Suspended for Fell Foliage Exploit?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Darktank, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. cailien New Member

    since 11/20/2017 when I bought RoS exspansion I've spent $631.74 at daybreak, that'll never happen again
  2. Toomba Elder

    Hey Mr Moneybags, wanna be friends?
  3. Huna Journeyman

    So How about you lazy people go back and actually look at the accounts you suspended? How many ran it back to back or got excessive gear? I cant use my account for 7 days because I ran the mission and didn't exploit anything. I didn't even run it back to back with the same character on the suspended account.
    Super poor job of checking your logs and doing things right.
    This looks like a Blanket BAN wave that was very sloppy, yet again.
  4. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    Their current exploit detection seems to have a few false positives.

    Looks like they are banning everyone who dropped the mission before opening the chest, rather than those who got into 2 different OT-instances within a short timeframe.

    Being generous with task-adds, isn't an exploit! Circumventing lockout-timers is!
  5. Donutsz12 Elder

    HAHA. <Clap DBG>. Thank you for doing that. So many times I saw people doing that stuff over and over. People who did it deserverd to be banned. You can claim it all you want that you did nothing wrong and it was a mechcanic of the game that you used. You did it and claimed loot that you should not have received in that method. If you have to cheat to get ahead in the game even if it is for an alt than you should be banned.

    Thank you DBG. For once you did something right
  6. Knopplund New Member

    Well I guess I'll have to say thank you, for finaly make me drop EQ after so many years (2002), so many accounts 3 gold atm, and spending so much money, my husband will love this!
  7. bazinga Elder

    Has the irony that the guild portal item needed for OT is a ban hammer been noticed?
  8. Starry Journeyman

    A Total Load of bs. instead of mass banning why cant u guys go through the logs and etc to see who actually did exploit it !!
  9. fransisco Augur

    I think its awesome they are FINALLY punishing some people for cheating.

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  10. Risiko Augur

    As a programmer, here is my take on the situation.

    Somebody at some point IN THE PAST got the requirements for implementing a mission-based system with achievable objectives that trigger events and ultimately set lock out timers. When the programmer(s) implemented that code, it had nothing to do with a specific use case.

    The programmers build systems in to the game engine. Game designers use those systems to implement scenarios in the game.

    Then years later, a game designer implements a use case for an upcoming expansion using the available underlying systems in the game engine.

    Therefore, those that are saying that "this has worked this way for years", that's why it has worked this way for years. The underlying system was never specifically designed just for the scenario for which is being "exploited" at this time.

    Now this should have been caught in testing by the designer that implemented it, but the designer probably was not testing it from the mind set of "how can I game the system". That's understandable.

    Long story short, DBG should have chalked this up to "we made a mistake" and not punished any of their customers.

    To resolve the issue, DBG should do one of two things on their end.

    1. Correct the implementation of the use case to put the trigger for the lock out timer at the appropriate step in the scenario
    2. Extend the underlying game system to allow for the trigger to be set at the appropriate step in the scenario IF that ability is not already there
    Furthermore, it would be in their best interest to retroactively go back through other expansions, and insure that similar scenarios are corrected.
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  11. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Unsure what's worse...

    The whiners demanding action be taken against an age old exploit. Or the empty threats of cancelling your account coming from those suspended.

    You're playing EverQuest in 2018 and you're involved enough to bother chain farming a single mission by using an old exploit. No, you aren't going to cancel your 15 accounts. You're going to complain to CSR likely get unsuspended in a few days and then continue paying your subscription or consuming Krono. That's what always happens.

    Would be neat if M-Q2 and ShowEQ use saw suspensions handed down like exploiting a lockout bug for extra loot though.
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  12. Fanra

    I cannot speak for Daybreak but I would say that is not an exploit.

    The tasktimer is intended to be applied when you finish the mission. Which means when the chest spawns / doing the final step. "Farming" tradeskill components, collection items and named (rare) mobs is generally considered acceptable standard practice.

    I think the best way to judge is this: Did you get the rewards the mission offers (chest loot, alternate currency, experience reward, etc.)? If you did and you deliberately avoided a lockout timer, then it is considered an exploit.

    If everyone quit the mission before the reward(s) spawned or were awarded (and did not get them in any way, nor did anyone else), then it should not be considered an exploit to do it again.

    Again, I can't speak for Daybreak but this is the way I've always considered it.
  13. the Reaver Journeyman

    Yes, please! Can't they detect use of that software?!

    Conspiracy theory: T2 isn't ready...
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  14. Tucoh Augur

    I don't have a strong opinion about this instance and don't begrudge anyone who got back-to-back chests, but I generally agree with a light punishment for this kind of exploit.

    This reminds me of an exploit that happen in the first few days of Guild Wars 2. There were some vendors selling top-quality weapons for prices way lower than they should be. Only a handful of people progressed that far to see the vendor and took advantage of it. It was fixed the next day, with a stern letter against the people that abused it but no punishment. Soon after a similar vendor was found, and overnight literally thousands of people abused it. They actually permanently banned everyone, then backed down and unbanned people if they sent in a mea culpa.

    Bugs and exploits are going to happen, especially with a skeleton crew of devs/testers that EQ has. If DBG doesn't punish exploiters, a "use it while it lasts" attitude will take over the community, and then you'll see hordes of players abusing a mechanic when it happens. This not only impacts the game at an individual level, but at a larger community level because tight-knit guilds will share an exploit among each other, and gain a competitive advantage over guilds that don't abuse it or don't know about it.

    It sucks for those suspended, but it's the price of motivating the community to think twice about exploiting a broken mechanic.
  15. blood & gufts Augur

    Maybe punishment should have been more like:

    1) Raid exploit, permament ban, not just a suspension.

    2) Exploit dropping expedition 5+ times, 2 days * number of times = Amount of days suspension, which mean, drop it 5 times = 10 days suspention, 10 times = 20 days, and if above 11 times, 20 days suspention + roll back prior to RoS.

    3) 1-5 = up to 5 days suspension.

    For number 2 + 3, check if people who were in the expeditions opened the chests and dropped the mission, then let the punishment go through, depending on following: the fight is fairly short, and punishment should go through IF they killed the task monsters, but no punishment if not killed.
  16. gnomeboss Augur

  17. Zinth Augur

    they cheated, it was handled, problem solved...

    don't like it? don't cheat... bye bye
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  18. WAFLOL Journeyman

    same saying the same thing, SHOW us proof where this was considered cheating... bye bye
  19. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    It's considered an exploit. They called it that in the patch to fix it. Exploiting is a form of cheating where you use functionality that wasn't intended to work that way. People know how lockouts are supposed to work, they know when they are getting around it. They are taking manual steps to get around it. This is clear cut.
  20. Nightops Augur

    Can someone make a GiF of the Catitikii mob throwing the OT portal hammer?
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