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  1. Lethalys New Member

    No, I wasnt using a macro. I was literally standing in one point then running around when enough had respawned to make it worthwhile.

    Sagarmatha, believe it or not, sometimes people are wrongly accused. Just because they are convicted, doesnt mean they actually deserved it. Im not saying it was arbitrary, but the system sure didnt verify I was afk before booting me either.

    And yes, manual combines, trying to learn all the arti recipes.... which does in fact lead to having my mage in twilight. AFAIK you cant learn recipes while afk.

    any suggestions on how to edit my post so I dont get this account in trouble for actually breaking a rule? My first two posts dont seem to have an edit button.
  2. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Your post is fine. You are talking about gameplay suspension (which is ok) calling out specific people or GMs (would not be ok though).

    I was mentioning that this.
    is discussing a Forum Moderation Action on the forums, which is against forums rules.

    also this
    might not be a great choice as a signature.

    But please carry on all.
  3. segap Augur

    A big part of the problem is making "content" that is so much fun, people resort to such things just to get it done.
  4. Aurastrider Augur

    I think most people who are working their artisan's prize have had some element of afk farming along the way. I know when I am farming I have toons spread all over the world. I am actively switching between 6-8 toons and try to pick areas with variable spawn rates. POP zones have a 30ish min respawn time for example so I will try to have a couple of toons in one of these zones. I also try to select places on all but 1 or 2 toons that require very little moving around so I can try to prevent any element of "afk killing" even though I am at the keyboard.

    With that said there are times when I am not fast enough in my rotation. This is usually early on when I am trying to determine the timing of things and trying to figure out how much I can pull on my 1 or 2 toons that actually move before my stationary toons have respawns. I try to time any bio breaks for the toons that actually move also basically trading them moving around and killing for me emptying my bladder. In short even when someone is actively trying to not be afk in a camp killing even if they are at their keyboard it does happen. It sucks that the game design even promotes this by making us spend hundreds of hours farming old content but it is what it is. It would be nice if they just increased the drop rate on some of those items which should eliminate players who are not trying to be afk from getting tagged as an afk farmer.
  5. Cicelee Augur

    The Artisan Prize augment is just stats. That is it. Numbers. It is completely unnecessary to have to complete content in the game. Remember- not everyone can have everything in game. It takes a lot of work to get certain things, Artisan Prize being one of those things.

    BTW I say this as someone who is 156/300 on the augment, so it is not as if I am fully done and am trying to keep down the man. I am part of the man...
  6. Gnomeland Augur

    They're trying to sell craftsmen draughts. This is the reason ANY attempt at simplifying the process of getting trade skills up, of making it so that players might actually have fun, is looked down upon.

    Instead, what you're supposed to do, is purchase a craftsmen draught from the market place, then find the highest level combine you can try, and AFK in the plane of knowledge doing combines until you are 300. THIS is fine. AFK camping monsters so that you can do it without the craftsmen draught? NOT FINE.
  7. Millianna Augur

    But they are handing out warnings and suspensions for people who aren’t afk.
  8. Gnomeland Augur

    It's not just the prize. Empires of Kunark progression, which is required for the current expansion, require trade skills. Every new expansion that releases, has more and more trade skill tasks and rewards. Yeah, people with trade skills probably want it. But the bigger reason is that they can make money off of forcing people to do trade skills. Imagine how much work it is to do 300 trade skills on a box group. Sooner or later the guy's going to buy draughts of the craftsmen. It's strategic. Similar to selling experience potions while making it harder to get experience.

    It's how money is made in a free to play game, which is sad in this case, because the game isn't actually free to play. But it is becoming more pay to win.
  9. Horyuken Augur

    FLAT OUT wrong Gnomeland. Play the game before you try to play forum-quest. Most of the super rare trade skill items are level 150-250 combines that anyone would be collecting for skill past 300 and would have a 1% chance to fail. We are talking about items that are used for nothing more than to make an item to get your skill past 300.

    Advancing any trade skill to 300 is trivial at this point.

    People are afk camping these because the item is 1 out of 100 drop chance on a mob that is on a 20 + minute timer.
  10. Gnomeland Augur

    No it isn't. Getting a trade skill to 300 requires any where from 3000 to 4000 individual combines. Guess what the easiest way to do this is?

    Yeah, it's to do draught of the craftsmen high level combines where you maximize your chance of failure. Since failing still grants you skill ups, but you get it all back.
  11. HeatherPurrs Augur

    It's hilarious that TheyBreak Games creates the absolute need to AFK farm tradeskill components, because, they are REQUIRED and INSANELY rare and yet they ban people for doing the only thing logical solution to the PROBLEM and REQUIREMENT that TheyBreak Games created in the first place.

    Since you're apparently "unaware" TheyBreak Games, there are bots farming all your REQUIRED tradeskill items 24/7 365, there are bots running 24/7 364 farming your chase loots and the owners are selling that chase for hundreds of dollars (You created this market to sell Krono, so don't act like you're clueless about what you've done.), there are bot groups running 24/7 365 creating "REQUIRED" class toons at 110 with full AA and chase gear and they are sold for thousands of dollars. Again, you did thie TheyBreak Games, you did it. You want to stop all this? I know you don't but here's the solution, just stop with the required tradeskill garbage, stop with the chase loot garbage, stop with the required core classes with x aa and gear...

    Oh and stop banning idiots because once you do they tend to go out on the big bad internet and learn how to do what you banned them for the right way and then become real nuisances.
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  12. Gnomeland Augur

    Also, all skill ups from 300 to 350 are on success of discovering a recipe = doing a successful combine. When combines involve RARE items, guess what, you're going to buy draughts of the craftsmen to avoid even a small chance of failure loss.

    Like I said, this is by design.
  13. Sindaiann Augur

    Or you could not care and just easily get tradeskills to 300+ scribe every book and leave your aug at 156/300 like Circlee and I have done.

    Not a chance in hell I'm spending the time required to farm this crap to max the aug.

    The fact they are suspending afk farmers or foragers is an absolute joke though.
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  14. Smokezz The Bane Crew

    I'd bet they're not, and there is more than meets the eye.
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  15. EnchFWO Augur

    Slacker! :p

    But to the topic at hand... know someone else who was casually pet killing and got a week(!) suspension because someone came in and wanted the camp (even though half+ the mobs were available). Those tribute bows cause a lot of drama! For people who have 0 history of warnings or suspensions they seem to be a little heavy handed for TS farming. I mean... people exploiting lockouts etc. got similar suspension times in a lot of cases. Seems to be no internal standard or consistency.
  16. Gnomeland Augur

    The issue is, even getting 300 skill wouldn't be easy, had you been forced to farm every component yourself, as opposed to buying it from a guy who is MOST LIKELY doing afk farming, because there just aren't that many low level players, any more.

    But I guess there's always the draughts of the craftsmen way.
  17. Sindaiann Augur

    I have better things to do with my time than spend 1 to 2 months on 144ac and the equivalent HME

    Screw that
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  18. Sancus Augur

    I know a warrior who got suspended for AFK pet killing.

    DBG has good CS though. Suspensions are never arbitrary or unfounded.
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  19. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I do see the OPs point to some extent. Having the cops constantly ticket the peeps going 10 miles over the speed limit but leaving alone the guys going 50 miles over the speed limit because they would have to go to the effort of chasing them seems a bit unfair.

    Afk killing with a pet is easy to see and easy to catch if you don't spend much effort seeing if someone is at the keyboard.

    On the other hand if you are afk and killing for 5 minutes at a time while on another screen it could be argued that you are afk from that screen. Although whether someone considers themselves afk or not is irrelevant. If Daybreak considers it afk game play that is all that is going to matter. And if you are running bot software sitting at the keyboard and never answer GMs whether you are actually at the keyboard or not does not matter to Daybreak. If GMs THINK you are performing automated gameplay they will punish you in one form or another. We have to plan and play accordingly or accept the consequences.
  20. Cicelee Augur

    I do plan on improving my Artisan Prize, after my final ROS hunter named.

    However I do not plan to spend hundreds of hours in grey con zones. Hoping to use all the TS stuff I already have along with the bazaar, to get me to a better spot. Once I exhaust that then I will decide how much low level zone farming I want to do.

    I am not sure if I will ever get to 300 AC on the augment, but I think if I get to 220-250 then I might call it a day...
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