TDS Off Raid 1 Tita's Ghost

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Raynrace, Nov 15, 2014.

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  1. Bahdah Augur

  2. Dueceduece Lorekeeper

    I don't believe this at all, no one, nor any guild outside of Xegony guilds could have the ability to play this cutting age game at that level. If you had an ounce of skill you would be on Xegony server already and be in an elite guild. You do not posses the intellect to figure out eq strats nor the mandalorians to have that kind of Jedi reflexes. Stop trying to compete at EQ you fail, it's like being the best at the special Olympics. Maybe someday you can be the best at EQ and get those accolades from the millions upon millions who will worship and praise you, but today is not your day.
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  3. Bryender New Member

    Your comment is null and void, you have not paid Tribute

    More than likely you should reroll a class with a pet so you can actually tank something during a raid.

  4. Povarmonk Elder

    These post are getting more funny every single minute the fact remains that only 2 guilds have beat the expansion correct?

    So why all the back and forth about it being nerfed or not cause if it was that nerfed then why has no other guild beat it yet?

    I just love how all these people keep kissing RoI butt even when they are not in their guild not to mention that fact that the bottom line is that THIS IS JUST A GAME WHY ARE YOU TAKING THIS SO SERIOUS?

    At least being in Triton I have a life and not some1 stuck in the chair all day long like some loser from RoI!
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  5. Dueceduece Lorekeeper

    I haven't lived in my moms basement for 15 years and sacrificed so hard not to take this so serious. EQ is my life! If I am not the best at EQ then what is the point. Soon as I am the best then I will finally get a girlfriend because I will be cool and then maybe I can finally lose my Virginity. That is why I am taking this so SERIOUS!
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  6. Hatsee Augur

    It takes seconds to post and minutes to read at most. It's not like we're wasting days or weeks on this.

    Plus people are wrong on the internet, that can't be allowed to happen.
  7. Fogbust Journeyman

    Reggie the Super Dino wins the poll against TDS, you know that's way more important.
    All Hail Reggie. And yea you need to take a break and cruise easy like Q.
    You are all in the same boat, hoping Eq gets better raid stuff again some day.
  8. Kellaer Augur

    This line is really old and doesn't have any substance to it anyway. It takes us less than four hours to complete all seven raids in TDS and Plane of War. If >4 hours a week is your criteria for being a loser stuck in a chair then I think nearly everyone that plays the game falls under that category, including you.
  9. Maeryn Augur

    Suddenly important is described in your own post although you only scratch at the surface of the importance.

    Tita's Ghost is the raid with the most relevant information of pretty much any raid in EQ history in terms of "mid-tier" target selection. Almost all raids it's simply a question of how many guilds have beaten it and little to no other information is relevant.

    To post "45/60/75min, we only used DA on the last (two) wave(s)" would be a wealth of information. Instead to date all the information I have to provide is if you're interested in taking a long time to do the raid here are the names of some guilds you can try to contact, don't bother asking those 3 guilds because if you're "mid-tier" they are beating the raid in a way you most likely cannot.

    And "long" is largely the only publicly available information. 2h is the time quoted over and over again. Did Phoenix Rises and/or Final Empire actually take around that long? After doing the raid once do those guilds consider it worth doing again?

    If I add "one and done" it's not because I'm trying to add new criteria, it's that some raids like Sep5, Vulak and DA Ghost are appropriate for that kind of comment. It's another bit of information for dozens of other guilds to consider if the guilds who have taken the long road to Ghost's loot consider it worth doing again.

    Of secondary importance in tracking wins is genital comparison, it's something that some people enjoy. As per usual Qulas did not disappoint, when it appeared briefly that his genitals were similar to Triton and RoV's he realized he had to stop the Milton Berle routine and show the whole thing and sure enough for the nth consecutive time Qulas has the biggest.

    If you don't want to measure for 2nd while Qulas is swinging to and fro that's your choice. If you feel it's worth pointing out when/if you best RoV's 18 and a half feel free to do that.
  10. Dueceduece Lorekeeper

  11. Axxius Augur

    No. PoW was nerfed, there was a dev post and a patch note. So, the ROI people that jumped here screaming about Ghost being nerfed = BA? Ok! :)

    Oh, the evasion again? LOL. No, what made our kill legit was not that we beat it in 21 min. It was because WE DID NOT DA TANK IT. Conversely, what made your first 7 kills illegit was because YOU DA TANKED IT. Every time you dodge admitting it, Jesus kills a kitten. Think of the innocent little kittens! :(

    Except that's not what you or anybody else from ROI posted. Right in this thread. You guys claimed that it was nerfed because the vitalis did less dps, and even went as far as claiming that they only hit for 8k now. And that it was nerfed between your Sunday kill and our Tuesday one. But I guess those things were disproved enough already. Let's move on.

    We did a couple of optimizations tonight and cut almost half off that first kill time tonight. I'm sure you can get it to probably 5-7 min with your dps and we can get to 7-9 min with our tank heavy setup.

    But the timing is not how I know you DA tanked it. I didn't even know that until receiving grats from your server after our kill. I knew MS did it, and P&G even showed it, and FE on our server didn't make a secret out of it either. Your guild did. Probably because you believed it was not beatable otherwise - the version of it from late Beta. But not everybody in ROI is happy to use this sort of tactics to beat events (I know, shocking!). And some people don't even think that the GL has the right to tell them to shut up about it (insolence!). Which is why you will not dare to publicly deny it. Lying in front of your own guild just will not fly.

    P.S. Ok, ok, Happy Holidays! Merry everything! :)
  12. Dueceduece Lorekeeper

  13. Anuulified Elder

    Simple fact and statement. Any guild equally as geared as ROI can beat these raids. If they can't at the moment, then maybe rethink their tactics and/or strategies. ROI is still limited to 54 toons in a raid at a time. I don't know their strats, but there are soo many options. Like when do raids lock out, have alts that can switch in/out for added burns (or even discs), DA walls, Pet Walls, Deflect type tanking, etc... Multiple Raid toons can help this, it is just extra flagging, but that may not be the "key", who knows until you try. There is obviously a best way to beat them, though it may not be the desirable way, stop living inside the box then complaining when you do.
  14. Bahdah Augur

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  15. Aldren Elder


    I see we're still desperately reaching for anything and everything. Hilarious. :rolleyes:
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  16. Battleaxe Augur

    That doesn't sound like Battleblade pretending "...Plane of War raid wasn't nerfed..." to me.

    Ty for playing.

    Anyway grats to all of the guilds beating events even though some players would suggest everything was nerfed to the ground after they beat it and no one else's victories amount to anything. (And EGL sadly ran out of magic update dust).
  17. Edrick Augur

    You're really going reach that far, Battleblade?

    The current Plane of War is nothing like it was before it was patched, a day after our second win on it. No amount of babbling and delusions will support that argument.
  18. SOE-MOD-02 Augur

    I am going to close this thread now as it is no longer constructive. Thank you!
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