TDS Raid Event 3: Principal Vicarum Nomia - Progression!

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  1. Shang Augur

    You got them to agree that pet tanking was legit... I'm not seeing why they wouldn't approve of DA tanking.

    Paladins have been avoiding rampage damage since Luclin with DA.
  2. Axxius Augur

    I don't intend to lie, or even evade like Qulas about DA. I only got hit by ledalus for the obvious reason.
    Yeah, that's precisely what I'm gonna check now. Will ask the people who tanked the vitali mobs how hard they hit.

    But in either case, your DA kills were still just that. Now that you've beaten the event without DA, are you ready to come out of the 'DA closet' and admit that you did it? Or does Qulas still prohibits you to?
  3. Axxius Augur

    See? The anonymous new member who considered asking the devs as a threat? The non-anonymous ROI members actually claim that DA/Preinc was legit, and the devs would back them up. If that's so, I'll gladly drop my claim that their previous wins were illegit.
  4. Atvar Augur

    Talking trash and doesn't even know how the event works.... /facepalm
  5. wingz-83 Augur

    I'm so confused about any and all of this.

    If someone told me that my guilds wins didn't matter or weren't official, I would just not even give a ****.

    Ok fine. NEITHER OF YOUR WINS ARE LEGITIMATE!...what's that? It doesn't matter to you what I think?

    Why does any of this even matter? You are arguing about a fantasy game on the internet that uses magic and wizards. This whole thing is ridiculous and I feel silly for even posting this honestly.

    Don't be this guy.

  6. Amor Augur

    Both parties come off looking childish. The fact that someone is waiting for a response on whether a tactic possibly used or not used is legitimate tells me until they get their answer on it, should be considered legitimate win. If the powers to be deem that tactic not intended they will change it or say don't use that tactic. From that point on then the accusation would stand if used from then on. Since it hasn't been declared, to me it just sounds like people using all the tools provided to them to win. They were clever and possibly used it, you were not. As it stands right now that tactic is only illegal in your opinion.

    Why the other side feels the need to defend anything is beyond me. It comes off as guilt for nothing to feel guilty about, unless one of you has esp and read the minds of the devs and that is an unwritten rule you ignored. I'm betting on none of you having esp so it still stands as one group being clever and using all their tools and another group not quite as clever and using their opinion as what the rules should be for bragging rights. Funny read though.
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  7. Xeonje New Member

    Is Tita's Ghost a progression raid?
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  8. Deillusional Augur

    There is a lot more concerning things going on in EQ raids, then a one off raid that was/is overtuned (we havent did it since we first tried it back in October).
  9. Corlen-Xeg Elder

    I guess when pets are tanking everything you wouldn't notice mobs damage.
  10. guado Augur

    Sad that the only thing ROI thinks when someone surpasses them is "OMG it must have been stealth tuned down"

    Yeah. They stealth tuned down the raid event. That makes sense.
  11. Kellaer Augur

    Surpassed? I suppose you could use any arbitrary set of arguments to make Triton stand out so they surpass, by someone's definition.

    How many lists would you like to create that puts you at number one until you feel better? I guess just one, which is why Axxius decided to start his campaign of hooting and hollering. While that was entertaining for a time, the buzzing in my and everyone else's ear became too annoying.
  12. guado Augur

    All I'm reading is "I've got to respond with something until we beat this without the DA Exploit"

    I'm calling it an exploit until the devs comment.
  13. TheQxx Augur

    Come on guys. Let's not get ridiculous. RoI is #1 and Triton is a big pile of #2. Nothing to be ashamed about.
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  14. Maeryn Augur

    Number of Raids beaten for first time in last month: Triton 4 vs Realm of Insanity 1
  15. TheQxx Augur

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  16. guado Augur

    That is SO clearly photoshopped...........
  17. Smokn Augur

    so why dont we just combine the 2 treads to one so we have a 30 page rage fest on who got the bigger epeen?!?
  18. Leighton_Orestes Elder

    You're welcome I think for us wanting to extend our experience on the raid and streaming it to trigger all this ranting and raving. If DA wasn't viable, why is it in the game? Why pray tell, did they improve this capability with priests in RoF/CotF?

    You think I wanted us to take 2.5 hours for that first kill? Not really. We went in basically blind and it turned to chaos. To continue thinking we're still taking 2.5 hours like Axxius probably thinks we do is just ignorant. We'll continue to enjoy farming the loot pinata we call Tita's Ghost regardless. As we have for the last 5 weeks. Truthfully, I really think they were all a little pissed we got #3. Haters gonna hate.
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  19. Barper Lorekeeper


    omg do you guys just FFA loot? Less than a half hour between wins? /boggle /slowclap
  20. Corlen-Xeg Elder

    Loot is handled very efficiently. The systems we have in place allow for speedy accurate decisions. If a loot call goes beyond 10 minutes I start getting yelled at.
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