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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Nylrem, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Nylrem Augur

    With the change to the hybrid heals, that if their target is the mob, and they cast a heal, it will actually heal the mob's target, can we get this pretty much universal please?

    I just figured EQ didn't have the capability/coding to do this, all these years.

    EQ2 been this way forever...

    It would be a large QoL improvement for MANY classes, to not have to swap targets when switching from beneficial to detrimental spells.

    Cast a nuke on the MA/MT, it instead nukes their mob target... Cast a heal on the mob, it instead heals the mob's target. Since the code obviously exists to do it...

    Can we get them all changed please? :)

    Heals, buffs, AA, everything...

    I am absolutely sure there will be a lot of people that will say EQ will lose a lot of it's 'flavor' doing this... but I haven't seen a single complaint from any hybrid classes about this change...

    It would be a huge QoL improvement for many classes...
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  2. Ashian Augur

    While I agree with the change, one question I’ve been wondering is how does this effect escort quests or buffing NPCs? For example, part of what makes the Skyfire mission End of Empires easier is casting buffs on the 5 NPCs before you start. If you couldn’t cast buffs/heals on NPCs, this would seriously increase the difficulty of this mission for those of us who relied on it.
  3. Baldur Augur

    I loved the way Vanguard did it, having a separate detrimental and beneficial target window. Not that that would ever happen in EQ, your post just reminded me of it.

    Miss you Vanguard, you will live forever in my heart as my favorite MMO.
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  4. Velisaris_MS Augur

    I would be happy if we could just at least get heals changed to target/target of target. They obviously have the ability to do it now...why not just implement it across the board?
  5. Balthen Journeyman

    I doubt this was intended, some classes get very specific spells to do this. This change would obsolete all those spells. My guess is this is a bug that will be patched.
  6. sojero Augur

    Without a doubt not a bug. it was talked about by the devs.
  7. Tucoh Augur

    As a boxer this would be tremendously beneficial to me, but I have to caution against reducing the effort and skill-cap of effective usage of a character. If you make it easier to a druid (for example) to spam their Rejuvenescence and Vinespike Rush spells on the tank while spamming all of their DDs, you risk developers deciding in the future to pull back the general healing or DD damage of a druid. This will probably still result my boxed druid being stronger than it is now, but would harm highly attentive players who try hard enough to quickly switch targets.
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  8. Lubianx Augur

    Definitely not a bug.

    Quoted from the original ToV patch notes in December

  9. Cragzop Augur

    How in the hell could the devs make druid healing any worse?

    And if they haven't changed SKs after all this time, then reducing effort and skill cap is not something they remotely look at.
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  10. Kolani Augur

    A ranger heal isn't going to save any of those NPCs, and is just wasted mana you need elsewhere in the mission.
  11. Angahran Augur

    Since those NPCs don't have a player targeted it should be possible to have the code allow the buffs to land on them.
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  12. Cragzop Augur

    We were talking about the new heals tonight in our guild.

    One thing (and I'm sure there are others) to think about is that stunlocked mobs generally cannot move their targets while stunned. So in a group of mobs, healing on target of target may not go to the actual toon you were hoping for. I'm not sure this necessarily changed anything, but it's behavior in the game that may not be what you would expect. So it's important to think about.

    Really this change was for paladins and self healing. They just made it apply to all hybrids. It might help a little in group play, but if your rangers and beastlords are healing in raids instead of dpsing, you've already lost the battle.

    Have you ever been in a raid or group where mezzing mobs is required and had a cleric forget they have interventions loaded? And clerics are generally one of the smart classes in EQ...

    No … definitely no …. hell no … no thank you.

    Nukes should only be target only.
  13. yepmetoo Augur

    Its hybrid only for the same reason hybrids get innate detrimental spell haste, and why they were the first with melee timer reset removed when casting (not sure if priests/casters ever got that added).
  14. Allayna Augur

    So much this. Now don’t get me wrong I’m stoked about the changes and love the paladin in ToV, BUT....

    Scenario, a mob I’m targeting is stunned and has not acquired a target. Multiple other mobs are beating on me. Paladin pass through or HTT heals do nothing for the paladin. Dead paladin.

    There are some obvious things to work around this, but other classes don’t have to.
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  15. Wulfhere Augur

    Hell no. This change doesn't help paladins at all. It applies to spells that have not and do not even earn a paladin spell gem for years.

    This is DBG deciding they want to make it simpler to box a hybrid class and nothing or little more imho.

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