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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by TheRealDeal, Jul 18, 2018.

  1. TheRealDeal Journeyman

    When putting a ticket in for assistance.........How long does it take for a reply im on 5 days so far.............
  2. Dreadmore Augur

    I don't believe there is any service-level agreement in place for support tickets. I have had responses in as little as one day and as much as probably four or five days.

    I believe however that all access or gold (or whatever it's called) have higher priority in the queue.
  3. Grishkalur Journeyman

    I've had several that never got answered. They have gotten so much worse in the last couple years.
  4. VandilIzer Augur

    My last few have been answered within a day or 2, I am sure they are understaffed but they should get to you.
  5. Roxxlyy Augur

    CS tickets are typically answered in the order they are received, which means wait times can vary.
  6. Kixx Journeyman


    @Roxxlyy 9 days?
  7. Ootax Augur

    DBG puts customer service pretty low on their priority list. It's been that way every since they took over. Gone are the days of being able to call in and talk to someone and get help. An online chat for help would be nice but don't get your hopes up. Pretty much their ticket system is the best we are going to get. It could be 2 days or 2 weeks before you get a response which really sucks. And if you have a follow up question then it's another 2 days or 2 weeks before a response.
  8. That0neguy Augur

    I am at 6 days on my last one....
  9. Aegir Augur

    Before it goes into Customer Service Bashing,

    I'd like to see what kind of tickets you guys have put up that has not been answered within 4 days.

    My issues has mostly been some in-game issues about Loot distribution issues, new and old - especially those instancede lockout rules that came in after that Fell Foliage exploit xd (for once, we can blame live servers for some annoying changes to our tlp servers).

    Some of my tickets have also been some minor services as I forgot to log my character out from my main PC, and couldn't log my char out from work laptop, because I didn't click the auto-kick box at home. Support logged out my character so I Could play EQ.

    I've only experienced once where a ticket took longer than 24 hours to get a response or conclusion/fix to my problems - and that was an account issue, which required a non-EQ employee to take care of.

    Maybe it's my playtime, but most of my minor tickets has been solved within 20mins to an hour or so.

    Most of my tickets are filed in During Euro-primetime = noon/afternoon San Diego time. So i'm guessing a lot more are at work, and not many players are online compared to US primetime.

    DBG may be slow on some stuff including answering on TLP Issues and future "fixes" etc. and that's all good. We know that now, but their intend is good. They just have more work than they can handle.
    On the other hand. If your Petition fits in their system and jurisdiction of their GM's. Then you get help very fast.

    I think most of the time people are filing in tickets for something they don't support anymore.

    They don't have the flexibility they used to, with GMs using 3hours recovering a corpse for a non-english speaking mage, that had petitioned "help"
  10. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Well, as a customer service thing even if you don't resolve a ticket but you did read it, you don't just move on to the next one. You'd say something like we're looking into it or ask for more info.
  11. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    If you get into a back and forth sometimes they get tired of answering and will leave the ticket open for awhile.

    Happens a lot with suspension / ban appeals from what I've seen.

    And answering petitions in the order they are received might be true if they are within the same category (stuck/billing/character issue) but certain types of tickets are 100% given higher priority than others.
  12. discordkitty Augur

    I've had petitions answered within an hour and the next day, but never waited days for a response. However, I also haven't had to do a lot of back and forth on a ticket either. The one screenshot that was 9 days old looks like it had activity within 4 days. Sometimes people just don't like the answers they are given and carry on though the outcome is not going to change. I've done customer service in retail, technical support and complaint departments. Sometimes people just refuse to accept the final answer and push on and on though it isn't going to go anywhere.
  13. Kattria Minx Augur

    Not that I have to do a lot of help tickets, but every one I've ever had has been resolved within 1-3 days, which I have been satisfied with.
  14. Discord Ocean of Tears Conservationist

    Yeah ive got a simple /claim issue. Tickets been in for 6-7days now, something definetly up as of late.
  15. That0neguy Augur

    Trying to claim 13 of something? <3
  16. kdomg Journeyman

    I feel for those who appear to be in some kind of CS limbo...

    Here's my recent experience:
    Potion issue - had GM Woebat respond to me on the evening of July 4th, i.e. when you'd expect CS to be a ghost town, but nope - they were working it.

    Another potion issue....petitioned literally 4 hours ago, just had a GM reimburse me potions, and even give me a couple XP potions for my trouble (very classy!!! I could get used to this kind of CS!).

    To OP and others, I hope they come around and solve your issues in a similar manner.
  17. Kixx Journeyman


  18. Ebine Augur

    I put one in on Sunday and it was answered on Monday. I added item on Monday and it was again replied to on Tuesday. Maybe they have different wait times for certain issues. Mine was a log in issue.
  19. PathToEternity

    Last February I got a two week forum suspension without an explanation (I was told I had made "repeated forum guideline violations" but no DB staff has ever brought anything to my attention) and if I wanted to appeal to contact Daybreak, so I opened a ticket.

    I actually didn't hear back ever. I got an automated response stating that I would need to update the ticket within 3 days if I didn't want it to be closed, so I did that. I updated the ticket every 2 - 3 days. After about 45 days the ticket was closed anyway with no response from DB staff.

    The best part was when I got a followup survey asking if I was satisfied with the support I received.

    (If any DB staff is reading and is interested in verifying this story, you're welcome to look up ticket #211620 to confirm.)
  20. Machentoo Augur

    I had something similar happen about two years ago. Opened a ticket, and actually got a reply--stating that customer service/ticket system has nothing to do with the forums, and they could not help me. Nor could they direct me to anyone who could. I tried PMing everyone who was involved in forum moderation at the time using another account (Roshen, Radarx) only to have that account banned with no explanation.

    I still would like to appeal and to this day do not know who to contact. I actually just tried Roxxlyy last week but did not receive a response.

    My conclusion--forum appeals do not exist and the offer to contact someone is complete bs.