TBL Chase loot < ToV group gear

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  1. Lianeb Augur

    Funny you are using magelo as a source for equipment people wear. Haha

    Wait a minute aren’t you the one that said you still use a VT neck item for the +1 to piercing?
    Is that in your magelo?
  2. Dewey Augur

    5 out of 6 of your pallies have it.
    Your warriors are all over the place, some of them didn't even show shields. Other's didn't even bother to do the chase loot. Looking at the magelo's maybe you let the knights tank everything and war's just dps. I don't know...
    Your 2 token SK's had the aug as well.
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  3. Dewey Augur

    I stopped using that in House of Thule. Before heroics there wasn't much reason to upgrade that item. I think it was a face item.
  4. Dewey Augur

    So like here you are asking if I am the guy still using a VT item with +1 to piercing(no I replaced it in house of thule)

    However; your the guy still wearing a LDON aug from 2003 in 2019 content? I think you got more years out of an item than I did. =P Reading your post is described by the picture below:
  5. Bamboompow Augur

    There is this law of diminishing returns.....
    Maybe its not a law. More like a guideline.

    Honestly if in a raid 51840 additional dps (960 x54!) is what it takes to just pull out a win, then props to the devs for creating a raid script that requires that degree of precision. Usually wins come from just not playing badly, though. Minor digression there....

    Personally I doubt I would focus on rekitting a character and throwing away all that work ( relative to my play style those chasers represent a bunch of work) to just gain a mere 0.32% boost. There are easier, vastly greater ROI upgrades. Yes everything gets upgraded eventually, and YMMV of course.
  6. Tucoh Augur

    The raids where you barely kill the boss with 10 people still alive throwing everything they have it are the best raids not only because they're a lot of fun, but because they validate all the tremendously hard work the whole raid force put into getting the improvements to their character that lie on the farrrr tail end of that return on investment curve.
  7. Bamboompow Augur

    Hey, I get it.
    Lots of people raid with less than perfect gear (probably most) and have to get by mostly on just not sucking.

    There is another aspect of that obsession about making sure that 0.32% is picked up and that is if they are sweating the details that much about gear than everything else is also going to receive that due diligence. Its an over all mindset. Many people just don't have the time to sweat those kinds of details, though. Especially if its academic but maybe not so proven in a practical setting.
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  8. Dewey Augur

    If it was just a looted item then there'd be no issue.

    The issue is that since classes give up the hps and work that they put into it for more dps.

    The underlying problem is the work that went into to obtaining the now delectable gear. The work put in by the player should mean that it will last more than 1 expansion, when said dev said that it would.
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  9. Marton Augur

    Evolve items (shoulders etc):
    - need to farm Fire mission in Stratos to obtain the item (not all classes can solo; have to get a partner or a group together and hope that something drops, hope that it's the item you actually need and also hope that you win the roll)
    - require completing Hunter/Collector etc to unlock their leveling sequence
    - require leveling the item through lvl 2, 3 etc.
    - require all TBL achievements including Raid Achievements to max the item
    - eq dev stated that the items will remain the best for TBL and ToV


    Raid items (shoulders etc):
    - bid dkp

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  10. Bamboompow Augur

    That is a player's choice to make. Personally I would not accept losing a fair amount of AC/HP/End over a smidgen increase of dps on a single slot. I would hold out for an across the board up but that just my take on it.

    This thread really isn't about the stats, however. It would seem to be more about holding the dev's assurances accountable.
  11. Jalelorf Augur

    Is this thread about chase items or evolving items? There is a difference.
  12. Nniki Augur

    They're the same where TBL is concerned.
  13. Jalelorf Augur

    No they aren't. There are super rare items in TBL (chase) and then there are evolving items.
  14. Nniki Augur

    Those are referred to as ultra rares, not chase items. The evolving items are TBL chase items.
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  15. Jalelorf Augur

  16. Raccoo Augur

    If enough people pick up that 0.32% dps, the fight takes less time and there is bigger percentage of the fight where everyone is burning...which ends up looking even better?
  17. Nniki Augur

    Here's Ngreth using it in a sentence if a dev quote helps ease your mind:
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  18. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    Get better augs? The lowest hDex on any chase item I have is +100. Shoulders are +131. Gloves are +136. Ring is +114.
  19. Dewey Augur

    Which is your reward for beating mearatas?

    I'm asking because we have the same augs it looks like. Which like before I kinda cared about beating mearatas. However now with the luck not upgrading, I don't care too much about it. Since I'll just grab some shoulders with 10 luck.
  20. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    The base on say the boots is only +2 more.

    You have the Qua augs on your shoulders. hSTR. You'd be better off with something with something like the +6 to all / +5 to all instead as long as you have the two Dire augs (I only see one). I also don't see either of the Enhancement augs. So no, our augs aren't even remotely close to the same ones.

    The luck really should go to 10. TLP is a poor reason to not change it.
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