TDS Ultra rares in herocis is a myth (at least in this thulia HA)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by rune00, Jul 15, 2015.

  1. sojero Augur

    I don't think you have that right.

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  2. Kravitz Augur

    I'd like to know what that drop rate is then, cause if its a global loot table it would be same in or outside the instance unless they have global values for each zone file.

    Second, I can't even understand why you would reduce the drop rate in an instance vs static zones if that is the case, as more people are killing mobs outside instances in general matter of speaking, so seems rather silly to reduce instance drop rates compared to static zones.

    I understood global drop rates to be global across all zones whether instanced or non-instanced.

    If global drop rate is the same across all zones, instanced vs non-instanced, then you are going to see more drops outside instances because more mobs are being killed outside instances, which was the assumption I was making. I missed reading that post by Prathun, but that is rather silly if so.

    And by silly I mean, didn't they do the whole HA revamp at the start of TDS to promote people to do HA's. This will just add to the fact that people will exp even more outside of HA's. They really can't seem to decide what they want to do in their design. Silly decisions...
  3. sojero Augur

    I'm sorry I don't have any answers for you, since you directed everything via you with a reply to me, and you should have said they. I know it was once said that they had put in a 1/5000 for the ACoF so that is what was thrown around for rares, looks as it is different. Sorry that I don't have any better information for you.
  4. Slasher Augur

    I asked what the rate was if its not 1/5000 in instances. Much less could mean 1/10000 or 1/50000 or worse.
  5. Fanra Augur

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  6. SpamFactory Augur

    I just walked up and looted a random corpse in arx mentis back in december that had like 11 minutes left on the timer (no one was around) and got marauder's goggles.
  7. Peltier Elder

    Firstly ..

    If you are attempting to say you "deserve" any item simply due to the over whelming amount of Kills you have on record ..

    You do not understand the conceptualization aspect of Random Number Generator ..

    It gives absolutely zero ***** about how many kills you have under what ever list you think,

    Secondly ..

    Farming "rares" is an almost impossible aspect unless you vendor them via other players.

    So coming to the boards and complaining about the drop rate of an RNG item .. in my opinion is absolutely incredibly a waste of time..
  8. Necromonious Augur

    On the upside eventually if you kill millions and millions of mobs and they keep dropping gems you will have enough plat to buy a rare
  9. rune00 Augur

    I hesitated to bite your obvious attempt to troll me, but I just can't let this drivel slide.

    "Firstly" I NEVER complained about rate drop rate, not even once, I accept it as ultra rare.

    "Secondly" I questioned if these things EVER dropped at all.

    And finally it wasn't a waste of time to question this cause I did get a developer to investigate it and reply to my question.
    As for all the other nonsense you managed to spew in you post "deserve" blah blah, I didn't even imply I deserved anything, I posted the number of kills so that the devs here would know I have a legitimate case, I mean random or not, if you are gonna spend time querying a database would you rather do it cause a guy who has 50000 kills asks or if a guy that only has 100 kills ask? With 50k kills I felt I had tested it properly.

    I couldn't care less about looting an ultra rare, I gotten plenty in static zones but this is a thread about instanced drop rates, you would have known this if you bothered reading it instead of just skimming through the last five posts or so.
  10. Peltier Elder

    Yep, cause this post is nothing but flat out crying ..
  11. rune00 Augur

    Thank you, I know it isn't.

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