Sunk Cost Fallacy

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  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    There is lots of evidence in general showing that people are more likely to voice complaints when they have issues then they are to voice support of something.
  2. GRACUS Lorekeeper

    That doesn't mean that there are far more people happy about the situation or decisions either.
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  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    And I was not suggesting that, just that you can't declare how many are supporting it based on people being vocal about it on the forums or discord.
  4. sadre Augur

    But that's like saying "Hey, a lot of people wanted Guns n Roses in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame."

    It's a true statement that doesn't help your underlying case.

    Change the name of the server to Patience.

    Just need a little patience, mmmm yeah, just a few more patches, and a little patience.

    That is literally the best argument people are making here. And It probably will be an alright if misguided server. If GnR gets in the the RRHoF, well, this too wins. FTE will be welcome to the jungle, all over again.
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  5. xxar Elder

    I never argued in there favor.

    I personally like to see FTE be in a working condition as it's expected or the TLE to be delayed.
  6. Mestik New Member

    I suggest putting up a poll and finding out that those in support of it, which was less than half of the players before, are going to overwhelmingly be against it after seeing its implementation tested. Its not ready for prime time, maybe work on it for the next TLP and announce two of them so players have a choice.

    Right now its implementation is done in a way that creates exploits that were predicted as soon as you announced this. The solutions I can see largely chip away at what you were trying to accomplish with this system in the first place. Spending more time investing in a system that's wildly unpopular despite a few holdouts is only going to hurt this servers population. We care because we actually want to play this game.
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  7. sadre Augur

    So why not get it solid and pencil it in for next year?

    Why make lots of paying subscribers figure out an entire new mechanics -- as it is being debugged?

    I think we have been all shouting past each other and missing the solution that satisfies everyone.

    Release Oakwynde next year. When the FTE mechanics are solid.

    This year?

    • no exp loss at death.
    • no pvp
    • upon death, corpse spawns in random zone.
    • Necro coffins cost 7p3g3s1c and if you get it wrong, vendor death-touches you. Now you got more headache.
  8. Mestik New Member

    A simple poll would solve that for them. I doubt I am wrong about which way that would go.
  9. Kraked Augur

    The people who are for FTE would just complain that the "Bots/Boxers" overloaded the polls.
    I know I certainly would vote every account I have from over the 25 years of playing...
  10. Koniku Elder

    Polls dont work was the lesson learned from ragefire
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  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Polls can be easily manipulated and they have been in the past when they polled for various different reasons.
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  12. Crabman Augur

    Rather than delaying a tlp that has launched at the end of may for multiple years in a row now, wouldnt the better argument be to postpone fte until next years server. This sorta gives everyone what they want. You get a more polished fte at server launch when it is ready, and everyone else who plays everquest gets a tlp without fte while it is not ready, but instead just with the evolving ruleset, heirloom items, char lockout, etc...
  13. sadre Augur

    Remember when Reagan stood down the Evil Empire? Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

    Basically, "the good guys" are all saying "Please do this server next year, that would be real cool!"

    Meanwhile the bad guys (name begins with ?) want it to happen now.

    EQ Nihilists. They do not care how many encounters or zones get hurt. They are gonna launch FTE at it and let you poor saps say, "Oh, but Everquest is a world of adventure!" It's a game crime.

    This is nihilism. Postpone Oakwynde Now. the horror, the horror
  14. HealBigBoy Journeyman

    I mean, they don't have to postpone it. Just give up on the FTE or work on it as a side project and release it when its good and ready.
  15. Relyn Lorekeeper

    I never really cared about FTE. Seems pointless later on in EQ, but might be ok for TLPs. Seems a lot of work for so little return.

    What I don't get is why they waited so long to Test it. Should have been on the Test server 3-6 months ago. With how broken it seems to be now, I don't see how it will be anywhere close to ready for server release.

    If it releases even half as bad as it is currenly, that will cost them a lot of subscribers. I wonder if there will be less people to start to let others test the waters first.
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  16. Obliteration Elder

    Oh they know lots of people are looking forward to playing on a new traditional tlp server they are just trying to be vocal and dismissive.

    Didn't work last year, won't work this year either
  17. Koniku Elder

    I think alot of people have forgotten that the original plan for FTE was just a lock & walk back to spawn once aggro drops, which is a much easier thing to implement than this new post-feedback version they are trying to make in a hurry. I suspect there is a version of the original plan that worked to some extent before the original announcement was made. Too bad it doesn't matter now.
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  18. Fallfyres Augur

  19. Kraked Augur

    I don't think that is the point.

    Many of us are looking forward to a traditional TLP release, I agree.
    However, FTE is not original / classic / traditional, however you want to try and spin it.

    We are being dismissive about the idea because they are trying to change a fundamental aspect of a 25 year old game.
    If it were that gamebreaking and toxic they would have addressed this over 20 years ago.
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  20. Gemstoner Elder

    Yeah I think a more dumbed down version of Encounter Locking would make sense. I'd also add leashing with a fast run back to spawn though to make it less excruciating than a locked walk back. Make it work more like the EQ2 version. I'd also do away with /yell and being able to heal people from outside a locked group, etc. Sure it would have its own share of problems but it would probably work better.

    Also, if we speculate that a Personal Loot system was to be introduced along with Encounter Locking before the EQ2 revolt happened .. well, it makes more sense than EL by itself.