Tanking Heroics and Raid Boss Strikethrough

Discussion in 'Tanks' started by Gorg00, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Hey guys,

    I realize this argument has gone on for forever it seems. But, has anyone parsed the difference between HAgi and hsta on the same ToV raid mob?

    For example, replacing all type 5s for the same encounter and looking at the difference.
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    As a warrior, on Avatar of War and Bled - the two mobs that I like to use for comparing, a few of our tanks stack hAGI, one is hDex and I have parsed with all three almost always raiding ToV in hSTA. At no time is it affecting any tanks ability to do what they are supposed to do - tank.

    For the entire duration of T3 being live.
    hSTA less chance of one rounding or being concerned with a DoT, but I have to really drop quite a bit of agro with aggressive DPS doing their jobs off the rip. (That means Dual wield to start with Fort, then Flash when it fades, then Dissident, every thing I got at the start until the next person is 1 and stays there, which usually happens about the time Dissident dropped). Only AoW ports up do I dump whats available again while positioning.
    hDEX have died once like this on AoW, but it was after a fling up in the air and more not being at full health when it happened than my heroics. Its easy town for agro, I'll see the next tank (SK using HT usually off the rip) jump up and drop down over time like it should. Also, Dissident feels like it drops faster than hSTA - I always start with Dissident (preceded by flash, and fort on the encoutners it makes sense). I've run into little gaps here and there because the consumable stuff drops faster. As many know we can rotate discs more than one way but muscle memory keeps my rotation the same between the two setups, just have to watch a few of them close for an early fade.
    hAGI about the same as hSTA as far as how it felt tanking.

    On Sunday I main the cleric and heal the tanks.
    On Monday I tank the same events when we are on our raid alternates.

    I still prefer hSTA over hAGI since I can use the +STA +DEX type 8s and only have to change 5 along with all the 5s. Sometimes I'll swap a few 5s to hAGI or hDEX if it pushes me up a digit in combat effects though.

    In a group situation, if I forget to change back to hDEX, takes the first pull to realize it. Much more work needed to stay alive and takes longer to kill everything. These are large pulls. Less volume just leave it in whatever set I have in and not worry about it.

    Only takes a few minutes to change out the augs though, once a week, even have done while waiting on the instance to load.

    Bottom line - I still believe in the hSTA>hAGI>hDEX theory simply from things like Sleeper AEs, AoW overhead hits, and other AEs in raiding. In grouping only I wouldn't even think about it, just go full on hDEX.
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    I know, right? LOL

    Some people just can't help showing their ignorance I guess.
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