TBL Chase loot < ToV group gear

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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    The trade off of thousands of hps.. vs .32% dps increase for some one like myself who boxes 4 berserkers.. is not even debatable. Take the thousands of hps.. over that small increase.

    Zerkers are soo front loaded dps wise when you run with 4 of them your never going to see the .34% dps increase .. were as on TOV named you absutely WILL.. notice the loss of literally thousands of hp..

    To me this thread made me giggle.. reading some of the responces.. It's like seriously.. y'all are good for a laugh at least some times.

    Good day.
  2. Sancus Augur

    A funny aspect of this thread is that people seem to much prefer absolute numbers (e.g. "thousands of HP") to relative increases ("0.32% DPS"). The 0.32% DPS number is a quote of a situation with very specific variables that I used as an example when luck came out, and not intended to be used as an end-all be-all measure of its value. Let's run with that number for a minute though.

    In TBL, multiple classes can sustain 450 to 500k DPS in raids with proper ADPS. In ToV that should be at least 600k if not more. If you're doing 600,000 DPS, 0.32% of that is 1,920 DPS. Alternatively, raid buffed my HP is around 330k right now. If that goes up 15%, that's 380k in ToV. 10,000 HP is 2.6% of that. If you're comparing ToV TS Raid gear to TBL Evolving Chase items, which is the more reasonable comparison, you're looking at 500-600 per item. Let's say you're using decent stat Type 18's, and that becomes more like a 1000 HP gap per item over two items. That's a 0.53% increase in HP.

    The more accurate comparison, therefore, is would you sacrifice ~0.53% HP for ~0.32% DPS? Or, would you sacrifice ~2,000 HP for ~1,920 DPS? For a DPS class whose HP has exactly 0% impact on their output in the vast majority of situations, I would choose the extra DPS.
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