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  1. Froglok Augur


    Sverag: An Imprisoned General = an imprisoned general (no capitalization);
    Sverag: An Imprisoned Hero = an imprisoned hero (no capitalization);
    Sverag: Bedrock The Crusher = Bedrock the Crusher (the "T" is not capitalized);
    Sverag: Breaktree The Giant = Breaktree the Giant (the "T" is not capitalized);
    Sverag: Farsight The All Seeing = Farsight the All Seeing (the "T" is not capitalized);
    Sverag: Hivsgar The Terrible = Hivsgar The Terrible (the "T" is not capitalized);
    Sverag: Martihaz The Destroyer = Martihaz the Destroyer (the "T" is not capitalized);
    Sverag: Queen Suvarla The Sterile = Queen Suvarla the Sterile (the "T" is not capitalized).

    (Appear to be Loot Droppers)
    a slasher (confirmed loot dropper, unless there is random trash loot)
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  2. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    I believe these will update just fine (I have half of them on the list properly updated), so it apperas to just be a cosmetic issue on the achievement listing.
  3. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Also for Sverag, the zone script keeps breaking at least on Luclin. Last night, the invasion resolved successful and the invaders took over the zone. Undead switched to kobolds. Some time after everything reset (I went afk for awhile), all phs were present, but once killed, they never returned afterwards, even 12 hours later. I believe the working theory from others was that if you killed any of the phs *during* the invasion this would happen, however, no phs were touched except by invading forces (and i dont know if they actually did or not since i stayed far away from them). This is the second time kobolds have taken over and we haven't had any placeholders once the first set was killed.
  4. Froglok Augur

    Also -- Martihaz The Destroyer appears to be in The Devastation, not Sverag.
  5. Nniki Augur

    There are a lot of errors in the casing with the new hunter achievements. It appears all words in the achievement text have the first letter capitalized and the rest lowercase, unless the letter follows a special character, in which case it is also capitalized (e.g. a backtick (`) or hyphen (-)). This holds true for names with roman numerals as well (e.g. Firemarshal Unit Iv, Part Sorter Model Xv, Steam Engineer Liiv). They all match fine for completion purposes, but it would make sense for the casing to match.
  6. Orbital101 Augur

    Funival, Mengalor, Terish are raid target
    The Skulltaker is a rare from the Undead Knight
  7. Froglok Augur

    Original Post updated.
  8. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Something is wacky with the shiliskin invasion.
    The invasion message doesn't happen until after they take control. In our case today, this is the second time this has happened. The invaders were clearly in the place attacking, but the single and only message came at the moment they had won and the guy up front switched to shiliskin.

    Eyeball named Verzoo spawned at #1 after the conclusion of the invasion, but there are no ph's at #2, 3, 4, and the PH at #1 is double spawning, instead of spawning every 18ish minutes, its spawning twice in that amount of time. PH #5 appears to be functioning normally.
  9. Omegga Elder

    Adetia, how did you trigger the invasion? Is it triggered in Devastation or Sverag? The information we have is its triggered by helping the faction you want in Devastation. We are gong for Orcs and managed in control of most of the East side of Devastation but no luck. We had Bedrock the Crusher and 2 named Chiefs up for a while. Do we need to have all the named up in Devastaton? Or are we completely wrong on the method of triggering the invasion?
  10. Orbital101 Augur

    Invasion is every 24 hrs +/- 6 hrs....nothing you can do to spd it up... and anything else is just a myth or got broken over time... sit tight and wait till you get what you need unless you want to run in circle and feel like your doing some thing productive.

    Just got to this point tonight and I have been in Sverag ever since the patch went live.
  11. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    I concur. Nothing outside seems to have caused any change inside. the passage of time is fairly reliable, however ours does not always adhere to the 24 +/- 6 hours for some reason on Luclin. we frequently get stuck with 2 sets in a row of the same guys with zero invasion. Some factions give invasion messages, others do not, and some only give the invasion message after they've already won.

    For us on Luclin, the zones been broken more then it hasnt been, so our new approach is to wait two full hours from the appearance of the invaders, no matter what the messaging looks like and then try to get as many names in that cycle as we can.

    We're behind Good by a good bit, but we're getting there, slowly and determinedly. We've not had drachnids or giants yet since the server came up, so slow going on that front.
  12. Orbital101 Augur

    Only thing that was different from today Drachnid Invasion is that Prince Senifal and Alchemist Darkfall both popped with the invaders instead of there usual spot.
  13. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    Eyes have taken over. They seem to have the same problem shiliskin do where the invasion messages never happen until after they won. We gave it two hours where we killed NOTHING, and spent most of that time zoned out and on sentry duty at the door in devastation, (an additional hour for the "fake" invasion messages (even though eyes had already won) just to be on safe side and this is the first seemingly nonbugged eye invasion we've had. hope thats helpful to others.
  14. Omegga Elder

    Its been Bolvark on Bertox for 3 or 4 days now since they took over from the werewolves. Though as I'm typing this I'm seeing an invasion message in yellow so might be changing.
  15. Omegga Elder

    Orcs just took over.

    But the non controlling factions remained the same.
  16. Omegga Elder

    It looks like the orc spawns bugged, not sure if i cleared them too soon or its just generally bugged. I noticed it took about 30 mins for the invasion to complete and it completed when the Raid Named at the south point spawned and the front mob change to orc.
  17. daBlubb Lorekeeper

    On AB Bolvark are in charge for at least two weeks. Didnt check the zone right after patch. Seems broken :(
  18. Ranonman Elder

    This is really frustrating. I'm feeling the pain from others who went through same thing here.

    Here's what I did so far
    1) I requested zone reset via support yesterday because zone invasion is not resetting to next mob type.
    2) After zone reset, the current type was Bolvirk. I waited until this morning. I noticed a new invasion, which is skiliskin mob type.
    3) I waited and waited for the invasion to be finished. I did witness that the invading mobs depopped and watched the raid boss pops. According to sources, invasion is done after raid boss pops.
    4) I started killing phs in few spots. Specifically, I need a named from one place which is General Vergomil.
    5) I waited again. It is about 17-18 minutes repop. They did not come back. Not respawning at all.

    So, please investigate on the invasion part. There is probably an error somewhere.

    "The ground trembles as Sazlak the Omnipotent emerges."

    "The faint sound of an invading force in the distance sends chills down your spine."
  19. Ranonman Elder

    I'm able to confirm that if the placeholder mobs (or any mobs) are being killed during the middle of invasion on-going, PH mobs will not respawn after being killed first time after invasion is finished.

    It's likely that this can happen:
    1) PHs were killed from other mob type twice (they do repop twice) during invasion
    2) PHs were killed by player(s) during the invasion or ?right after invasion?

    The chances of PHs not respawning (depends on which room) are very high.
  20. adetia Monkess Wonder, Ruler of All

    We've found that waiting an extra hour after when you believe the war is over often prevents the respawn bug from happening. I don't know why per se, but some races the message seems to be completely out of whack.

    "The faint sound of an invading force in the distance sends chills down your spine." This one should be the start of the invasion, but sometimes it often comes after the invasion is over..... for reasons i dont really understand.

    On Luclin, we've been stuck on eyes since they took over on Monday the 7th with and without intervention - meaning sometimes we killed everything else, sometimes we let the invasion play itself out. But the eyes always retain control even when they seemingly should not. No invasions have happened in the last 30 hours. Just sitting around waiting on something to happen. Annoying.
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