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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by adetia, Jan 9, 2018.

  1. adetia Augur

    There was a thread started by someone who was suspended that was funny and anecdotal, like today is day 2 of my exile, i watched the shiny big television i have, etc... i cant find the thread, anybody know where its gotten to? i was so hoping they would continue more posts cuz it was cracking me up.
  2. feeltheburn Augur

    good question, was pretty funny, I even commented on it that Oregon had passed that pump your own gas law while they were playing etc....not seeing it now
  3. Sheex Augur

    The one where the guy mentioned the CA wildfires and said it was a shame DBG HQ wasn’t in the burn area? Yeah, not sure why that was removed....
  4. feeltheburn Augur

    yup thats the one, lol he amusingly was mentioning catching up on all the news while he was suspended. odd its gone yeah
  5. Zaviere Augur

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  6. Tincan New Member

    Somebody evidently found it offensive, or otherwise against the ToS.
    You know, I think that's it! We're not supposed to have fun anymore.
  7. adetia Augur

    Hah. I forgot that part, I just thought his reference to the president, television and other things were funny and was looking forward to a daily update that never came!
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  8. feeltheburn Augur

    it really was entertaining, and he was taking it all in stride and dont recall him calling anyone out at DBG or being offensive, with all the nonsense going on was a good light hearted read.
  9. Sheex Augur

    Meh. It was like half comedy, half same tear laced wuah I’m innocent wuah topped with a comment about DBG burning. Good riddance.
  10. Barda Lorekeeper

    Hahaha .. I'm still here.

    I didn't add to it because 1) it was removed by DBG, and 2) it was sarcasm, and I am not pushing it further for the sake of pushing it. Many people seem to think just because you disagreed with the suspensions it means you were "exploiting" and got caught. Getting caught has never been my issue. My whole problem with this has been aired in another thread.

    In the end, ultimately, it's not my game. Eventually when it sunsets I will save money each month, and people at DBG will have to look back at what they did to either extend EQ's life or shorten it. In the end I wont be looking for an income because the game is no more.
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  11. adetia Augur

    Fair enough! Honestly I thought it just had gotten lost in the quagmire of all the other suspension thoughts, didn't realized when i posted this that it had been yanked. anyway, i found it amusing ;)
  12. gnomeboss Augur

    Day 1: I slept for 7 straight hours. I'm missing spawns and my rotations are ruined. I hate it.

    Day 2: Showered AND washed my hair. Saw the sun. The sun is OK, but not nearly impressive as Chromatic Haze.

    Day 3: Withdrawal hit hard today. Tried to log in a dozen times. Called the Better Business Bureau to see if had any recourse. They put me on hold after I explained my situation and never picked back up.

    Day 4: Made hot food from a recipe I found on the internet. Meh. Hot Pockets blow this casserole thing out of the water.

    Day 5: I'm worried about my gnomes. Will they feed themselves? I hope they don't eat their stat food.

    Day 6: NToV is due for a respawn. That snide little halfing druid who is always stalking me there is probably looting all my twink loot right now.

    Day 7: One half of my suspension is over. I opened the PS4 I received as a Christmas gift 3 years ago.

    Day 8: Diablo III!

    Day 9: While keeping my EQ team robust, I realize I've missed out on some movies. Star Wars 1, 2, 3, 7, and some spin off. There are a lot of fans of this Harry Potter character who seems like a low AA wizard. Not impressed.

    Day 10: Created a Twitter account. After 3 hours of reading realized it was more toxic than general chat. Deleted my account.

    Day 11: Checked for cheap flights to San Diego to plead my case. Maybe if I bring donuts, I can get my ban lifted early.

    Day 12: Listened on Discord as guild raided. Many offered me verbal support but I'm sure all the paladins were laughing at me. Like those do-gooders have never gotten greedy. I'll be rolling on AC augs against them from now on.

    Day 13: Stretch run! I'm so excited. I've created a 38 point list for my immediate tasks when I have access again.

    Day 14: Final Day! I have 36 cans of RockStar and a dozen Hot Pockets. I should be able to go for 3 or 4 days before I need a break. EQ4LYFE!
  13. Bella222 Elder

  14. Bella222 Elder

    Thanks much. The weather is so dreary here I needed a good laugh and your post is a stitch!
    I'm still laughing!

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