TBL Chase loot < ToV group gear

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  1. Bamboompow Augur

    Yes. 0.32% more burn or 0.32% less time, maybe. So if a fight takes 32 minutes before it will now take 31 minutes and 50 seconds. Win!

    If the whole thread is consulted, the situation is where you trade off some HEM/AC for that 0.32%. That is by upgrading those chase items with Tier 2 Group gear. Never mind raid drops. That is by going off that there is a theoretical direct relationship AKA linear proportion of Luck to benefits as you increase the luck stat. So, basically you could upgrade a chaser with what is probably going to be the near future's rot loot. Now, perhaps a raid item in the future could update the chasers but for now the rub is the dev's were leaning on not making those chase items obsolete so quickly or easily.


    Does it really matter?
  2. Dewey Augur

    The dev probably doesn't have time to increase it. So he is trying to ignore it.

    He's worried about adding 10 luck to the things because it will throw off TLPs. Where as the AA dev just combined the three spires to go off all at the same time. Which increased the damage for all TLP servers.

    Because of the recent AA changes I have to call bs on the reasoning.

    However as a player. How ready are you to jump into doing this next earring tradeskill evolution item quest. Knowing that it could be replaced in a year.
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  3. Bamboompow Augur

    Good question. The answer is:

    "Well, it depends".

    Ultimately it is Everquest. The business model is to keep you paying and chasing better and better achievements/rewards. A player's pinnacle set of gear is going to be what ever has been obtained when the game shuts for good or you decide this is the point where you get off the ride. The dev team doesn't design content on having to obtain these chasers as a prerequisite so they should not be counted as a foundation going forward in determining the level of challenge. Its easy to see why they might offer a work around by purchase of an expac for those who never got them done.

    Most serious players know that in spite of how much work it was to get item X, next year item Y is going to match or best it for practically ZERO effort to get that upgrade.There is no specific attachment to particular gear items only in what it does to boost player power, win raids and perhaps provide some entertainment value at a given moment. Plus for some, the chasers were EASY AF. I can not stand up and count myself in that group, haha. So much to do....

    In a more specific spin on this, rot loot should not render a reward from a long, arduous task obsolete in a year's time. It should get another upgrade tier. To at least make it still the best in slot for group players. Even better are effects that have use past the 1 year shelf life removed from just the stats. Even raiders can appreciate that.

    Or as you are implying....why bother?
  4. Dewey Augur

    I'm trying to say what you said about it's better for the business model if the items that take work last at least 2 expansions. Because then the next time a long quest comes into play I won't say, yeah I could do all that crap, but why? Why do all that crap when next year I'll just get the same from rot loot.

    It's better to have the player base "want" to do all that crap.
  5. enclee Augur

    This is the way I feel about the gear in this game, why put in the effort? I’m mostly just a seasonal player, so I’m not caught on the treadmill. The rewards for the content aren’t exactly interesting or inspiring compared to other games. They’ve just been copy and pasted for years upon years.

    There’s no strategy I can use for setting up my equipment, it’s just the same focus effects over and over. I’ve been loving a few other games with much more interesting itemization. I really wish there was a focus on equipment bonus skills to add some compelling depth to itemization.
  6. HanktheTank Journeyman

    FYI. Currently the Evolving gloves/boots don't give stats to the new Charm.

    No matter what the item dev won't make you all happy. So choose your stat loss and get on with life.It's 20 years and your still playing, just be happy there is an expansion.
  7. Zolav Augur

    Man, you could run that parse 4000 times ... and that .32% would never show its face due to the massive swing of good ole RNG, at least for a Berserker.

    I wont be upgrading my chase loot for .32 perc. it would have to be more like 3-4 perc for me to care.
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  8. strongbus Augur

    this right here. been talking to people in guild and friends in high raiding guilds. .32% increase in dps is not worth losing between 2 and 4 thousand hp/mana/end per slot and the other stats that go with them.
  9. Nniki Augur

    I haven't checked myself, but Ngreth did say he intended on including at least the later levels of the evolving items.
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  10. HanktheTank Journeyman

    That's rediculous it's only a .17859338493 tanking upgrade and a .2342466 dps upgrade. You can't even measure that. Why is he fixing it at all. He should leave it alone, just like he left the luck alone.
  11. Bigstomp Augur

    EQ is all about little improvements adding up to eventual big improvements.
    So yes. It matters.

    Pretend you're in a group pushing your limits but making some sweet sweet xp and gear.
    TankA tanks the named successfully 90% of the time.
    TankB tanks the name successfully 92% of the time.

    TankA can get it done. But the group is better off with TankB. (and the healer is likely pulling their hair out with TankA, where TankB is pretty steady until things go wrong).
    It's that small a difference making a big difference.
  12. strongbus Augur

    I get that people are saying a .32% dps is a improvement. But this game is about more then dps. you have to balance your dps vs staying alive.

    The chase loot can get up to 10+k hp/mana/end(fully auged out). Plus some of the highest hstats and stuff around. The best TOV group stuff is only 7kish hp/mana/end.

    For a end game raider. who's guild will be destroying TOV raids when they come out and the raid gear is close in base stats to the TBL chase loot. Its one thing to switch over.

    But you take anyone in the group game only or those of us who are not in end game raiding guilds(this is me we can only beat t1 tbl and gmm1 atm). And that 7k+ hp between the 2 non vis chase loot items can be the difference between winning and losing a fight.
  13. draxx101 New Member

    isn't it as easy as adding a couple type19 aug with 5 luck to something like midnight enhancement to keep them relevant for all classes?
  14. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Can you show me this on the beta forums? I'm actually using the SAME script as the TBL script.
    It checks for the last 4 tiers of boots and gloves, include them, then uses a hidden value on the items that compare the charms value to the value on the visible and if they match, OR are the value +1, include it.

    So. the AC charms should automatically function.

    Don't forget that it only requires 7 of 8 pieces... so if you have a full set of others plus boots and gloves and only change ONE item, you won;t see a change. you have to remove two. (or if it's the 8'th you won't see a change)
  15. HanktheTank Journeyman

    When I get a minute ill complete your request. It won't be till later tonight.
  16. Natal Augur

    Even if everyone did 0.32% extra dps, that would still mean a 10 minute fight would become a 9 minute 58 second fight. And that is assuming you don't lose anyone because they were short that 10k hp they would otherwise have (which would instantly negate that 0.32% extra dps).

    The amounts of improvement you get from luck is so small that they in no way compensate for the hp/AC/heroics loss you take by wearing group ToV instead of an evolved item.
  17. Morgwen New Member

    I have seen this on live too with the descending moon charm of security. I had full stats using full set of TBL T3 armor, but lost stats when I added my boots and gloves ( currently only level 3 gold). I get full stats from my TBL t3 charm. I wasn’t sure if I just needed to evolve my items to a higher rank.
  18. Bigstomp Augur

    War main
    Clr alt
    (other alts not worth mentioning)
  19. Dewey Augur

    I have a cleric alt. A long time ago he used to be my main. He's max AA.
    He can heal forever. Has a ton of worthless AA. Yup the luck stat really doesn't do anything for this class.

    The cleric is a class that the focus from last year raid gear would benefit them more than luck. Anyways, as you stated other alts not worth mentioning... That's how I feel about the cleric bot.
  20. Allayna Augur

    Perhaps my understanding of the topic is skewed, but there is no way I would trade raid focus TBL chase for group ToV FOR LUCK.

    The loss of HME, raid focus effects and unique augmentation alone would prevent me from changing.

    I also will likely not upgrade TBL evolves for ToV raid for similar reasons, minus the focus.

    I enjoy a bit of effort nostalgia, I wore the TBM hate mask for all of EoK and some of RoS. I still wear Crestra’s. I’ll wear the chase in the next expansion.
    What they’d be wise to do is scrap luck and continue unique type 18s-19s.