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  1. Moi_Me New Member

    Hello everyone.

    To make the story short I am running 3 box, Warrior, bard and Beserker. made it to level 91 on all three. Using 2 healer merc and 1 melee merc.

    But now the Warrior can't tank anything he dies so fast it's scary. I have been running Cotf HA since 75 and manage to buy full set of armor level 85 can't afford the 90 one and now having issue doing HA because the second i get 2 dont have time to mez before the Warrrior dies.

    I am playing on FV and can't find anything on the broker better than what i am using that i can afford.

    So i was wondering if any of you have any advice to get better gear for the warrior like series of quest that are easy and give better armor than the HA level 85 gear.

    Or should i be using a tank merc and make my warrior dps ? Can tank merc tank everything up to 105 if using merc healer as well.

    This is the set of armor i am using :http://everquest.allakhazam.com/db/item.html?item=88753
    Also using a shield to tank and using shield topple and also the brace combat ability.

    Thanks in advance for the help cause i am geting a bit frustrated and having some issue finding the info i need on eqressource or eqzam.

    Also i don't have the broken mirror and the EoK.
  2. Ironnuts Journeyman

    Hi, I run 3 box at that lvl, mage, necro, shaman. For me shaman slow is pretty key. I don't know much about bards, Can they debuff mobs in similar ways? Was just thinking with a berserker you'd probably be focused on maxing his dps. I just think I'd struggle a lot more without debuffing my mobs. I don't know if there's anything different you can do with the bard to help defensively?

    I don't have much luck with merc tanks though, I block all the spells your supposed to, but they collapse pretty quick for me. Otherwise I can't think of anything except lower lvl mobs till ya can gear up the warrior the way ya want him. Maybe someone else will chime in with some good ideas for you.

    Good luck
  3. Scorrpio Augur

    I two box now lvl 100 chanter and 96 druid with chanter running tank merc and druid running a healer. In fights druid mostly does damage but also keeps a couple fast heals memmed for backup.

    The tank has full defendrs set, just upgraded to lvl 100 ones. About 50 merc AA invested. With the provided buff/debuff support, no problem tanking even HA named. Heck, the other day I had her off-tanking a lvl 106-107 drachnid in Lceanium, and holding up quite well.
  4. Wyntyr Journeyman

    What kind of Aug are you using? You should have at least 30 ac in your tanks gear. Also do you have weapon stances enabled? It's an AA that is not autogranted.
  5. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    That armor seems way low for level 91. There is another vendor in Tainted Karana that has better armor but sounds like your out of currency for now. Not sure about your server but fear touched sells in the baz for a not bad price if you keep your eyes open and is double all that armor. Fear touched makes boreal. Or go farm it in shards. Think you need one more level (92).
  6. Moi_Me New Member

    I have the weapon stance enable with a shield as well.

    For the aug i got what i could get while hunting mostly 10-30 ac.

    For the Boreal only 2 pieces on the bazaar at the moment and they go for 50k each it's to expensive for me. I started doing the HOT progression in the hope of finding armor but no luck so far.

    I was also told to look for the Tear in Argath and upgrade it but the monster in those zone hurt way to much.
  7. Wyntyr Journeyman

    Sounds like it's a gear issue, if you are heroic, definitely do the heroic Aug tasks in hot, you'll end up.with a full set of 30-35ac augs. If you aren't heroic, camp the mobs in hot that drop 30+ ac augs. There are a couple of make summoned ones 8n the bazaar (tavons something) that are usually really cheap. You can have 2 of each, they will give you a nice bump.

    This is a list you can use, start with the t1 mobs and work your way to the t4 mobs, you'll pick up some decent gear along the way too, mobs won't be too tough for your group.

  8. Bigstomp Augur

    If you get a bad pull, use all your discs. Saving them was pointless if you're dead.
    Go ahead and pop final/last stand, open with fort if you need to, that gives you time for the bard to mez one. If you're at 91 now, may as well level up to 94/95 but then stop there and flush out some AA's. You don't want the HA difficulty to increase on you again until you're ready.

    Warlords tenacity can also help out a lot on a bad pull. I forget when we get flash of anger but it's also a great button to hold things for a second or two until the CC/slowers can take over.

    If two is really that devastating to you, get good with the bard. It can make sure you always have single mobs.

    Good luck. Getting a tank up to speed takes some work, but if you really learn it there isn't much you cannot do. There are a lot of buttons to push to do it well.
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  9. fransisco Augur

    Never save your disc for named - cause you end up never using them. They are ready to use 98% of your play time and never in use.
    Be liberal with your disciplines, using whenever they are useful.

    Also, I'm pretty sure you can sell back cotf gear to the vendors for half price. I'd look into that too.
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  10. Gialana Augur

    At level 92, you can get the T1 RoF armor if you can find the pieces in the bazaar. They're called "boreal" something or other.

    With the bard pulling, I expect you should be able to pull singles except in accidental situations.

    If you have access to TBM expansion, you can try going for that armor. It's a little strange since you have to augment it, but if you go the AC route, you can boost your AC quite a bit. The currency to buy the items is tradeable, so you can find it in the bazaar, probably. Otherwise, if you do some of the HAs or quests, you can give the bard and berserker's currency to the warrior to get it up first. I believe Almars has a guide on TBM gear, and EQResource definitely lists all of the augs you can put into the armor.

    Augs definitely will help if you don't have them.

    Trophies/Tribute and Power Sources can also increase your AC
  11. Scorrpio Augur

    A bit of a recap:
    As mentioned, at 92, the best option is Fear Touched. It is a no-stat tradeable armor that you can buy on bazaar. Availability/prices may vary. When my heroic druid hit 92, a full set of fear touched cost me about 250k on Xegony. These items drop from RoF named (lvl 98-100+) so you are not likely to get them yourself. Once you have fear touched, you combine it by itself in a special container you buy in Shard's Landing, and it makes a class specific Boreal piece.

    Another option is spending marks of valor in EWK. You earn marks in various HAs. Lvl 95 gear is about 360 marks apiece and equivalent to fear touched. Some pretty good augs there as well.

    Now, TBM. It comes with a huge "gotcha". Yes you can buy remnants, but stuff you can get easily and for like 10-20 remnants each is lvl 75 gear thats about same quality as elegant defiant. But this gear comes with a special type 9 aug slot, and those type 9's are the one with massive stats. I.e. look up "spitegem of the valiant". For 300 remnants, lvl 90 required, it fits into the cheap lvl 75 items to make something that beats boreal all around. Only problem is in order to buy those augs you need to grind faction in Hate/Fear Revisited zones which are lvl 100+ places. That is if some high level folks take you there, so you can soak up some faction, you are golden. If not... too bad.
  12. Moi_Me New Member

    Thanks everyone for the help.

    I manage to get some of that 90 Ha armor with some better AUG seem i do a lot better at the moment.

    The HA gear merchant doesn't buy back the armor from me so since i am on FV i can sell it on the bazaar will see if i am lucky.
  13. Filter Augur

    Do you have your AA auto grant checked? Keep your discs running all the time as you get them as you level up. Mitigation discs Stout Defense (Stalwart Defense is lvl 95) and Field Defender (lvl 95), Commanding Voice (pretty sure there are lvl 90 versions) and Pain Doesn't Hurt (lvl 102) and the AA Brace For Impact. I'm missing two that I keep running but these will significantly help your game play for tanking. You should be spending most of your time on your Zerker so they die faster. Once you hit lvl 105, your game will change but enjoy the ride to there!