TBL Chase loot < ToV group gear

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  1. Bamboompow Augur

    Luck wasn't supposed to be a defining stat. Or am I reading the description wrong from the TBL announcement?
  2. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Luck should never have been added as a stat to the items themselves...look at all of this arguing over a third of a percent increase.

    What they should have done was add an aug slot to TBL non-vis (and going forward) for luck augs that randomly drop with random amounts of luck (1-5 or such). That way the gear is the gear, and if you happen to get a luck aug, you get a nice little bonus that isn't gamebreaking. A lot like what they did with purity augs.

    The way it is now, people get to see their inner OCD and obsess over min/max-ing, nothing more.
  3. Dewey Augur

    You as a pally worrying about luck is like a rogue worrying about ac.

    I am not about to start wearing a shield and placing ac augs in my shield. I think that we all agree that as a rogue I would survive longer with a shield equipped... Just because something would mean I will live longer does not mean I should do it.

    I find it comforting that you add a pally don't understand how a dps class should look at luck.
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  4. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    maybe. only the last 4 ranks of the boots and gloves count
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  5. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    I think this is simple. You give your best argument, and either the dev agrees or doesn't.

    Its not the end of the world. Sometimes maybe they agree but don't/won't take the time to adjust. Sometimes they give bizarre justifications. Sometimes they change the items.

    But with luck going to 10, would be nice for the chase items to go to 10 too.

    The TLP argument is bizarre, IMO. But is what it is.
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  6. Derka Power Ranger

    Not like any TLP will make it to TBL anyways lol.
  7. Tappin Augur

    Who cares about luck anyways? It does not make any difference in the group game. Just let the elites waste their time.
  8. strongbus Augur

    As a dps class I will say now a .32% increase in dps is not worth giving up 10k in hp/mana/end. In a group fight that .32% is not going make or break a fight. 10k hp/mana will. You can't do any dps if your dead.
  9. Dewey Augur

    What type of dps class?

    As a rogue very few things go into our dps. I can give up 50k endurance and my dps doesn't change much if at all. The fact that you mention mana/endurance makes me want to believe that your a class that actually looks at those numbers.
  10. Allayna Augur

    Wut?! Not all dps classes are melee. Some need the focus effects like mana preservation.
    On another note, I dislike the luck stat, because it leads to greed, per the developers who originally only going to give us 1 vis, 1 non vis and 1 weapon TS item because people complained about loot distribution since the introduction of luck.
    Enough of us pushed against that change and thankfully the devs listened.

    And as a Pally...I absolutely concern myself with luck. Wait till pallies are our parsing you. Hello completely undead expansion.
  11. strongbus Augur

    Bst. and I can burn threw mana in short order on a named. I do raid and at full burn I can go oom in bout 2-3 mins.

    But the main fact is that as a melee you have to be up close and personal with a mob. So you have to balance out dps output and staying alive. when we are dealing with mobs that can wild rampage or have short range ae attacks and the such you gota take that all in to consideration when deciding on what items to replace and what for.

    Like i said a dead dps toon dose no dps. less then a 1/3rd of a percent in dps increase is not worth losing 10k hp. 10k hp can be the difference in dying to a ae or wild rampage attack on a named.
  12. Dewey Augur

    So tell me again how you don't think that TBL chase loots should be 10 luck? Because I am totally confused with your older post. You had me believing that you agreed that the dev was right and increasing the luck to 10 would mess up the TLPs.
  13. Allayna Augur

    Not at all what I said. I said I think luck is a garbage stat design and if given the choice between dev time on luck for gear or making gear customization through type 18/19s, I’d choose the customization hands down. Luck and the mechanics behind increasing it, looting more than 1 of the same item is greedy, not sure hii oh w the devs didn’t anticipate that.
  14. Petalonyx Augur

    Luck doesn't create greed, it exposes it.

    The flip side of this is also true: luck may expose generosity and kindness. Incidentally, i have seen much more of this than the greed part (group game).

    Personally i really like the stat, since it provides a nice continued advancement curve once main levels, AA, gear are obtained.
  15. Zenn New Member

    For me the TLP argument is a way of avoiding some creative thinking. Simple answer is to create a one slot container available only in ToV (result of a finishing a n achievement line, say challenger of ToV or equivalent). You place your evolved TBL item in the container and it adds 5 luck to make it a 10 luck. If it has to change the name, so be it.

    If DBG needs some grease to make it happen, then make it so you need to use crystallized luck to do the combine. Want to make it more cash flow, make the container a reward of say five different achievements like hero or savior (also makes more people actually play the game) and make the container a two slot combine, one for the item and one for a crystallized luck where each container and combine adds 1 luck to the evolved item to a maximum of an additional 5 added luck so DBG gets the cash flow.
  16. Cicelee Augur

    I do not think it has been mentioned, apologies if it has...

    Does the group loot allow you to use the type 18/19 augments? If not, wouldn't the fire DD proc that happens from fire spells be more important than a couple points of luck?
  17. Sancus Augur

    Thankfully there are four TBL chase items, each with room for two Slot 19's and one Slot 18. Any of the actually useful augs can fit in your Hands/Feet.
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  18. Tappin Augur

    Who carse if it does or not? It makes no difference in the group game (and raids). So unless they change the modifier, this thread doesn't need to exist.
  19. Bigstomp Augur

    Fair. I have my warrior who stays well geared so group gear is not really an option (that belt was tempting, but not long after it existed I got the raid equivalent).
    My cleric I just can't downgrade the focus's. Other slots I'd have considered, but GMM only dropped non-vis gear. If it dropped bracers I'd probably have snapped them up.
  20. Derka Power Ranger

    How did it go from 2k to 10k? While the difference is small, some people will make the swap. And that's their choice. Would you trade the UF ranged sympathetic proc aug for 5k hp?