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  1. Eryssel Journeyman

    Symphony of Arms is a raiding guild on the Firiona Vie server that is looking for interested raiders. Our raid force accepts those of all levels of raiding experience with a level of proficiency and knowledge of the class they are raiding on. We ask only that you are eager to learn and be consistent in your attendance. The guild does accept casual members, but applicants and members of the raid roster are required to attend raids if they are online.

    Those interested in casual membership should feel free to contact a member of our leadership. None of the below information pertains to non-raiders.


    The guild raids on Thursdays and Saturdays from 8:30 EST until 11:00. Our current agenda is farming T1-3 ToV and achievements from TBL.

    Requirements for Raiders

    All players interested in raiding with us are required to submit an application to our forum (, have at least a working knowledge of GINA, and be able to use Discord for raid purposes (speaking is not required, you are only expected to be able to hear). Raiders are also required to be level 115.

    Needs of the Roster

    Our roster's current needs are detailed on our site. You can find this info by clicking this link. We are willing to accept exceptional players of any class however.

    How to Contact Us

    Any interested player may contact us using tells, in-game mail, or our forum (
    Guild Leadership: Mistonia, Viridisquae, and Zeus
  2. Eryssel Journeyman

    Also looking for a cleric and enchanter
  3. Eryssel Journeyman

    Bump. We just downed our first RoS event! Also updated to reflect our current recruitment needs and contact info.
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  4. Eryssel Journeyman

    Bump. We downed OT raid (11/8), third for our server. Updated recruitment needs to reflect our current projects of building a third melee group and a third caster group. We are also looking for an eager soul looking to take over the job of leading SoA’s raids. We also just recently totally overhauled our site.

    Looking to have a very solid crew going into the last tier 1 RoS event and onward into tier 2!
  5. Eryssel Journeyman

    Bump to reflect our current recruitment priorities/class openings on the roster.
  6. Eryssel Journeyman

    Bump. Downed all of T1 RoS last week! Third on our server!
  7. Eryssel Journeyman

    Bump for breaking into TBL! Second on FV! Join SoA today!
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  8. Kolani Augur

    Don't forget you can also contact Kolani at the guild HR office here or in game, if you can't find her but you see Inalok around, she's the receptionist, give her a tell.
  9. Sipherix New Member

    Downed our 2nd TBL T2 event today! Congrats SoA!
  10. Brackson New Member

  11. Brackson New Member

    We are currently farming TBL tier 2 and in need of Bards! Other classes are considered. Send a tell to Brackson on FV or Discord Brackson#7678. Come on over and get those coins each week!
  12. menown Augur

  13. Seoreaf New Member

    Heya can I join the guild pls? Character name is Seoreaf lvl 11 wizard. Am new to this game
  14. Eryssel Journeyman

    Bump. Currently recruiting Bards, Druids, Wizards, and Berserkers who are interested in raiding the new expansion!
  15. Brackson New Member

    Preparing for ToV raids next Saturday! TBL and GMM are on farm. We are looking for 1 Cleric and 1 Bard to fill out our raid roster. And of course as always, exceptional players of any class will be considered. Please contact Brackson#7678 via Discord or ;t Firiona.Brackson
  16. Pneumothorax Journeyman

    Still recruiting?
  17. Eryssel Journeyman

    We're currently looking for Druids and a slew of DPS classes! Visit for more information.
  18. Ridiculousness New Member

    Would not waste your time joining this guild it is a stepping stone to Valhallah the judgemental elitist pricks of the server. very toxic and disturbing environment. The guild leader Viridisquae loves to play favors and screw the low end players over. His toon Eryssel works with Valhallah leadership just to poach and pull people from this guild and move them to Val where his Main is. Yes his main is not even in SoA and he favors his mains guild (Valhallah) more than this secondary guild. Be warned that joining SoA you will be the bottem of the barrel and have to deal with many peoples toxic behavior.
  19. enclee Augur

    Counter-point, one of the best guilds I’ve been fortunate enough to join and play with across any game. Yes, there are people that play in multiple guilds because the raids are only 2 nights a week for around 3 hours. They’re efficient with their time, but relaxed. Would definitely recommend SoA to anyone.
  20. Windd Journeyman

    Negative they are not efficient with their time, If ever there was a choice it would always be Valhallas raids time over SoA's so plan on waiting around and being second and wasting alot of time.

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