TDS Raid Event 3: Principal Vicarum Nomia - Progression!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Mykaylla, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. guado Augur

    Question: How many Arx Energy Crystals are rewarded for

    Achievements --> TDS --> Raids -->
    -Destroyer of the Praetor
    -Destroyer of the Citadel

    Maybe they reward more than x10 currency, who knows.
  2. Coruth Augur

    Wow... you are paranoid. You take the question of "Your" guild as a personal Affront and Insult.

    When the same exact question was asked of every guild.

    Why? Because of the Win Bugs, and someone in Descendents sending info for an update.
    So the person tracking, made a fairly logical arguement and said everyone send in log proof.

    By treating everyone the same, is pretty fair. Nothing Conspiracy.

    Just a simple list taker "Hey I don't want to be the one saying Silent Redemption Prove you won. Triton you don't have to. IL proove you were 2nd. MS proove you beat event 2. ROV moving up from 7th to 5th, provide evidence. "

    Could you imagine the blow back and screams from selective asking? Why does X get to choose. Hey, it's an insult to the guilds chosen to ask for Verification. Asking everyone for Verification is NOT an insult.

    If anything, honestly, your complete overreaction brings to mind adages like "Where's there's smoke there's fire." I would have never ever thought to question Triton because they have a long track record of being a guild in the 2-5 range. BUT after reading complete overreaction, I stop and say.... hmmmmm.....Well maybe...

    ((PS: Im not 100% Serious there, and apologize to every member of Triton but Maeryn. But Maeryn's take on this whole thing is just way out there.))

    This is NOT Mykalla's Fault. Though perhaps a better way could have been found.
    This is SONY fault.
    This is also the Fault of whoever sent in Descendents Kills to put everyone's record into doubt.
  3. Kiillz Augur

    lol not sure who you are referring to Cor, Triton was not the one to post the log of our lineup that nite or such, so it aint us being paranoid. I guess talk to the poster of it, I dont believe anyone Triton in concerned. We busted our posteriors on that even, and in fact I believe it was rude to even post the names of the raiders and make said comments. Let the comments fly, we know we beat it. Shrug
  4. Coruth Augur

    Just the list Maeryn posted. Implied Maryn was in Triton. And that Triton was being unfairly persecuted. Again, I'll repeat nothing but a Good Job from me on Triton's accomplishments.

    The depressingly sad thing of this whole thread, is Mykalla made an honest attempt to do what every raider in a major guild wants, make an accurate list. And people got insulted that "How dare I get demanded to provide evidence" and then got insulting.

    It would have been far better to do what Hatsee said and suggest an improvement.

    Instead people got nuts and got insulting on Mykalla. Not fair.

    Feel free to suggest a better way like Hatsee did. Or even Battleaxe (saying Sony should keep/make a list).

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  5. Maeryn Augur

    I just found that super secret website and c/p'ed names. It should help things sink in, instead of the faceless "I need logs from Triton" it's "I need logs from 64 names of video game characters" and the volume of names should help clarify the extreme unlikelihood that no one would admit "ya, event bugged out" as well as the potential for someone to feel they know someone and go "ya, if something fishy was going on xxxx would tell me".

    Lavanet/EGL exists for the sole reason that someone in the majority of guilds takes the time to submit kills to a website and the notion that Mykaylla knows more about any of those kills than the person that submitted the date and more recently the time is absurd.

    Now Mykaylla who hasn't done the event is going to look at text logs that are easy to modify and decide whether a kill is legit or not because obviously without her investigative prowess the 64 people in Triton, 76 people in Inverse:, 60 SoD:, 66 RoI: and the 85 RoV at Puddin' Rank or higher: would have fooled the world.

  6. Battleaxe Augur

    You bet I do. A thinly veiled mass accusation is an individual accusation nonetheless. Can you imagine the screaming if WalMart said to everyone leaving their store, "Empty your pockets."??

    Why would there be selective asking without reasonable suspicion of the individual or entity being investigated? Besides - its already been selective. One guild was incorrectly listed, the matter was taken up with that guild or they stepped forward, and one guild had a correction made.

    Which begs the question - why aren't guild leaders or a guild officer in their absence the only persons who can make such reports and thus the only ones that can be held responsible?

    I'd dearly like SOE to periodically look at the leaderboard and let EGL know if there's an error. But that would hardly put me in favor of EGL pawing through logs and deciding if every action in an event win meets their (and not just SOE's) approval. It's a fishing expedition. As players and not EQ's publisher they presume too much.
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  7. Axxius Augur

    Maeryn is in F&F on FV, if I'm not mistaken. He just copy/pasted the Triton active roster from our website. :)

    Yeah, this thread kinda went away from what Mykaylla wanted to achieve. She's just trying to find a way to update EGL accurately with legit wins. Thank SOE for the new achievements: The Wipeout Victory and Da Preincarnation Coronation. :D

    Some guilds have no issues with sharing full logs. Some do. We have a strong policy against that. And I don't think Qulas is about to start sending out ROI logs to prove that they beat TDS legitimately either. Not to mention that logs are just text that can be easily edited.

    It's easier and more reliable to ask multiple sources, and if they say that they won legit - trust them. The chances of massive guildwise conspiracies happening are kinda slim.

    And SOE will fix these stupid bugs and exploits eventually. Right?
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  8. Abazzagorath Augur

    My only question is why the developers don't seem to care about something as massively messed up as auto winning raid events.

    Nm, pretty sure we all know the answer to that.
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  9. fortuneteller Augur

  10. Coruth Augur

    First drop the RL comparison. It's blatantly bad.

    Second, read those 2 sentences....
    1) Battleaxe is insulted because of Accusation
    2) But Battleaxe Accuses Mykalla of wanting the logs not for Proof but to dig through my guild chat to find something to embaress us with.

    Pick your Analogy. Pot Meet Battleaxe. Battleaxe's in glass houses shouldn't swing.

    The silly downright stupid thing is that you and Maeryn are right that asking for Logs was a Bad Idea.
    But yours and Maeryn's were frankly worse.

    It would have been far more productive to take the Road Hatsee did and say
    Mykylla it's a bad idea because logs are editable, and should remain private as Guild Chats might not be G-Rated, that the amount of time it would take to edit isn't a fair burden for the time to report + if someone is editting out Channels then they might edit other stuff.

    A better idea is that since all top 20ish Guilds have webpages, they need to edit thier webpage with a Picture + a First Kill Date. And if any member of any guild wants to call out thier leadership for posting a fake date please PM me.
  11. fortuneteller Augur

    Have to hope that you do not update for MS / SR on PQN, since they have not yet won PVN, according to themselves. (no post about win #3).

    Its obvious, you cannot win number 4 if not beaten number 3
  12. Axxius Augur

    Actually, Tita's Ghost, Vitio, Numicia, Nomia and Lucia all spawn when you beat Defense of the City, and you can beat them in any order you want (flagging is required to access everything but the first though). The tuning of the 3 Principals makes trying them in any other order silly, unless you have already beaten everything and it's all on farm. Nomia is much harder than Numicia, and Lucia is harder than that, so if you are working on progression then it would make no sense to skip an easier event and work on a harder one. But technically, nothing stops you from beating Lucia first of them all.
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  13. Coruth Augur

    Actually the whole point of this thread is that it's not Obvious :< Because what would happen if those guild's got a Bugged Kill on Event 3. So if they have nothing else to do and go work on 4 and win.

    Highly highly unlikely mind you if read between the Lines on the # of days between Event 2-3 kills and 3-4. But the whole point of this thread is bugged wins suck for marking progress and fairly tracking it.
  14. Silentchaos Augur

    Lol its Maykaylla. I can't think of anyone I'd be less hesitant to send a log file to.
  15. fortuneteller Augur

    But would they have won number 3? in the time that it is open, if not, they would never have got the kill for #3 and would then not be able to progress to #4.

    Would have been better waiting with the site update, til they actually beat the #3.
  16. Apoc Augur

    3 isnt required to raid 4 ? 1 ×4 is required for 2-4 in any order
  17. fortuneteller Augur

    Ooops, guess assuming something is bad, would have thought: 1->2->3->4->5

    Was reading the named wrong too :(

    Was thinking Num as #4, guess time to stop posting a bit too.
  18. Battleaxe Augur

    I can. SOE.Lol. In fact I can't think of a player outside of my guild that I would send a log to - not one. Every guild I've heard of expressly forbids sharing raid information.

    If the OP had written that henceforth they'd only accept win reports from GL's or their confirmed alternates, I'd applaud the change. Ditto if they had said SOE agreed to send in raid win reports and needed corrections. But send private raid logs where they can be viewed by player/s and possibly their associates - nah.
  19. Maeryn Augur

    A better idea for what? For 10 years (or so, not sure if lavanet backfilled the earliest listed expansions) you have had a voluntary reporting site and it's pretty accurate.

    It's missing some guilds who choose not to participate, it's missing updates from guilds who haven't recently submitted information and it's entirely possible some errors exists, horror of horrors maybe some guild beat a raid 09/21/13 and it's listed as 09/12/13. So what? Top 10 has some level of interest and genital measurement means it probably gets corrected but if those 9 days mean 42nd instead of 43rd it might so unnoticed forever.

    Let's say Machin Shin got a bugged win on Arx2, after all really suspicious they don't have a picture with date on the front page, what are they hiding? Have the even beaten Arx1? Did they win PoWar? Lets completely ignore the orgy of evidence from Magelo and other sources that MS is one of the most successful raiding guilds in EQ and start wondering if they really won anything if there isn't a picture with a date on their front page.

    Does this make any sense at all? If MS claims they beat Arx1 on Nov2, Arx2 on Nov24, made a post: indicating they won Tita's Ghost on Nov10 and confirmed by /compare and RoI stating they didn't let that person guest beat PoWar on Sep22.

    Those are 4 wins, 2 on "not real" raids and the dates MS is believed to have won the events. Maybe the person I /compared is in Asia and PoWar was won on Sep21, maybe Insaneox who liked the MS Ghost win post isn't actually Madbull an officer of MS as their signature claims, maybe they liked the Ghost loot post just because they thought a fake loot post on an event EGL doesn't track is hilarious.

    But the only reasonable conclusion is that those 4 dates are if not completely accurate at worst off a day based on time zones. It doesn't take logs, screenshots or anything else.

    If Drachenreiter (first guild from top of list with no CotF wins listed on EGL and a dead link for the website, nothing personal) submits an Arx1 win I can understand sending an in game tell asking to link an ach or maybe even making a character on AB and doing a /compare.

    But doubting the wins of RoI, Inverse, Triton, SoD, RoV and now Descendents is clown shoes. Until you have a reason like Deepthroat.Xegony tells you, 'hey you should look into those RoI wins, they are posting lies based on reputation and photoshop and rarely leave the GGH anymore' then maybe you spend a couple of minutes and find this:

    And go Foob isn't on FV and has 350 Arx Crystals, I don't even have to bother anyone in RoI, it's clear they won at least 35 TDS events (or maybe a couple less if Arx5 is 20 like PoWar) and Deepthroat is just a troll.
  20. Iila Augur

    If guilds were ranked by front page update promptness, we'd be ranked somewhere around those guilds still clearing ntov.

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