Super Soft Bristlebane Day!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by dreamweaver, Apr 1, 2020.

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  1. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Who knew Ogres were cat lovers!
  2. jonwarren1221 New Member

    I would be remiss if I didn't post the Supertrooper meow scene:

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  3. Bitten Journeyman


    This is Karma.

    This is Diego. I am not sure if he is a monkey in disguise, or a small furry human, or what. He claims to be a feline, but this picture gives me pause. badump bum (homonym pun)

    Pedro spent a year or two in a cage in a vet's office in the San Pedro, CA area before we adopted him. They told us "He does not like to be held!" and my wife scoffed silently. A year later, after being a bit of a surf with the other cats, he walked up to me as I sat playing EQ, placed his right paw on my knee and arched his back, sticking one untrimmed claw into my flesh while he gazed longingly into my eyes. I crossed my legs and invited him up, he has - metaphorically - been there ever since.

    He has not warmed to my lovely, cat loving, wife much as yet. In his defense, he's only been about a decade. Funny story - last year a handyman let him out, he was gone for a week, and when a neighbor trapped him and she went to pick him up, he said this was the warmest, most loving, friendliest cat he'd ever seen. As soon as he let him out of the live trap, he commenced to rubbing on him, purring like a lunatic. He was so glad to see her, he swatted her immediately.

    We have deduced that he does not like women.

    This is Tacoma. Tacoma used to like going for walks, and submits to wearing a semi-Thugaboo harness, with little kitty skull and crossbone decor on it, with a grey hoody. Lately he prefers to go outside and monitor activity from a couple different spots around the house, reason being, he knows there are neighborhood cats he believes want to displace him.

    Case in point, the original Outdoor Cat Winter:
    Winter, it turns out, was not a stray. We really thought he was, and started feeding him. The Mrs. created a narrative, likely fueled by rumors and facts, that he had been abandoned. Convinced me. Then we found out he had a home, and the family was moving. Probably just as well we never coaxed him inside. Also, Winter was what the better half named him. It is not his name.

    Since then, there've been more cats, named by She Who Must Not Be Disobeyed Cleopatra, Charlie, Max, possibly others (Who can keep up?!?!!)

    Thanks for the opportunity to bore a world of innocent EQ players with my pictures and virtual wall of text. See you on Norrath and environs!

    P.S. Yes, I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.
  4. Rajaah Elder

    Here is Xander
  5. Gaymerboi88 New Member

    AHHH! Kitties! All the kitties! They're so fluffy and cute and adorable I think i'm gonna plotz!
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  6. Arraden Augur

    This thread is so boring, it made me yarn

    (bedum tish)
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  7. -----Cinexa----- Elder

  8. Elzippah New Member

    if we are going to have a supersoft Bristlebane Day will there be a build your own cupcake station in pok? ... asking for a friend
  9. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I really wish we could.
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  10. MOTD New Member

    ^^^ agreed :)

    In this day and age of toilet paper shortages, I hope that we can all have benefited from this 10 ply thread.
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  11. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    Wont let me post a pic :(
  12. svann Augur

    When I tried to post a pic it was way too large. Do I need to run something to reduce the pixels or would it have fixed size automatically when i posted it?
  13. dreamweaver Community Manager

    What error are you seeing? Everyone should get to post kitties.
  14. dreamweaver Community Manager

    That is odd, it should definitely resize. If it's not you may need to run an image resizer beforehand.
  15. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

    I did not have anywhere on the edit screen to attach a photo, and it would not let me drop and drag it. It just would not take. Its only a 955K .jpg
  16. dreamweaver Community Manager

    So there is no image on the tool bar that looks like a small tree?
  17. IcebergDX Lorekeeper

  18. dreamweaver Community Manager

    Strange, nothing in your account seems to be an issue, what browser are you using?
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