TDS Ultra rares in herocis is a myth (at least in this thulia HA)

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  1. Slasher Augur

    Not dropping in heroics is only the top of the list. They're not dropping in group missions either.

    says they drop in all TDS content. Except if you have ever done the TDS group missions have you noticed the mobs drop nothing at all ? Thats right go do the thulia, combine, degmar, caverns missions the mobs drop nothing in them all you get is plat. They don't even drop diamonds or tradeskill items. Shouldn't that scream hey something is wrong here ?
  2. Devildawg Elder

    Yup. There's clearly an error *somewhere* then. That log someone posted was nearly a year ago (around the time loot was added back to COTF HAs, if that's indicative of something...) and not a single person on my entire server having reported a single drop in an HA points to something being wrong.

    A shame too. I'd do a zillion more HAs than normal if the chaser items actually dropped there.
  3. Lifebane Augur

    This guy is insane. Despite having multiple people report getting the drops (in this very thread), and being told by a dev that things are working as intended, he still being childish and demanding more investigation. I ... don't ... even ...
  4. rune00 Augur

    You must lack reading comprehension Lifebane...

    Only one person actually submitted some kind of "proof" and it is not recent.

    Everyone else said nothing about looting in HA's only static zones.

    Prathun didn't say they actually drop, he said that the data "Look" ok. He didn't say it works as intended.
    It's basically the same information we got from Roshen 9 months ago as well so nothing new has actually been added...

    As a programmer I can tell you that "data look ok" and "working as intended because they have an actual log entry where they can clearly see someone who was in a instanced TDS zone looted one of these ultra rare items" are two different things...

    No one has seen it happen in practice, we know the theory is solid.

    If they don't log drops, they should just come out and say they don't have a record of what people have been looting and we are going to have to accept that this can't be verified as working in practice.

    You go ahead and be a yes man Lifebane, cause we need more of those here...
    Meanwhile I'll continue question stuff that don't seem right to me to hopefully shine some light on a problem that affect the 3000k plus players that has read this thread so far... /wave
  5. segap Augur

    And I'm betting the vast majority of the people reading this have either never seen a drop or seen no more than one drop in any zone instanced or not. Them having not seen one drop in an HA when they haven't seen one drop elsewhere does not prove anything. I've not seen one in a TDS HA, so have no proof they do drop there, but I don't think the argument of no one is speaking up to have said they have is definitive either. The drop rate (as Prathun stated) is low enough that anecdotal evidence will be hard to come by. Probably not a large enough sampling of the playerbase reads these forums and even fewer respond to posts.
  6. Slasher Augur

    A few people in this thread said they have seen them from static zones. I've seen 4 at least and rune has seen just as many from static zones. However I spend way more time in the heroic and ive seen zero. bad luck is bad luck but after dozens of people start saying they have seen them in the normal versions but none in the heroics maybe we should start thinking maybe just maybe something is broke.

    If these were indeed dropping in heroics people would be saying it.
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  7. rune00 Augur

    Thank you for making my point Segap,

    I don't need player reports cause I won't trust them anyway.

    Either they have drop info logged or they don't.
    If they do it shouldn't be impossible to run a query and just simply say, "look buddy: it's working as intended, we found at least 1(ONE) occasion where an ultra rare dropped and was looted by a player inside of a TDS instance" and I will go away.

    Is it really to much to ask? Apparently it is...
  8. Devildawg Elder

    No. One person reported getting a drop, nine months ago. Prathun said the data looks ok, but did not say they do drop. I'd bet my life that something is broken, because they're supposed to be dropping and no one has seen any any time this calender year. So, countless static drops vs zero HA drops. I... don't... even...
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  9. Prathun Developer

    On Antonius Bayle...

    2014-11-12 11:56:35 endlesscaverns heroic adventure PC Looted item Jagged Irridescent Sword from an_enthralled_witch's_corpse
    2014-11-23 17:22:09 thuliasaur heroic adventure PC Looted item Arx Wood Recurve Bow from a_Thaell_Ew_hunter's_corpse0
    2015-01-03 07:32:53 dredge heroic adventure PC Looted item Brigand's Inscribed Shoulders from an_indagatrix_mortem's_corpse
    2015-02-01 07:01:36 endlesscaverns heroic adventure PC Looted item Corsair's Amethyst Inlaid Band from a_silenced_witch's_corpse
    2015-02-08 06:49:32 tempesttemple heroic adventure PC Looted item Brigand's Silver Pendant from a_sea_naga_stormcaller's_corpse
    2015-05-26 02:46:06 thuliasaur heroic adventure PC Looted item Iron Wood Bulwark from a_Kromtus_heyokah's_corpse

    (The query has been running for 2 hours and is still crunching away.)

    So passive-aggressive!
  10. Slasher Augur

    Is that just a sample of the results ? Or has AB really only seen 6 Rare drops in heroics since TDS came out ?

    So they obviously drop. Question now is do they drop at the rate they're suppose to. I guess thats for you to decide.

    Thanks for looking into it.
  11. rune00 Augur

    Thank you Prathun! I accept this answer and I appreciate that you took the time to run the query. This absolutely settles it for me. And it will indeed be a legendary post to point others to in the future when the question comes up again.

    I apologize for being passive aggressive.

    Im not asking you to post anymore numbers but just suggesting that while you are at it anyway, maybe check if there is a discrepancy between static drop rate during the same period versus instanced drop rate.

    In any case big kudos to you for coming through for us on this!

    /goes away
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  12. Prathun Developer

    Glad to address this concern. Thanks for your patience. :)

    The query has finished running and it was those 6 items looted on AB since October. There were almost certainly more than 6 rare items seeded on NPCs, but these are the ones that were looted. The drop rate in static zones is much higher than in instances, and this is consistent across CotF and TDS. Like I was saying earlier, the drop rate is low enough that it's not only possible but likely to kill tens of thousands of NPCs (even hundreds of thousands, if Bristlebane frowns on you) and not see a drop.
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  13. Slasher Augur

    Thank you and I appreciate the information. Drop rate sucks guess ill xp in static zones from now on.
  14. Devildawg Elder

    Tyvm for the info! :p And you even answered my 2nd question which is "Why so few?" Much lower drop rate in HAs :D Like Slasher I'll just exp in static zones now while only doing the heroics when I need pieces of eight for some odd reason.
  15. Aghinem Augur

    Much easier to go raid, get raid currency, and get the items than hope for one of those ultra rare drops.
  16. Kravitz Augur

    Yep, even if its for an alt, join a raiding guild that allows looting on alts. 50k mobs seems like a huge time invest compared to 20 hours or so worth of raid time.
  17. Endless Augur

    So the rares are not spawned on NPC's when you kill them and we probably see more drops on CoTF HA's Deadhill because most/all mobs get killed on those. Thulisuar, lots of mobs are left standing if all you do is what's needed and then poof goes the one that has the rare when you hail for the 240ish Pieces of Eight. Static zones, if you don't kill that mob with the rare, it's still running around long after you log or at least until server reset.
  18. Talif Augur

    By comparison, I've done the progression through Thuli and maybe 30 hours of grinding and I've personally seen 3 of them drop. Some times the RNG loves you, some times it hates you.
  19. Tiqou Elder

    After hours and hours in HAs, I just looted my first TDS static zone!
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  20. Kravitz Augur

    That is absolutely not true. The drop rate is global and is same whether you are in a HA or static zone. The reason why you are seeing so few drops in HA's is because only a handful of people actually clear all the spawns in an HA coupled with the fact that more mobs are being killed outside any instance in general vs instances.

    If the majority of people who are playing decided to only do HA's and only a handful of people were killing the static zone mobs, then the reverse would be true. For example:

    10 million static mobs killed vs 1 million HA mobs killed (what is currently happening)

    if that was reversed

    10 million HA mobs killed vs 1 million static

    The drop rate is the same whether you are in or out of the instance period.

    I don't know about you but I don't spend my time clearing anything more than what is required to complete the HA objectives. I am sure most people do the same.