T3 Launch Day Grats

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by FawnTemplar, Mar 4, 2023.

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  1. Beimeith Lord of the Game

    For the record, since my name was mentioned:

    I couldn't care less if any guild wants to forgo getting achievements so long as they more or less legitimately beat the event, and no one has suggested otherwise in this case.

    I'm less wild about the idea of guilds fielding multiple raid teams to do different events simultaneously and/or swapping in a full raid of fresh characters as I feel there has always been an implicit understanding that it was one raid team per guild, but I'm also willing to abide by the views of the majority if they don't see an issue with it. I'm not interested in trying to be the EQ raid police.
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  2. Ozon Augur

    Not sure you understand the details of Pro Cycling, but its definitely a team sport ss much as any other team sport. It involves hundreds if not thousands of hours practicing (think beta), everyone on the team has a role (tanks, dps healers), there are strategies for sure, your analysis is pretty poorly done and seems to display your ignorance to the sport.

    Grats to RoI! Solid performance as always.
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  3. MagicMysteryTour Journeyman

    The salty MS pally now raids in SR?
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  4. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Wedding Crashers: Do the research, show up, and take what you want.

  5. Brickhaus Augur

  6. Whulfgar Augur

    Grats all yall who beat the expansion.
    To all who have not yet. Keep ya chin up an keep plugging away. You'll getter done.
  7. Tolzol Augur

    I was thinking the same thing as you prior to your edit tbh.
  8. ~Mills~ Augur

    Lots disagree because they have lots of sprinters on their roster but the devs fundamentally changed what the race was when it became a one day stopwatch race. They took what was a long drawn out race with many stages over weeks and months and reduced it to a 50 meter sprint. You can't complain about new ways folks find to shave off seconds when you to do many of those new things to shave time off your finish.

    All the top guilds do dumb stuff now which have just been accepted as the new normal for race day. Raiding days or times that a guild won't raid any other time of the year, skipping or pregranting loot on first wins, skipping currency if it takes time to happen on first wins, spending countless hours speed trialing every event on beta where its become more about how fast you can win rather than just figuring out the raid, planting alts, campfires, banners, binds around the plan to get to the raids faster. Anything else that can shave seconds off of ones time to completion are now all common practice by EVERY guild that cares enough to try for top 5.

    I am sure folks will come up with something new if needed in furture years like renting out a house near EQ servers for the guild to play from for faster intronets on launch day. Its all dumb and its just a matter of taste to what you are willing to do or not do but if they beat the raids they beat the raids. You're literally doing exactly what they did previously, likely first, and are now calling them out for the new thing that you or your guild likely adopts for next time. Its all dumb to some to others its the art of this 50 meter dash.
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  9. Alarya Augur

    They did, but she was a toadstool!
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  10. Alarya Augur

    So, I polled my 4th grade class and 100% of them have confirmed that it's the kill shot that matters for completion, not "some dumb achievement" as they so astutely claimed. Yes, they have the facts on how the raids work and a little background knowledge on EQ. I asked it in a very neutral way after laying out details on how a raid ends.
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  11. MischiefTLP Augur

    So no one has completed Performer?
  12. minimind The Village Idiot


    For ToV, CoV, and ToL, there were some enjoyable raids, but usually wins felt more like accomplishment more than fun. By contrast, I actually enjoyed all the NoS raids. Just the right amount of complexity and mechanics and great zone/NPC art just added to my personal enjoyment.

    We raided on Saturday (as we always do) and were able to defeat 2 of the 3 events (couldn't finish Under Siege).
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  13. Tucoh Augur

    So for us non-raiders, what was the strategy that RoI performed that resulted in only one of their raid members getting credit? I'm guessing they primed one of the events with a single person or something?
  14. sieger Augur

    FWIW I think split raid teams should count as victors if they, for example, 3-split an entire tier and finish all 3 events at around the same time (and before any other guild completed all three.) I think if DPG releases another linear tier, obviously this issue doesn't come up. But a wholly non-linear tier should be seen as an invitation to do this. There's a long history of split raid teams in MMOs attaining credit for guild victories, and it isn't normally restricted to the concept of a "specific team." The most recent raids in WoW: WotLK had split raid teams do this, and while not of interest to most live players--TLP servers have functionally always had split raiding involved in expansion races.
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  15. Gorg00 Augur

    There was a change awhile back that changed how achievements and currency is awarded, but it performs really badly. Like whenever the boss dies/chest is opened there is a massive lag spike that completely prevents anyone in the DZ/raid from doing anything for 1-5 minutes, no chat, no zoning, no nothing.

    RoI avoided that lag spike by having the bulk of their raid force dzquit when the boss was almost dead, other than 1 (maybe more?) person, so that ~53 of their raiders were able to immediately leave the DZ and get the next DZ spun up. The person left behind of course rejoined the raid and got added to the new DZ once they made it through the lag and got the achievement/loot.
  16. Allayna Augur

    I’m gonna assume that was directed at me. And no, Szilent and I disagree on most everything. I’m in RA and had no qualms giving a game wide grats.
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  17. Zarkdon Augur

    The best guild is the one that has me in the raid and still manages to win!
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  18. FranktheBank Augur

    We could do wins by average officer weight, since thats a pretty big anchor.
  19. Gorg00 Augur

    I agree with this take, maybe that's because of my history on TLPs I dunno.

    I've always seen expansion races as being at least somewhat of a test of the organizational skills of the guild as a whole. Scaling a guild up to have multiple distinct raid teams isn't something that comes "for free", it takes a lot of organizational overhead, and if you manage to do that and successfully beat all of the events, as a guild, before someone else, then that should still count.

    The idea of it being "one team" really only could even applies in races that don't have any requirements to unlocking. In the past you've had to do things like raid the same event multiple times to unlock the next tier, presumably people fielded at least slightly different forces for those raids. You'e also had events that granted limited flags where you make take a single force and attempt to make smaller forces to get more flags at once, etc.

    Even in NoS, I suspect more than one guild had slightly different forces show up between the different tiers.

    Overall, the idea of a single force completing all of the events being the only thing that "counts" really only makes sense in a limited set of circumstances.
  20. Ozon Augur

    Which team won the 92 tour? Who won the Green jersey, or KoM? The Yellow jersey is one of many wins on the tour, just because it is the most well known doesn't make it possible to win solo. It makes it the most publicly known.

    This is totally off topic.

    In the end it wasn't Foob, or Fawn or Sancus (sorry peeps I don't know RoIs complete roster), out soloing T3. RoI as a guild put in the effort, and completed the raids faster than all others. If they gained, being generous here, 2 min by pushing one person to get the check box, vs the entire guild. SR still got beat by 6-8 minutes, RA, by 12ish?

    What would be the reason to complain then? Would it be lag, dev sekret strats, what? Accept that RoI just played better, had a better strat,just won. It's over until next year.
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