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  1. Omegga Elder

    On Bertox this morning sometime between 9 and 930 est the invasion started after 3 days of Kobolds being in charge. Kobold spawns were working fine during that time, but I was not there when the Kobolds took over from orcs. The undead took over and I waited till the South Point Raid named spawned and the front quest mob changed to undead before touching anything. Mindbender was up in Room 2, and I think ph was up briefly in room 5 before being killed by one of the other ph named. Rooms 1 3 and 4 all had undead spawned but no named. I cleared the named and they did not respawn. Though all the attacking named did. Also note that since we started on Sverag a couple weeks ago the 4 non control races seem to always be Eyes, undead, shilliskin and drachnid, with werewolves taking the place of one if they above it they take control.
  2. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    We had no luck going this route, think you got exceptionally lucky.
  3. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    we're still stuck under eyeball control with no invasions in recent history and no end in sight. ;)
  4. Omegga Elder

    Drachnid took control this morning and I waited an hour after the final change. Spots 1-4 spawned fine, 5 did not. I suspect that one of the spot 5 mobs killed the Drachnid named or PH too soon. It might mean you have to protect those spawns for however long it takes to completely set.
  5. Omegga Elder

    Prince Senifal was a female Drachnid Model.
  6. Orbital101 Augur

    Protect, dont protect, kill, dont kill wont change anything, zone is broken or is just meant to be that way... What work one time wont work twice and what work for you wont necessarily work for me. If a spawn is broken its not because you did something wrong. I found it funny that after 15 some years that we are still trying to figure it out. I was very active in that expansion and I heard so many stories since then, I tried it all and none really worked the same way to this day. Definitely something in the script that branch of different ways randomly when a race take over.

    All I did was waiting for a race change... kill the PHers that was up and get to safety to wait for the next invasion, and repeated the same process for 25 days...Some time I only had 1, 2 or 3 to all 5 Phers up. Some other time I had the previous race PHer spawning while another race was in control. At the end I had 5 different races at all 5 location at the same time fighting and killing each others spawning all 5 rares of each of those 5 races. o_O

    Bottom line is that I refused to run in circle trying the same thing that I was trying years ago that never really worked and just waited till the script bugs out in what ever ways he wanted!

    Almost like if the eye in the sky was watching us from above and having a laugh.
  7. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    I'm basically with you. We're doing the same thing, just we dont' do any killing during or in the one hour post invasion and we havent had any breaks yet with the placeholders that were plaguing us early on. Now, if only we'd get the last few guys we need to spawn! Finally we have giants, but the names are being super shy, only 2 of 5 so far! :)
  8. Forcallen Augur

    Does who is in charge alter which named can actually pop?

    Down to my last few and no clue if its just luck of the draw as to who can spawn when based on controlling race or if some named are just more rare AND die super fast to zone aggro being a weaker race.

    Have seen quite a few of the named of all races during the Bolvrik occupation the past few days as if who is in control doesn't matter. Its more of a matter of getting to whichever named is up before they are killed by zone war aggro with a stronger race (outside of missing ph due to bug).
  9. Laurana Augur

    What I noticed was, as long as one type of the race you need is up in the zone, the PHs have a chance to spawn that rare. For instance, if Bolvriks are up and undead and eyes start invading, the PHs can pop as Bolvriks, undead, or eyes. I just completed Sverag June 10, 2022 on Cazic-Thule. Took about 10 hours a day for 8 weeks. Time is your friend/enemy here.

    There's a couple great posts on the general Hunter page for this zone on Zam:

    Definitely some bugs and nuances to this hunter.
  10. Forcallen Augur

    Thanks. So that explains why I am seeing a bunch of mixed raced named but not others. Either bad luck or as outlined a few of the PH spots randomly can toss out mixed raced named based on whats up but others might require the controlling race to be of a certain race before they appear.
  11. Forcallen Augur

    So after being in power for 9 days on Drinal, like they can't lose the scripted invasion attack that happens every 18-36 hrs, after the patch ................. its still the Bolvirk in charge.

    So my next question/bug concern is can the bolvirk actually lose an invasion? Or are we sol until the next patch? Twice now I've been there during invasion wiping every bolvirk on track off the map and yet they still remained in power.

    The Bolvirk always in charge seems to be blocking the last 3 PH's or named needed for hunter from spawning. With the bonus rare spawn rate I have seen most every named needed in the 9 days (might be a few I had from previous attempts I mixed in by mistake) except for Alchemist Darkfall, (Builder Sneev and Chieftain Darkmaw) which share a PH and (Gutslitter and Yoon the Gleener) which also share a different PH. Like I said my concern is these last 3 ph's simply won't appear until an invasion is successful and someone else takes over power from the bolvirk.
  12. Keauvan Journeyman

    Bolvirks can definitely lose an invasion, but it generally requires player help. At a minimum, the raid Bolvirk named can't be up - if that's up there's basically no chance the invading force will win. However when we did it we helped kill bolvirk as much as possible so the invading force would win.

    I don't believe an invasion has to be successful for a certain type of mob to spawn though. From what I saw, that mob type just has to attempt an invasion and then after that there's a chance they can spawn at PH spots. A successful invasion would guarantee that mob type spawns however.
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  13. Mukkul Augur

    Sverag has been stuck on Bolvirks for the past month, on Cazic server. Kind of makes it hard to do hunter. Prior to that, it was multiple random races spawning in the rare spots, all races except for Bolvirks. Seems like a mess.
  14. Mukkul Augur

    2.5 months later... zone has been stuck on Bolvirk continuously. I don't think we'll ever see a different mob type here again.

    4 months later ... zone still controlled by Bolvirk.