Take a look in the mirror or the people around you...

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Verrse, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Verrse Apprentice

    Bot army's, "third party software" users, warps, cheats and hacks. Soooooo many threads/rants about this stuff.


    These people wouldn't exist unless a somewhat sizable amount of EQ players weren't buying plat or items via KRONO.

    So take a look in the mirror or take a look at the people around you. Have you ever traded krono for plat? Do you know someone who did? Have you ever bought plat off a unmentionable site? If your answer is YES or you know some people who have YOU or THEM are the real problem. These people wouldn't exist in any numbers if there wasn't a MARKET for them...

    So taking personal responsibility and self policing our own community into not financing these RMT people is the only way this will be resolved. How this isn't obvious to EVERYONE is beyond me... /rant off
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  2. Metanis Augur

    It would appear to me that the players have put DBG/Darkpaw in an untenable position. They complain when Darkpaw implements anything remotely akin to pay-to-play and then they complain when Darkpaw doesn't crack down on the people who arise to fill that void. If Darkpaw was allowed to meet those needs most of the botters would disappear.
  3. dreadlord Augur

    Surely the issue is things being 'implemented' without discussion - eg overseer (and the subsequent nerfs)
    Perhaps the time has come for a logical debate?
    But I don't think this is the substantive issue - back in the day, pretty much everyone bought plat, at least occasionally. We also knew people who farmed/sold plat. They rarely used dodgy means/software - and when they did they were banned very very promptly
  4. Buri Augur

    Here's where you're wrong...I have sold a grand total of one krono for plat, and it was to a player I've known for over 10 years, who I know for a fact supports his subscription by selling tradeskill items in the bazaar, that he made himself. Please enlighten me as to what I've done wrong here.
  5. Metanis Augur

    Let me ask you a question. If Sony/DBG/Darkpaw had offered a method to allow you to buy or build the item yourself from the Store would you have done it? For example, instead of a dozen risky tradeskill combines they offered a single no-fail combine container that resulted in the item you wanted.
  6. Nadisia Augur

    I will not answer for Buri, but for myself : my main character is maxed in all tradeskills, some alts are nearly maxed too (over 300) and I've never used any draught of the craftman potion. Never.

    So you're partially right, some people use shortcuts ... but some people don't.
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  7. Verrse Apprentice

    You used RL money to circumvent actual game play and introduced a Krono onto your server. Thus doing exactly what i explained is fueling these RMT guys.

    For instance if you used that plat you got from the krono to buy a set of velium armor you paid $18 to not have to raise your tradeskills to a high enough level to make the armor. You also bypassed farming 30 ore, 120 silks and 15 pelts used in the subcombines to make the patches. So either your buddy farmed all that or bought it from a RMT guy with stacks of 1000+

    You see now what i am getting at and why this type of behavior feeds RMT sales whether you intend to or not? I am not calling you out in particular i just think this isn't even on most peoples radar as to how this actual plays out.
  8. Lachnar Elder

    So what? You'd rather everything up to things like spider silk be no drop so everyone has to put in the "gameplay" to get their own? That sounds worse than the bot armies selling LRs, and just as against the spirit of a cooperative game.
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  9. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That is getting extremely picky. You could also say the same for someone who gets an ultra rare/chase drop and sells it for a few million plat to someone who got that plat from a krono trade. In the end selling that item was possible only because the other player got money through a transaction involving krono.
  10. Verrse Apprentice

    First off NOBODY including myself has advocated for or mentioned making anything no drop... So WTF are you talking about???

    Secondly, you can't scream about bot armies and also not want to put in the game play to get your own as you put it.

    This is my main point to our community you have to either do it yourself or with friends or you WILL fuel a market you claim to hate. So which is it??? Because right now i see our community using bot armies and hacks as a scapegoat.

  11. Duder Augur

    All of these types of transactions took place before the introduction of the krono. This argument is null.
  12. Verrse Apprentice

    Krono is the system commonly used now. Could be a Krono or a website like in the past. Pick whatever system you like. The delivery system may change but OUR COMMUNITY using actual money to circumvent gameplay is what fuels this market. Making my argument valid.
  13. Monkman Augur

    My suggestion, and it has been mentioned before on these boards.

    Stick every warper, hacker, botter on their own "prison" server and let them run wild. MW Warzone is currently doing this.


    An almost perfect solution to an ugly problem. Now if DP actually has the capacity to institute a server like this is another story. (Perfect would be to disable the ability to use krono on said accounts)
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  14. Tachyon Augur

    I don't have a problem with people playing the game how they like. Even if involves buying Krono and trading for platinum. Or third party sites for that matter.

    I've played EQ since day one and enjoy the journey of one character from Classic through Omens. I've done it many times since the early days and even more once the TLPs began. Everything my character wears has been dropped by a mob we killed in a group or a raid. I barely even use the bazaar with the exception of spells which I save up for over time.

    That said, that's my game. I'm not forcing it on anyone else. If others enjoy gearing up in other ways more power to them! It doesn't effect my game at all.
  15. Duder Augur

    I don't want to split hairs. But your original argument did cite the krono as the source of the problems. People have been using RMT since the beginning, I would rather that money be in the hands of the company that makes and runs the game than Jonathan Yantis and his cohorts.
  16. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Eh, your logic is a stretch, at best.
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  17. eqgamer Augur

    Who knows if the game would even exist without botters? Nobody. That's who. We do know, however, that the game does exist with them. That's all
    I got. Peace.
  18. Ashigaru Augur

  19. Buri Augur

    I don't really see how that relates to my statement whatsoever. I needed more plat, so I bought a krono from Daybreak, and traded it to a player I know. What does that have to do with tradeskills?
  20. Tanktank5 New Member

    I think the thing we can all agree on is that cheaters, the ones abusing 3rd party software and afk playing and with bot armies. They need removed.
    krono itself is no issue, buying a krono to sell for plat every so often is actually a good thing.

    bots and 3rd party software cheats? get them out of here, toxic

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