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  1. Sailea New Member

    Symphony of Arms is recruiting!

    What a beautiful sight! Both good and evil races from across the Firiona Vie server are banded together. Thanks to outstanding training from our leadership team and comradery among our guild members, SoA is growing and climbing to the highest reaches of Norrath, and we want you with us when we reach the top. We are always looking for players of good caliber. With help from the gods, perhaps you are just the type we are after!

    Are you a raider? We are successfully raiding RoF T3/T4 and CoTF! We raid every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7 pm PST. No, raiding is not required to join SoA; however, any Member that wishes to raid is welcome to come along. (Provided you are of required level, and there is room in the raid for your class)

    Not a raider? Fret not! We're a casual guild to. All raiding in SoA is optional. Here we focus on player progression by hosting guild groups. We want to help you advance through essential flagging and progression.

    I encourage you to take the time to visit our website:

    We are currently looking for active raiders of all classes!

    If you have any questions, feel free to send an in-game email, or a tell to Sailea, or Grimdu
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  2. grammar_police New Member

    I am confused. Is the beautiful site your website, or the sight of good & evil working together?


    I am a casual player to!

    is Gyurika/Lisandrae still in your guild? If so can you have her send me a pm?
  3. Sailea New Member

    Haha, nice catch, no I do not believe they are still with us. If you are interested in the guild however, I would be more then happy to talk with you in game or in PMs here.

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