing everything else and Aristo is still on spells. I just can't *wait* to see what these super powerful-awesome evolving spell that are actually "meaningful" will be! More specifically- Druids!