T3 Raids Finished Day 1

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  1. FYAD Augur

    A "two minute" event could be fun if it was tuned around the raid force being able to put out a well coordinated aDPS burn and absolutely required you hit a specific DPS check or the event is lost.

    Yes, I play a berserker, why do you ask?
  2. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    That's only true for the guild(s) that used that strat. Most actually ran to Ogna, many killing the waves of rallosians on the way. that soaks up a ton of time, even if it is safer.
  3. Cicelee Augur

    O I agree 100%. It truly is a double edged sword- to have a true, real indicator of a "race" then everyone goes in blind and then you can see who the upper echelon of guilds are- the ones who can react on the fly, make adjustments on a whim, etc.

    But it is those top guilds who are the ones testing the raids, providing feedback to devs, and it is who the devs rely on to get content working because there is no internal raid testing 54 man QC within DBG. But testing provides knowledge, which eliminates any chance of blind.
  4. sieger Augur

    If you're killing the Phase 1 adds on the way then one can't really assert that Ogna is the entirety of the fight, as some attempt to do.
  5. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    I'm a fan of the no notes for raids idea. I think it took a lot out of the work in beta. However, not having those notes really wouldn't impact the top 5-10 guilds... it would most definitely impact the more casual groups; especially those that don't get Dev raids.

    So the writeups somewhat mitigate the advantage that Dev raids and tons of practice bring during beta. it levels the playing field just a little more, but not enough to swing the top results significantly.

    Not testing T3 raids would be catastrophic for the game. not because they'd be horribad tuned (they would be) but more because half the mechanics would be utterly broken. It's just a bad idea altogether.
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  6. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    even of the ones that didn't kill the adds, almost everyone still ran from the zone-in to ogna, which takes time in a race where seconds matter.
  7. Caisy Master

    I'm not doing your homework for you. Go to YouTube and search LS T3 raids EQ. The first video is 27 mins in it's entirety and you can even watch how they did it. Pretty neat, right?
  8. MageGuy MageGuy

    Some of you hate easy raids. Some of you hate hard raids. But you ALL will hate when this game isn't around anymore.

    Sit back. Relax. Enjoy the the game while it's still here and be thankful that it's still here while you're at it.
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  9. Sancus Augur

    Bold claim.
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  10. Jondalar Augur

    This can't be Sancus.
  11. uberkingkong Augur

    Nah not really, maybe like 5 years ago.
    Now this game is like watching some old person with mobility issues brain issues.

    Then say you wanna have kids.

    But you can choose 1, have a kid or keep staying with old person who just still kicking but got issues.

    Ready for for EQ3.
    This game is all nostalgia'd out. Theres no more trains, corpse runs, 72 man raid raids, big open contesting raids, EQ vibe, tons of people LFG, tons of people on the road everywhere. All gone.
    Other games have all the EQ nostalgia, EQ doesn't have its own nostalgia anymore. Other games 100+ people boss fights. Going to grab stuff on your corpse after you die, and so on.

    EQ3 way overdue.

    EQ3 happens, stop doing EQ1 stuff stop doing EQ2 stuff.

    Learn from successful transitions, like GW2.
    Learn from unsuccessful transitions EQ2, EQ2 failed why? EQ1 kept going, wrong decision.

    Runescape, they didn't go all in the new one. Look at. Same situation EQ, Runescape 2 failed.
    Go all in EQ3, quit trying to do something different, dumb, GW2 already showed you how its done.

    You just wasting resources if you do EQ3 and keep EQ1 going. Only thing EQ1 be getting is TLPs, yet expansions should be done and over with when EQ3 comes. If you keep EQ1 going same failure same results.

    Likely what they gonna do? Keep EQ1, EQ3 isn't gonna be as good. Go all in or don't even try.

    Why I say they gonna keep EQ1 going?
    Waterfall, they probably started on EQ3, and EQ1 is gonna keep going most likely was a decision.
    Not AGILE so, never gonna change decision even if they get all the data saying its gonna be a bust. Waterfall stick you stick with it even if data says not too.

    Tier 3 raids, too easy. I told you months ago. Too easy. You had data. They did nothing, waterfall means do nothing, wait till everything is done then evaluate, not evaluate in the moment. So, Disappointment. Expected, waterfall, waterfall this game is Waterfall method. 1999 method.
    49/140, maybe need some scrum masters hired. Get into AGILE. Start being competitive in the MMORPG scene, like the old days.

    2000s has potential
    2010s has potential
    2020 long gone 30 expansions, 49/140 and you dish out expansions after expansions.
    Games with better ratings not doing squat and better.
    EQ1 had potential, but now? its way outta date in everything. EQ3 has the potential now, not no EQ1.

    Those people saying I couldn't see myself doing another MMORPG.
    Guess what. Many people went from MMORPG to MMORPG even those that played EQ.
    Your behind times, quit making excuses, its aint game over, its actually more fun. It aint a long process either.
    Way more people already left the couldn't see myself doing another MMORPG, they be doing many MMORPGs.
    EQ/WoW/Runescape/ESO/FFXIV/GW2 list goes on. The newer ones like Lost Ark/New World.
    I've played 5 different MMORPGs, theres no loyalty thing. There are favorites.
    Loyalty come from if they keep up with the times, like dish a new version like EQ3 EQ4 GW3 GW4. Nobody doing it yet. Can easily see that is successful from new games coming out and huge numbers recording breaking numbers playing them. They come from MMORPG scene too.
    Games still doing expansions, nobody is excited for another expansion, they are excited for a new game. GW3, EQ3. ESO2. etc.

    New games getting records, not expansions. New games are getting the records. People want new games. Newer version of the game. Not expansions.
  12. sieger Augur

    It isn't called "homework", you made a claim--the onus is always on the person making a claim--particularly when that claim appears to be nonsense. Also you may be surprised to find out that in the magic of the internet, the #1 search result in your YouTube search may not be the #1 search result in mine, you may have heard about "the algorithm" before, I can assign you some remedial reading if you need help.

    I have already linked to a T3 raid that did not kill Ogna faster than it took them to run there, by the way, and it was actually from the guild that cleared Tier 3 fastest. So yeah, we're going to go ahead and consider your claim that guilds were killing Ogna faster than they ran to her "debunked." Thanks for playing.
  13. Cassiera MOAR DoTs

    To those saying that everything would be great without write-ups and beta practice...

    The sad reality is we generally one shot the raids in beta as well. This year Final Fugue was originally broken so the boss never unlocked, but other than that stuff was generally beatable with 1-2 tries, even in an imperfectly tuned state. That's too easy if you ask me.

    Would it be harder to one-shot untuned, possibly broken raids without dev provided write-ups? Yes. But most recent raids would probably still be trivial. After all, it's not hard to see an aura on the ground and know to get out of it. It's not hard to see people take damage from an elemental themed spell, see elemental colored bubble auras, and guess that maybe you should try standing in the one the boss has gone to.

    There is an open raid force on my server with no voice raid instructions (text only), no fancy banner, that bans any raiding guild members who know the raids from giving any strat hints. They do not participate in beta at all, and they do not come remotely close to an ideal raid composition. They generally beat the raids very quickly.

    All of this points to the content being fundamentally too easy. With or without beta practice.
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  14. Sancus Augur


    By any measure of completion, NoS raids were substantially easier than any previous expansions, and LS raids are even easier:




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  15. uberkingkong Augur

    Well, now it goes to the did you inform them, did you say anything yada yada.
    I did my part. did you do yours?
    I work with an AGILE mindset, you got time, I see data its not good, do something.
    Not no waterfall, wait to see the already expected and then complain after.
    Too late now for T3 its over. too late. Its like Vaniki server, doom is coming. do something, now its dead. Too late to anything now.
  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Day 2 is just about over, only 19 guilds listed as doing all 3.

    Seems Unkempt Woods is the tough one.

    T3 is not the walk over many think it is. I'm sure there will be more wins in the next few days. But T3 is a fair bit harder than T2 and T1 as it should be.
  17. Bilderov Augur

  18. Candystore Augur

    Let's just be honest. There's a whole group of hyper lazy casual raiders and casual raid guilds doing current content. These casual guilds used to be 4 expansions behind, but are somehow now doing current content.
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  19. Bilderov Augur

    Back when I raided you couldn't kick the ranger out otherwise we'd have no-one to take the death touch!
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  20. Tuco Augur

    If you enjoy that, more power to you. But many people are disillusioned by the fact that all of that preparation doesn't really empower them to defeat the content the same week, night or even attempt.

    If you're an elite EQ raider, you've got 10 months ahead of you to prepare for the next raids. If they can be facerolled, why stay subbed this year and why prepare during next beta?