TDS Progression #6: Just Recompense bugged

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Ryegard, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. Ryegard New Member

    After talking to Dagda Icefury on one of my toons she started singing over and over and I was unable to continue the quest with the rest of my toons. Ive came back after a couple of hours and I am still unable to get her to respond and no I dont have invisibility on.
  2. xxGriff Augur

    you did zone into the instance, right? the Gnome in the dome iirc say "sleep" to him to zone in, this task is NOT in the servers reg zone, you must enter the instance.
  3. Ryegard New Member

    I believe your thinking about the next quest TDS Progression #7: The cover of night. That one is in a different zone. I boxed 4 toons doing this quest and the first toon that hailed Icefury got credit and was able to finish the quest. She was then no longer responsive for my other 3 toons.
  4. CrazyLarth Augur

    are you hug the mob, pretend its like doing an Epic, dont be floating, in an illusion, maybe check your language setting on the other toons.
    are you hailing in the Dragon or some thing. you proved it worked for the 1st toon.
    are you sure you are at that step for the other toons?

    their are two hails with very sinlaly names
    • Speak with Dabner 0/5 (Brother Island)
      • In the room next to Jameswell Dagmire is Dabner Drednever, Hail him 5 times
    • Speak with Dagda 0/5 (Brother Island)
      • Head over to and Hail Dagda 5 times (as indicated by [IMG] on the map)
  5. Ryegard New Member

    I had no invis, languages all set for common, I could have been floating but my first toon that finished the quest would have been floating also. The thing bugged out after my first toon did his hails. All she does is sing none stop now

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