T3 Launch Day Grats

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by FawnTemplar, Mar 4, 2023.

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  1. tsiawdroi TittyGOAT

    I would say that people willing to give up the check mark and currency is the personal sacrifice given to shave off as much time as possible for a TEAM win.

    We could then theoretically go down the path of saying, "Guild X didn't loot everything off of the chest therefore they chose to participate in a win for no loot."

    Sadly when so many variables due to lag, zoning times, mobs not pathing are out of your control, you do whatever is within your control to have the best time for clearing the tier. It's kind of like last year when "ROI Wiped moving from primal vampire to Close the gate." Every guild had the same opportunity to use the same tactics.

    Lastly I would ask if hypothetically next year the raid leader for your guild asks you to drop dz for which you bringing up the point about now; will you do what the raid leader is asking or not do it because it would taint any possible victory?
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  2. Caisy Master

    I'd say there are a handful of people who would sacrifice their first born child to beat ROI, so a /DZQ is probably low on the list of things they wouldn't do.
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  3. Szilent Augur

    It might be kinda like that, except - did you have Conqueror of Night of Shadows on March 5th last year? I think you did. I think every participant had matching credit, as a team. I think every participant could rank up their progressive spell, and see a stocked vendor, and shared in the currency reward, and got to evolve that year's chase item (whoops that was missing last year, but the point stands).

    If we're doing analogies now, how about -- it seems to me that this year, rather than being the 1992 men's Olympic basketball "Dream Team" getting 12 gold medals, RoI is real proud of being Discovery Channel Pro Cycling Team (I had to look up who the sponsor was), getting one yellow vest for Lance Armstrong. It took a team to make the win happen, and it's a win! But it's different. Twenty eight guys you've never heard of took a paycheck and gave up their own ambitions to get Lance a world best time.

    Analogies are fun. Lance Armstrong has notoriety for a couple facets of his life other than dominance in competitive cycling that don't require examining right here.
  4. Robnie Augur

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  5. MyShadower All-natural Intelligence

    Elite raiders are taking performance enhancing drugs? o_O

    I hope we don't have to start peeing in the USB port before raids. If we do, free up one that points up.
  6. Scornfire The Nimbus Prince

    I'll go ahead and state that the views and opinions of Szilent are his own and not in any way a reflection of the Guild.

    GGs all, I'm going back to my sadboi scotch
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  7. Szilent Augur

    Here's a question: if all the things y'all are claiming are all that matters are, in fact, all that matters, then why does one of you have Conqueror?
  8. tsiawdroi TittyGOAT

    You didn't answer my question though. If jumva or scorn ask next year for you to dzq, are you going to say no? Or, sacrifice a check mark for 5 days for potentially a server first? I only ask bc in the past you have mentioned that the race isn't something you particularly care about.

    edit: i'll reply to the post that got posted before i post this. I can't speak for the 54+ people in roi but I am fairly certain the thing that matters is seeing first place on EGL. Not a personal check mark, a rank 6 spell, or a few hundred more hp/m/e on a cloak.
  9. Tucoh Augur

    Congratulations folks. Here's to the next expansion having difficult raids worthy of the fine raiders that play the game.
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  10. Szilent Augur

    I would consider the request a substantial breach of faith. I can't imagine playing alongside leaders that care more about Beimeith's opinion than the rewards and recognition their 54 peers have earned. That's what you're talking about, right? EGL is elitegamerslounge? That's Beimeith, and I have it on good authority (his say so) that he is convinced : RoI's sacrificing their friends' just dues sates his website's bloodlust; he will list RoI. He's excluded others' records based on his judgement, but this didn't cross his particular lines. And I've nowhere disputed his prerogative in drawing his own lines, nor RoI's right to conform their play to his opinion. My opinion is that something different happened this time, that the plan sacrificed something that's never been sacrificed before in RoI's history in pursuit of Beimeith's recognition. Have you done this before, Tsiawd? Been one of 53 raiders to forego winning so that one raider could submit a marginally earlier timestamp to EGL?
  11. Atvar Augur

    Being in the zone and watching the mob die = winning. RoI has done this for the past 14 expansions straight. If you really want to nitpick, RoI made mistakes on at least half of those wins that could've cost the expansion win, yet nobody else managed to do better.

    All that's left to do now is wait and see what the next expansion brings.
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  12. Tankkin Journeyman

    Good lord Szilent, just quit lol. Bad look
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  13. kizant Augur

    If it were up to me we wouldn't raid again until next beta and I'd never complete these achievements. I don't see where there's a sacrifice. Not having my PC lockup for 3 minutes feels more like a reward.
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  14. tsiawdroi TittyGOAT

    I mean you are sarcastically saying stuff about elite gamers lounge/beimeith, but you raid in a guild that does participate/wants to win server wide rankings. I'd gladly give up a check mark, rank 6 spell, evolving a cloak for five days to win an expansion. And, I'd venture to take a guess that a lot of people in SR would do the same. People don't join roi for farm mode. They join because they want to win and be the first to clear the newest raids. The reason why I asked is to see if from a year from now your stance would change if SR were to win and copies what roi did in regard to dzq. Perhaps I have it wrong but I am pretty sure I saw a vod that showed on t2 someone dzq and not getting the achievements that is in sr. Would you tell them that they weren't apart of the t2 win because they dropped expedition before getting the ach. I'm just just trying to understand why this is such a big issue.
  15. Lilfella Journeyman

    Your anger would be more justified if the gap was smaller than 8 minutes.
  16. tsiawdroi TittyGOAT

    you will suffer through waiting for alt loot and like it =p
  17. Proximoe Elder

    Grats again RoI. Im just happy they put all the events right at the zone in so we didnt have to run 5 mins to it again!
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  18. FawnTemplar Augur

    Sorry guys that this thread has gone off the rails a bit, I was really hoping that we could just celebrate each other for a moment. At the end of the day whether you finished first or last the finishing represents a significant investment of time and energy, and that is amazing and celebration worthy.

    To Szilent - I see that your main question this whole time has been is it different? Let me answer that in the most objective way I can because I think what is abundantly clear is that our win feels different to you. Maybe this will help. This year RoI did nothing different than it always does. We learned raids, we grinded out in beta, but most importantly we looked for and anticipated possible obstacles to our winning. We came up with what we thought would work best for us to remove those obstacles and executed that plan. RoI does this same thing every single year. So no, nothing was different.

    Frankly, I feel really blessed to be apart of the RoI team, we have wonderful raiders and incredible leadership. I would sacrifice a whole lot more than a check mark for my team any day of the week.

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  19. Highwizard Augur

    Dumb question of the night, why do the guilds with a interest in this coordinate and start the events when every guild is ready and do a pull timer of some sort maybe via live stream and see who wins? This would eliminate server to server zone lag differences.
  20. mmats Augur

    100% scam.

    Yall forgot to save the princess
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