Suspended for Fell Foliage Exploit?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Darktank, Jan 3, 2018.

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  1. Darktank New Member

    Many on my server are getting emails from DB for the Fell Foilage exploit. Suspended for up to 3 weeks. Ouch.
  2. Raccoo Augur

    Is it an exploit to run a HA up to when the named/collection spawns, get the named/collections, and then drop the mission to do it again immediately?
  3. Vearn New Member

    Feels kinda heavy handed ....:confused:
  4. Darktank New Member

    Yes, but people were doing it for loot. I think it is way to harsh to suspend an account for 21 days. Maybe DB could reconsider and make it a week or less. Maybe 3 days. This has been around for years.
  5. Stuff&Things New Member

    With the amount of bugs that went out with the release, including the 110 bug especially, I just don't understand why any amount of time was spent on this issue. They pulled the quest giver which was the quick fix, you didn't get the 125 coins for the completion, and this was something that was done in previous expansions without penalty. Why all of a sudden are they villainizing the player base?
  6. HeatherPurrs Augur

    Some knew better.
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  7. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    OR... maybe people could not cheat the game to bypass a mechanic.

    you deserve your suspensions. you earned them. stop crying.
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  8. tnot Elder

    Too bad. Should thank their lucky stars they weren't perma banned. Would I have used this exploit if I was aware of it? Maybe, given the knowledge others were, classic competitive/capitalist motivation. Does DBG share the blame for designing something exploitable? Yes. ( why they're not perma banned ) Should people cry about being banned for 3 weeks when their conduct inconvienced the entire group and raid game for 3 weeks? No, they should shut the hell up and thank Jesus their account wasn't deleted/banned.

    Don't , you're lucky u still have an account. Just shut up, don't test your luck.
  9. kizant Augur

    Whether you wanted free loot or were just trying to figure out that one broken achievement they suspend you. It's pretty sad but that's Daybreak for you.
  10. Trikkii New Member

    Suspend players that help you beta test and drop $126 on the expansion. Solid business model for future growth of the company.
  11. Faelyn New Member

    There are many issues I have with this decision to ban players for this, the amount of discussion that was put forth in favor of a mass ban, considering the team has been on vacation for a while now, along with the fact this is happening before the first major patch after an expansion release therefore bugs will be present and should be given at least one patch cycle to correct any errors made by the Devs, to the fact that this particular "exploit" has been in the game for years and now all of a sudden without warning is a ban-able offense and was given no warning in this instance.

    One aspect that really makes me scratch my head is the Fell Folliage mission itself as being the reason to ban so many players. This mission is poorly designed and with enough DPS can be completed in under 5 min. Due to this fact along with something that has been in the game for years, players are able to rinse/repeat this mission quickly and often.

    I was able to do the same thing in every other mission in RoS, where I would get the mission, complete it, and then drop the task and loot the chest, then do the mission over again. The only difference is that the other missions took me much longer, over an hour in some cases.

    The justification for mass bans is faulty here. Essentially you chose to ban players because of a poorly designed mission, and not the actual "exploit" itself.
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  12. Khat_Nip Meow

    Rulah, you might want to edit your account name from your post.
  13. Zunnoab Augur

    2-3 weeks is off the wall bonkers. This has the potential to do a lot of damage to the game.
  14. tnot Elder

    That people are whining about being suspended and not banned blows my mind, I mean wow, talk about 'kid gloves'. They're being really lenient on cheaters and the cheaters are here whining about it. Amazing.

    "Harm to the game" ? You guys harmed the game, I couldn't progress for 2 weeks because of you.

    I've Been boxing missions legitimately for years, never aware of this exploit. Many people have. You all are lucky you haven't had items removed from your accounts that were not gotten legitimately as was intended. You all are lucky you're not banned permanently.

    Complaining here about this very soft and lenient response from DBG is basically an admission that you were cheating. The rest of us were inconvenienced and are glad there was at least some punishment, which if you ask me wasn't enough. A month minimum and the removal of all I'll-gotten items is the minimum I would do.

    "Don't be cheatin' Kobe"

    Go outside and enjoy some sun for a couple weeks. I know, the horror!
  15. cailien New Member

    Here's my question for the devs. If you suspended no one for the lock out exploit how many of the whining holier than thou jerks on here would cancel their accounts? answer probably none. But I'm sure some of the people you suspended will. This bug/exploit has been reported over and over for years it's been around since HoT and you did nothing including in ros beta yet you pushed it live. To me this is a game.... to you devs it's a business.... great business model. Carry on trying to destroy your player base. Oh and my mains account that got suspend for 7 days. I'm sure you'll hit my credit card in 5 days despite it being suspended. P.S. and 6 toons running m-a-c-r-o-q-u-e-s-t afk...... you still turn a blind eye. The only reason any suspensions happened period is the very loud whining of the few on these boards.
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  16. IblisTheMage Augur

    People who exploited have no sympathy, but the unjustly ‘convicted’ do.

    Where I live there is a principle of justice that ‘it is better that 10 guilty people go free than one person is unjustly convicted’. I think this is core in many cultures. Therefore, imo, from a moral standpoint, DB has to be absolutely certain that they only penalize cheaters, if they want to establish an example.

    I think it is plausible that people who only did the HA a few times did not have the intent to exploit. If DB are unable to differentiate via log parsing etc, they have no moral right to penalize. If the bug has been around for years, DB has an increased degree of responsibility.

    Banning/suspending is silly, these are paying customers. Take away 1000+ AA instead (possibly by setting the AA counter to -1000). Make people pay time back ingame, not by watching Netflix for three weeks. Account suspension is so 2002, now there are too many options.

    Note, I have not done that HA myself. I feel good about cheaters getting a slap on the wrist.
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  17. Rulah New Member

    All I can say, is im really upset. I never used any exploits. I never by passed that lock out time. And still im get suspended for it. And I wonder how? I cant solo that mission I cant even box that mission with my monk. Tbh I didnt even do that mission that much at all. And now im suspsended for exploiting it. I think its good that they fix exploits. But to punish people that hasnt done anything is just out of the line.
  18. Bine New Member

  19. skabe Elder

    Better you ask that of CSR since they are the ones handing out the suspensions not the dev's. LoL CSR dept kind of like the cops ... they there when you don't want them to be and never around when you do :p

    On the one hand I wish this had been handled differently but on the other hand I am glad the loophole is finally being closed. Its been a known issue almost since instanced tasks became a game feature.
  20. Bine New Member

    The real question is, how many of the CSRs actually play EQ?
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