Tank DPS Nerf Required

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  1. Fintank Augur

    First off it's time to accept the hate my peers will throw at me cause they're having fun, sorry dudes!

    Tank DPS at the moment is ridiculously high, specifically Warriors. Below is a parse I did of 4 HA's in a lesson burn. This was purely Molo style with 0 adps and 0 breaks for ability refresh. Buffs that were used were Merc and Self only.

    /GU Combined: A filthy rat in 1030s, 365599k @354951sdps -- #1 Fintank 365599k@(354951dps in 1030s) [100%]

    I see no reason whatsoever for Tank DPS to be this high. Tanks should not be able to compete with DPS on this scale (If you even want to call it competing at this point), and honestly right now the only competition is a Berserker which seems broken at the moment as well. I am not proficient enough at either Knight class to parse them correctly in this post, but they are a little too high at the moment as well but not nearly as much as Warriors.

    Some of you will turn this into a whole debate about nerfing the tank stances. But in reality DPS was not OP with the 2hander stance being added. I personally think Defensive Stance should be lowered to around 15% but that's for another thread. The main reason tank DPS is so high is due to the Weapon Mastery aa's. Currently the Warlord's Weapon Mastery aa increases the BASE damage of weapons by 85%. The Knight version is currently at 65%. I'd recommend either scrapping these aa's altogether or lowering them to a respective 30% and 10% if the 20% difference is meant to be kept. I was able to compete with bad DPS before these were put in game which is what I believe should be the case. Being able to beat a DPS class because they aren't very good is acceptable. Being able to demolish a DPS class being played by a fantastic player is unacceptable.
  2. Bamkan Augur

    4 HA's in 17mins.

    Going to a zone 4 expansions old, when you're over geared and decimating it via AE (riposites) is really not a fair and accurate state of Warrior DPS imo.

    PS : Also noted, Drogba has previously had an alt in your guild. Has he put you up to this? :)
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  3. Ghubuk Augur

    Is he really using a parse from an HA that is multiple expansions old?
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  4. Lily Augur

    I thought the HAs scaled to your level?
  5. Imak Augur

    Run through KorSha Labs for 17 mins and post that parse. We'll wait.
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  6. Ghubuk Augur

    Not generally properly.
  7. oldandnasty Augur

    LoL! Lets just nerf everyone back to EQ classic days and be done with it. If the Devs would quit over-inflating gear to try and make everyone buy the new xpacs, they might actually be able to make challenging content.
  8. Vdidar Augur

    tank dps is pretty insane this expansion so the parse being from HA's 4 expansions old doesnt really matter if your being objective.
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  9. Vrinda Augur

    Four HAs in one lesson burn? The only way I can do three HAs in one lesson burn is if a tank drags me through as an act of charity.

    I can't sustain 354951 sdps over 17 minutes on my wizard with adps support in "a zone 4 expansions old" via AEs, ripostes or any other means. When a caster does this kind of crap - or even kills one solitary named molo when that named is from two or three expansions earlier - the green eyed monster comes out in force to demand a nerf. How is this double standard okay?
    No, I can't call it competing at this point. Tanks are not competing with DPS on this scale because, of all the the so-called "true DPS classes," only Berserkers are in the same arena. The rest of us were left out when the stances and Weapon Mastery AAs were introduced. Between cast times, the GCD, long recast delays on AEs, hit limits on AEs, and, lest I forget, the stun/blind we get with some AEs, wizards can't begin to approach the kind of dps melee AEs (for the classes who have them) can do. Cast a bigger nuke on one mob at a time? The mob is usually dead before I can target it and get the spell to go off.

    In my opinion, the biggest issue with the SK nerf currently on Test is that it singles out SKs. It's as though the devs are saying it's okay to tank 8 - 15 mobs at one time so long as your self heals are limited, and it's okay to do 350k sdps with no adps support if you're a tank. The tanking gap is so wide that I can't face tank one single mob with runes and a healer because the mobs have more HPs than I can put out dps for the time it takes to kill them. So thank you, Fin, for pointing out that it isn't only SKs who need to be balanced with the rest of the classes.

    For the record, the day they balance zerkers with the rest of the dps classes will be a sad day. Suddenly many of those raid events we had on farm, enabled by broken zerker dps, will go back to being unwinnable by mid-tier guilds that can't consistently field a full raid force.
  10. Zalamyr Augur

    Not commenting either direction, but I do think modern parses are more useful. Older content likely means even more ripostes, potential riposte disc shenanigans, lower mob defensive values, killing blows, and probably other things I'm forgetting. It doesn't seem to have a big effect on casters, but my melee based toons always seem to parse a lot better on older content than they do newer content.

    So, if nothing else, I think modern content provides for more relevant information.
  11. Sancus Augur

    Yup. Warriors definitely only parse well in old content. Nothing to see here folks.

    Edit: Like Repthor said, nerf Mages tbh
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  12. Repthor Augur

    you forgot to say Nerf Mages
  13. Seldom Augur

    Not going to go into too much detail on this, but no, this isn't an "all" tank issue. Paladins can sustain no where near this level of dps, not even a tad bit close. We can do an impressive short term burn and folks tend to see those numbers and think all are doing the same stuff. Wars are able to sustain that level in large due to battle leap being a perma buff. Good post though Fin
  14. Piemastaj Augur

    If you think the content has anything to do with the conversation, you should start parsing people in your groups.

    Can't even describe how ironic this has turned out to all the tanks against DPS being able to tank current content while doing high-end DPS. Guess it only works if it is those tanks, not any other classes.

    I would live it up, it is not likely this stays until next expansion for tanks or Zerkers.
  15. Zalamyr Augur

    You guys are doing quite a bit of straw man to my post.

    My point wasn't, at all, that tanks aren't doing crazy good dps in modern content. My point was that if we're going to start talking numbers and tuning, lets use modern content and make our comparisons there. I think it makes for more useful conversation. I'm as big of a parse and mechanics junkie as you'll find. I'm under no illusion that tank dps is fine, but I don't care too much about parses on 3 year old content.

    Whatever changes they make, I'd prefer that it doesn't effect sword and board dps, because I don't really think that's a problem.

    And to clarify, I have 8 classes at 105. Because I no longer raid, I have no real loyalties to any of them. I'm just as happy playing my mage as I am my warrior. So whatever happens, happens. Doesn't really hurt my feelings.
  16. dwish Augur

    Tank DPS is currently ridiculous. You will get a steady stream of people trying to say otherwise to deflect attention from the issue, but it's fairly obvious if you play a tank and objectively look at your DPS. This is what should be getting nerfed with regards to SKs, yet instead they are nerfing a core mechanic of the class that has been in the game for over a decade, mainly due to melee DPS now reaching insane levels on SKs and all tanks in general.
  17. segap Augur

    There are three level 105 expansions. While they scale to your level, they don't scale to the most current expansion. They did boost the template used a year ago or so, but these are not current expansion 105 mobs. This is one of the problems with no new level caps. Mobs of x level are not the same as mobs of x level. Scaling instances can't scale appropriately with the current mechanism (perhaps if they inserted an AA count check to choose which template to use).
  18. Beneden Lorekeeper

    Please realize that Tank DPS boost is only apparent while using a 2 hander. Show me a parse of a tank using S&B and you'll see how much of a joke this is. Stop posting huge dps parses of tanks using 2 handers and calling it the new norm.
  19. Powerranger Journeyman


    Oh hey guys, I'm a masochist... P Huck it, where is this "nerf me" line that I can shove my way to the front of.

    How dumb can you guys (OP mostly) be?
  20. Xanathol Augur

    The OP is an obvious troll but your insistence that Pallies don't dps as well as the other tanks isn't fooling anyone. I mean, really lol.