T3 Raids Finished Day 1

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  1. Gorg00 Augur

    Eh, I never called it "inside info", I didn't care that much and had just heard it being said. I went to double check right after I had posted (which I should have done before I posted!) to verify, and once I had gotten the real information, I came back here to correct it-- but you had already responded as well.
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  2. Jumvapace The Most hated

    To clear the confusion about things, if at any time someone has a question about SR and what we did or didn't do in the current expansion, previous expansions, tiers... feel free to DM me in Discord, or here, and we can sit down and discuss. Please don't just speculate and guess, especially when it comes to things people might consider 'morally questionable'. kthnx
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  3. Evye Augur

    Easy fix. Made a hard mode like they did in SOD
    But this time make the raids get 5 or 10 % harder each time the guild beats them.
  4. Sancus Augur

    This is a really weird argument to watch. This is the video Caisy is talking about. These are the actual timestamps:

    [Sat Mar 02 15:07:16 2024] You have entered The Unkempt Woods: The Artisan and the Druid.
    [Sat Mar 02 15:07:34 2024] War horns sound from somewhere in the forest.
    [Sat Mar 02 15:08:47 2024] Ogna, Artisan of War tries to crush Foob, but misses!
    [Sat Mar 02 15:10:59 2024] Ogna, Artisan of War has been slain by Sabrienah!

    18 seconds from zone in to event start, 73 seconds from event start to Ogna engage (the run), 132 seconds from Ogna engage to Ogna death.

    Ogna was longer than the run, though the run was a substantial portion (35%) of the event time. This is just a straight zone in/run of the event.

    I'm not sure why we were having this argument, but it was painful to read the weird back and forth without someone just linking the video.
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  5. Sancus Augur

    Here's another good way to look at it:

    As of right now, all three LS tiers are tracking for faster completion than any tier in ToV, CoV, ToL, or NoS (LS is bolded):

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  6. Jumvapace The Most hated

    Watch the video again. I assume you're talking about Narwhale's stream. Again. She got a DZadd that had no lockout. She missed it, and didn't take it. By the time she finished zoning and got another one, we already started the event and a scout was already killed/assaulters were engaged. Pretty sure this is what caused a loot lockout, cause ya know... raid adds are supposed to give you loot lockouts because we all KNOW there are no bugs in EQ.

    If you don't 'buy' that... You can also see on the video the first wave on ETW, the emote for the second wave. I'm not sure we got the emote for the 3rd wave, (it's different than the other 2) because I'm pretty sure we beat it before the final wave spawned.

    Did we get the DZ early and try and make sure we had a lower lag server using the same tools we've shared and collaborated with other guilds on? YEP. Much like every other racing guild. But we did NOT engage or start any event before the previous one was beaten. We did not now, nor ever engage more than 1 event at a time.
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  7. BigGirth New Member

    Big strong SR it’s fine leaderboard shows you on top so that’s all that matters right?
    Pulling that crap and getting DZ so early the only reason you guys won. Congrats Though
  8. Bahdah Augur

    You're welcome for them being tuned for live )
  9. sieger Augur

    I mean it is pretty obvious--someone made a very obviously false claim, and I wasn't going to expend energy tracking down which YouTube video they were referencing when they could have trivially linked to it if they had wanted.

    The reason they did not is obvious--the video directly contradicts the false claim they made.

    A far easier route would have been for this person to say "I was being hyperbolic, but Ogna only took a couple of minutes to burn to death."

    I also generally am not a fan of people equating duration of fights to difficulty of fights. There are some incredibly long fights in EQ history that pose very close to zero difficulty. That isn't a mindset I want to encourage with the kind of false claims being put forth.

    I would hate the actual dev staff to see the bad takes inherent in that argument and replicate events like the Omens of War trial of endurance (which is functionally hardcoded at 20 minutes duration no matter your raid DPS) and similar. Duration doesn't make something challenging nor is duration for the sake of duration good content.
  10. Valcron Elder

    I just don't understand why you can't let people have their fun and glory.
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  11. Tuco Augur

    2024 Live EQ raiding is like an eating competition where you eat one hot dog. Everyone can do the event, and of those competing the winner is driven by who gets handed their hot dog first. From an outside perspective, everyone arguing about how the winner got their hot dog first is a joke.

    Congratulations on whoever strategized on getting handed their hot dog first, you earned it.

    Maybe next year they'll add a hard-mode to the raids and missions so you don't go home hungry?
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  12. Sgerry New Member

    I don't care either way, but no need for the word play, just tell the truth. Your guild did zone in to the new instance, run 12 toons up to the hill and plant the banner before the previous event was completed. Zoycite's video above shows it. You planted the new banner in the new zone before the captain was dead to bypass the run up to the island. So while you may not have technically "engage or start any event", you did zone in, set up and prepare, ran up and planted a banner in a second active instance with at least 12 toons while the previous instance was still killing mobs. Sounds engaged to me.
  13. Cadira Augur

    There's a lot of "new members" making arguments and excuses up in here...all of which are hiding there profile page (np, can just search your content in the search box anyways)...

    ...but anyways, gratz sr, nice work!
  14. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    You can never trust those insidious New Members.
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  15. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Where's the rule book? Next year just what ever guild likes to race, get 120 people and do all the events at the same time. You win.

    Is that wrong or just not how people want it done. Its a cool website and has sorta ranked guilds in a way that people agreed with in the past, now people want to do stuff that speeds up the process.

    It has little bearing on how much people enjoy this game for the rest of the year, that's the hard part.
  16. Rylak Elder

    I think a big problem the game is facing right now is there continued proliferation of stats and potentially DBG losing some tracking on the impact those stats are having on the difficulty of raids nowadays (or lack there of). This to me is the biggest problem the end game faces right now, as its a fine line of making the game too easy vs. too hard, so they inherently have to skew to the easy side more and more. The chart Sancus made showed that not too long ago these raids were being completed a good deal slower by 20-40 (ToV/CoV era), but they were really pushing boss damage on the tanks at a time when they didn't have the heroics that they have now (i.e. ToFS, Aaryonar, Defenders, Vulak) which slowed down a lot of guilds as they needed sufficient current level gear to advance. That's just not the case anymore.

    There are some really well designed raids this LS expansion. Ankexfen is my favorite this expansion, and so well designed. There are plenty of things that can kill you during the raid, but the reality is once you see all the elements a couple times, there are no surprises anymore (Outside a good mistimed AE during the final trap phase!). Shadow of My Shadow and Heroes are Forged raids are also very well done. There are only so many things Absor and the others can continue to throw at us, thus the difficulty dial is becoming increasingly smaller and smaller while ensuring an acceptable amount of guilds can beat it post-beta / launch.

    Another big contributor is the quality and continuity of the current raid guilds. These guilds are all well-oiled machines, from #1 down to #40. The only difference between them is DPS and perhaps a more detailed understanding of the raids themselves at the top. But #40's understanding of their own guild, the the ability to generate their own learning of events and learn from others, and ability to consistently execute also ensures they will win.

    This is what happens when something fully matures folks. There aren't any more surprises, and there becomes an acceptable, if not a need, that there is a sustainable status-quo. At the end of the day, its all just about having fun from our side, and sustaining a compelling enough product from the gaming company side. From what I see, that still is happening on both fronts.
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  17. Sgerry New Member

    I assume you are talking about me, I found the privacy setting, so you can see my 5 previous posts.

    I'm not making an argument or excuse. SR won the t3 race. Just refuting the claim that all they did was get the instance to see that it was a good box, when they video they are referring to clearly shows they planted the banner in the new zone while still fighting Captain.
  18. The real Sandaormo Augur

    Kind of like when another guild had a member run off as Vampire raid ended and ported their whole guild to the next event? ( was not widely known info yet ) Looking for short cuts has been going on for awhile now.

    Again, without a rule book for the rankings list, where is the problem. Make a set of rules, if broken, your off the list. Till then I don’t get what we’re talking about.
  19. jeskola pheerie

    Swag is rofling in his grave
  20. Windance Augur

    Just to give another perspective. My guild has not completed T3.

    Some of the strats we've seen other guilds don't work for us. Because of the timed nature of the event phases, we just don't have the burn power to plow through and kill mobs before the next phase, or the heals to just stand in lava and heal through things like other guilds I've seen videos from.

    We are full, which is nice, but we're also carrying somewhere between 6-12 folks who most guilds posting here, would have kicked out for under performing. About half of those are folks who are in their 70+, have RL medical issues, etc. Two of whom I know have had strokes.