TBL a ghost town?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kuvian, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Benito Augur

    Umm. Can ToV Type 5 fill all slots? What if a player wants to focus on HSta or HAgi?

    Edit: ToV T2 Type 5 also has a Req 115 restriction which prevents anyone below 115 from equipping.
  2. Fian Augur

    That is the point, EOK was an expansion where people would go to powerlevel, and it will remain so for the 100-110 crowd. TBL long term is an expansion that players will avoid except to level up their dicho upgrade spell.
  3. Fian Augur

    You can buy type 5 augs in TOV that will fill all spots. You spend mission currency to buy them. They are far superior to TBL. Now it does take time a long time to farm the currency (you will be 115 way before you have enough currency for a full set), so if you need a temporary type 5 aug, I would go for TBM (you can buy the currency from players if any have), or maybe ROS, as if I remember correctly it only takes 4 missions to buy one aug. I would only farm TBL (Fight Fire) if you were going for the evolving gear.
  4. OldCa61 Elder

    Personally, I wish they would open up all the zones in TBL and Dino Island :)
  5. tarbinators1 New Member

    In my opinion TBL was a bad design choice, they should have just upgraded some of the old PoP zones like they had done for Kunark, I skipped the entire expansion because i had no connection to it, I sure some liked it because it was "new" but like people are saying no one is there and i still see tons of people in RoK and RoS.
  6. Benito Augur

    They did recycle PoFire for missions in TBL. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  7. tarbinators1 New Member

    Yeah I saw that but its not a "grinding/leveling" zone from what i gathered, thats being said im sure its a good zone.
  8. Whulfgar Augur

    Actually if you view many threads .. TBL was widely considered their best work in a very long time. You just happen to not be playing / on the forum's when those threads were active.
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  9. bortage Augur

    I was under the impression that the mainstream opinion of TBL was stratos sucks, zones were pretty, expansion was not balanced even remotely right

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