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  1. AgentofChange Augur

    No this isn't the case, or else every single phase 1 trash mob & phase 5 trash mob in time would give a serverwide as well. It seems more likely that anything that gives a lockout in an instance now has a serverwide.
  2. Polekn Augur

    Can we get an option to selectively hide serverwide kill messages, options being: show none/show bosses only/show all?
  3. Baldur Augur

    Ahh, yeah, you're probably right, that makes more sense.

    If that's the case though then killing say drusella sathir in open world won't give a systemwide, but killing in an instance will. Unless I'm remembering wrong, I don't think drusella gave a systemwide before.
  4. AgentofChange Augur

    What I meant was if it gives a serverwide in an instance, it will give a serverwide (regardless of open world or not). Drusella did not give a serverwide originally, but did after the patch a few months ago which added a few extra serverwides. Now the most recent patch made EVERYTHING a serverwide...
  5. Thellonious Journeyman

    I echo the thoughts of most of the people who have posted here. I'd add that the addition of the system wide messages (a few prog servers ago) was a lot of fun. It was a great idea on a somewhat competitive server, and genuinely fun. One value, of course, was that getting one of these messages was (at least) somewhat meaningful. Sadly, the value of anything will sharply decline with an increase in availability. I know that Phinny already had a TON of messages, but at least they were restricted to things that were relevant in each expansion (although, there are bones that could be picked - see Tunare, Khati). What is the direct result of this (rather stupid) adjustment to include "all the things!" is evident in this thread. If you want the server at large to ignore all of these messages (indeed, people are even ASKING for ways to filter them completely), then by all means give Emperor Crush a server wide message! If you want to maintain the value even a little bit (and thus ensure that people getting them feel some value out of it), then this needs to be halted and some easy but focused decisions need to be made as to what deserves a message. I wouldn't represent myself as the person to decide what gets a message, but I think if we were able to agree on some ground rules, it would remedy the situation.

    Not to make this post too burdensome to read, but a few conceptual ideas would be:
    1) only include one boss per zone, no need to include "minis" or even wing/sector bosses (Tunat gets a serverwide, but Balancer does not)
    2) only include bosses strictly necessary for progression (Agnarr is necessary to get to Quarm, but Babnoxis the Spider Queen is not)
    3) include every single GD thing imaginable (boo!)
    4) more ideas that could be useful in determining what gets a message.

    Personally, I think that a combination of 1 and 2 is the best way to ensure the messages have value and gives nice insight into how the server is doing.
  6. Silinius Augur

    Yeah, last night I felt like An_Enraged_Warpig_01 was a bit over the top...
  7. taliefer Augur

    i like the server wides
  8. Malokhan Elder

    Needs to only be triggered on open world. Anything killed in an instance should never globally notify.
  9. Accipiter Augur

    While we're at it, why doesn't the serverwide give the guild name? Who gives a rat's who the puller was? Yeah, I know, some guilds want to be anonymous but still.
  10. Dabrixmgp Augur

    i honestly had to look some of the mobs up cause I couldnt remember who the hell they were. Quarm, Bosses in Ele planes that flag you, Emperor, Aten are the only people who should give a message. No one cares that Phinny or Talendor was just 2 boxed.
  11. Bewts Augur

    I hear Fippy and Emp Crush are scheduled to be added to the serverwide list in the next update.

    Some things are nice, but instanced mini bosses in Time is extremely overboard.
  12. PathToEternity Augur

    I would still like to see DZ serverwides, since apparently we're submitting this feedback. I would just only like to see them for actual progression targets, not minis on the way to those targets.
  13. Dupre_MIM Elder

    Yes, please fix this. It's absurd. We don't need a Systemwide Message congrats for every miniboss in the game. Major milestones only, and maybe shut them off once the expansion is no longer current? No one cares that someone duo'd Phinigel when we're now in LDoN.
  14. Ishbu Augur

    The messages should just be removed from anything instanced, so most of Phinny/Agnarr. Its pointless and very annoying.
  15. malaki Augur

    Should add rare loot dropping named mobs as well. We really need to know when someone kills A Ghoul Cavalier.
  16. Kylo Classic Journeyman

    There are children starving in India and you think you have problems because you might read some yellow text?! what a snowflake.
  17. JustACleric New Member

    Besides server firsts, does anyone really care anyway?
  18. PathToEternity Augur

    Personally I think it's fun to see the occasional reminder of activity on the server. Especially as we're all raiding in our own instances I like seeing some text telling me what some other guild is up to at the moment. In the right volume, I think it adds to the ambient atmosphere of the server.

    Kind of like wind chimes, I like to hear them occasionally when a breeze blows, but I don't need someone whacking them ceaselessly with a baseball bat.
  19. Bobbybick Augur

    The Western Waste regular dragons got given serverwide messages...

    No I'm not talking about Sontalak / Klandicar.

    The stupid nest dragons. The level 53 soloable nest dragons. Are you guys serious?
  20. code-zero Augur

    1. Create a new chat window
    2. Filter <System Messages>
    3. Filter <event messages>
    4. minimize window

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