Tank DPS Nerf Required

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fintank, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. segap Augur

    Not much value without also having the aggro tools. Would be very situational or only good for molo play.
  2. Belexes Augur

    Ha! Don't encourage Milli. You remind me of The Man With No Name in "Fistful of Dollars". :D

    Are you seriously comparing yourself to Milliana? :p
  3. sojero Augur

    Um no, free living conditions leaves more money to drink enough to read these threads.
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  4. p2aa Augur

    Yes I read what you post. And according to you,
    1) Tanks are doing too much dmg, but priests don't. As this is your point of view, you have 0 legitimacy to post in a class balance thread. If we follow your logic, it ends with Priest DPS > DPS class > Tank DPS.
    2) You post complete non sense numbers about tank DPS reduction that it's at best comical at worst very pathetic.
  5. p2aa Augur

    Yes, it's very comical to see 3-4 tanks that do their best to search the most biased parse to post and state it's the overall tank DPS state. It requires lot of work to biase a parse, no death, timing AE at the best moment to do max dmg on adds, taking best advantage of riposte dmg, making it like warriors are in melee DPS groups 99 % of the time.
  6. Vdidar Augur

    In all honesty you should just stop.
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  7. Exek New Member

    I just want to say that I just returned to the game after taking a break shortly after COTF and I still had my old log files active. I'm a level 100 war in a mix of COTF and RoF gear.

    My parses from 2 years ago have me doing about 5k dps every pull, while duel weilding

    My parses now, after changing nothing he is doing 20k dps when I came back (due to the changes I assume)
  8. frankie78227 Augur

    LoL, this grief/revenge post still going on? Calling for classes to be nerfed is just idiotic. Why don't you find something constructive to do with your time? Climb out of mom's basement and get some sunlight or a job. Just what DB needs to do is to discourage more players. I'm sure they can afford it, as so many are flocking to EQ daily. Would be nice if they devoted some of the nerf squad resources to just keeping the servers up and running properly.
  9. fransisco Augur

    its hardly revenge to call for broken things in the game to be fixed.

    Or do I missunderstand - if its tanks talking about problems its legitimate. If its dps, then its whining?
  10. Triconix Augur

    We should just make every class do 500k dps, tank 20 mobs at once without using discs, and heal themselves with 100k instant cast spells and call it a day. Then nobody would be able to complain!

    Make it happen DBG.

    In all seriousness: Fix monk dps. Fix sham dps. Fix bards completely. Change warrior 2h proficiency so it doesnt get 100% benefit with adps. Give paladins better ae aggro. Finish dot changes for necros and do it right. And for the love of all things holy, make all dos classes within 10% of each other so they become interchangeable. The flavor of the month dps is annoying.
  11. frankie78227 Augur

    How about they leave crap alone that just a few people seem to find upsetting and stabilize the damn servers and Launchpad so people can log in and play.
  12. cgy48 New Member

    gay gay gay gay
  13. Coronay Augur

    You have no right to use the word logic.
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  14. IblisTheMage Augur

    Sheex is my hero.
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  15. IblisTheMage Augur

    15k views, 19 pages. This is not a debate, this is change management. That would explain why it has not been closed down.

    6-10 weeks would have it around mid april/mid may.
  16. Zaknaffein Augur

  17. RangerGuy Elder

    Not wasting my time looking it up but could swear you were one of the most vocal about pets being nerfed when they tanked no where near tanks 99% of the time. Yet because they handled one part of the tanking equation for incoming damage better than players you guys crusaded.

    Tank dps is insane if there is any semblance of balance anymore.
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  18. Millianna Augur

    The data presented on thread isn't representative of the population "All tanks." It primarily looks at raids WARs. Where is the SK, PALs, and sustained DPS of group gear players (aka the casuals). You can go ahead and change the population to "raid tanks." About a year ago we had a nerf that was supposed to fix this issue. It clearly didn't.
  19. kizant Augur

    So that's maybe two people and an intern's worth of work. What should everyone else be doing?
  20. Millianna Augur

    Working on the level change for the next expansion. They said it takes one person a year to do.
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