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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by RoguesOwn, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. RoguesOwn Lorekeeper

    BS dmg would be nice. Should have been added by now. Peacock Feather of the Lady for sure does not have BS DMG on it.
  2. RoguesOwn Lorekeeper

    Just Bumping this. Can we get an answer if Base BS dmg was left off Tier 1 Multiple Class Raid Daggers on purpose? If not when can we expect it to be added?
  3. Thraine Augur

    My wife is a rogue and she got one of the new raid daggers, we did some parsing and all i can say is dont main hand those daggers, the lack of BS dmg makes them way worse than TDS daggers
  4. Naugrin Augur

    We got a dagger out of tier 2 with bs dmg on tuesday iirc. Just a little sunshine for ya.

    Chances are that you will get one from tier 2 before tier 1 daggers get fixed hehehe.
  5. Repthor Augur

    TBM "Daggers" can be replaced with just about any weapon type
  6. Cury Elder

    What would be really cool with weapons and ornaments is the ability to take any weapon and have it crushed down into an ornament aug having the original graphic.
    That would make up for no BS damage on the weapons "I" wield. :D
  7. Repthor Augur

    the warrior weapon does look pretty cool. wish the proc wasnt a downgrade but either way not to shabby
  8. Cheryberryfairy Elder

    Don't worry it's not like Triton uses their Warriors..We all know you pet tanked all of t2 TBM!
  9. Brogett Augur

    I haven't seen them as no longer play, but is this lack of BS damage itself or lack of the BS skill mod? If the latter, the vulak dagger (mrylokar's?) is the only one in game that has a BS skill mod on it AND can also be equipped in range slot. This means you can work around the lack of the usual 12% skill mod - something I used once before when that got forgotten.

    Of course that's just a workaround for an error, and it may not even be the same error. Good luck fellow rogues.
  10. segap Augur

    I took one of the new 20 delay daggers. It has no backstabbing damage, no skill mod, a smaller dmg bonus than the tds off hands, lower atk and a smaller proc. Damage is 2 or 4 points higher. Used in the offhand, it parses slightly less than using a tds offhand. It does give a nice boost in ac and hme. Looks targeted at rangers that complained about 22 delay weapons in tds.
  11. Repthor Augur

    i hope all your daggers gets fixed along with the rest of the tbm weapons asap. they are all pretty much missing something or need upgraded procs or usefull procs
  12. RoguesOwn Lorekeeper

    Just to show what I'm talking about Brog. Tier 1 raid dagger

    Peacock Feather of the Lady Piercing ID: 147598
    Slot: Primary, Secondary (0)
    DMG: 149 Delay: 20 Ratio: 7.45 MISSING BS DMG
    Class: WAR, RNG, BRD, ROG, BST

    Other Multi Class Dagger from last expac (And every dagger from previous expacs)
    Tornacius Piercing ID: 141595
    Slot: Primary, Secondary
    DMG: 147 Delay: 22 Ratio: 6.68 Backstab DMG: 72
    Class: WAR, RNG, BRD, ROG, BST
  13. RoguesOwn Lorekeeper

    August Sulstone of the Fighter

    [IMG] Magic, No Trade, Augmentation
    Class: All
    Race: All
    Slot: Primary, Secondary

    Rec Lvl: 105
    Req Lvl: 100
    Skill: TINY

    Base Dmg: 74
    Backstab Dmg: 34

    This augmentation fits in slot types: 6 (Weapon: Base Damage)

    Item Information:

    Restrictions - 1h Slash Only
    You must use the solvent Class XV Augmentation Distiller, or a Perfected Augmentation Distiller, to remove this augment safely.

    Take a look at this. Just to show how messed up items/augs are. This is a 1 Hand Slash only dmg aug with BS dmg on it.
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  14. Naugrin Augur

    Man that's just a kick in the teeth.

    Er sorry I forgot wear I was posting...

    It's a spit in the face!
  15. RoguesOwn Lorekeeper

    Bump...for item issues.

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