TBL era items now available on Mangler?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Atabishii, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. Atabishii Elder

    Primordial Plasma Smoothies
    (AC: 55
    HP: +960 MANA: +960 ENDUR: +960
    HP Regen +12 Mana Regeneration: +7 Spell Damage: +30 Heal Amount: +30)

    and Primordial Noodles with Indigenous Primordial Meat
    (AC: 155
    HP: +1200 MANA: +1200 ENDUR: +600

    are available on Mangler some how. Drink and eat up boys and girls !
  2. ZeeK Elder

    Wipe it up RIP
  3. Pharone Elder

    So, is this still the case, or have they hot patched it out yet?
  4. Ruggar Lorekeeper

    Considering these items require TBL stuff to craft why does it matter?
  5. Atabishii Elder

    They require TBL stuff to craft, but people on mangler have those food/drink made right now.
  6. Rentic Journeyman

    Troll it up Atab
  7. Rentic Journeyman

    I want me some of that food and drink on mangler so I can tank naked with just my weapons !!!
  8. Ruggar Lorekeeper

    I mean I can copy and paste stuff of Alla to and claim that I have it.. Screenshot or it didn't happen :)
  9. Atabishii Elder

    Didn't say I had them, just that some people do. Let me get right on top of asking them all to take self incriminating screenshots.
    This is best i can do for ya.


    unless there is a new magelo bug, never seen a gold sync'd accnt with items that aren't currently in their inventory.
  10. Pharone Elder

    There were haste potions on Coirnav in classic that were not supposed to be able to be made because the mats didn't exist in game on that server at that time. They were made because another alchemy recipe was jacked up, and was giving them as a result instead of the potion that was supposed to be made.

    Just because something isn't supposed to be able to made on a server doesn't necessarily mean it can't be made on that server. Somehow the "bad" people on all these servers just happen to know all the bugs with every patch that comes out. You have to ask yourself, how do they always know.
  11. Protagonist Augur

    Not that DBG hasn't made this mistake before, but Magelo is an extremely weak proof. It is very very easy to put fake items in an "official" Magelo sync.
  12. Atabishii Elder

    It's mostly due to social networking and having played on the TLP's long enough to know most people, rather than nefarious things that you might draw conspiracy theories about. Once one person finds it generally through accidental happenstance, they generally share with the friends they think they can trust, who then share it with friends they think they can trust and so on and so forth. The longer you've been on the TLP's and the more people you know, the more likely you are for the information to reach you.
  13. Atabishii Elder

    Yeah, I'm not ruling out the possibility that it's just some magelo exploit (although i haven't seen anyone do it over the last couple years) but I heard about it before that magelo accnt was even sync'd which makes me think it's more likely that it's actually in the game. That was just the only reference i could give at the time.
  14. dnevers123 New Member

    RI exploiting something in the game?! Get out of here!
  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Or the original poster is attempting to stir up drama.
    We did a search of player inventories on Mangler. No one has either of these items.
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  16. EQ Dev Developer

    No one isn't hyphenated. :p
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  17. dnevers123 New Member

    The true hero in this thread
  18. Mang-lurk New Member

    Would your search catch the item if they had already deleted it and have it sitting waiting to reclaim it back?
  19. Baldur Augur

    This has been a magelo bug for awhile now.

    It does not sync food/drink. So you set your food/drink manually. Sync, and it keeps the food/drink that you manually set.

    So on progression servers you can pick way out of era food/drink to boost your stats.
  20. Mang-lurk New Member

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