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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by silku, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. Tarrin Augur

    Curious. Should any swarming period (that gives xp) revolve around a person taking hits?
    Doesn't this drastically swing the swarming to only melee based classes? Is this fair?
    How do you make it where people that can't take hits like a melee (casters/kiters), can do the same thing a melee can do (swarm)..just not in current content?
  2. --Voodoo-- Augur

    I'd go a step further. Is there a good reason why any class at all needs to be able to swarm for xp, current content or not? Or even swarm, period.

    I think if swarming comes about as a consequence of some ability (or combination of abilities) that has some other useful purpose, it's one thing. Probably better to just let it go, so long as it's not too overpowering.

    But beams don't really have any function other than mass killing.
  3. strongbus Augur

    easy give the casters a aa like decap/hs/etc that when said caster cast a any dd(singal or aoe) or dot spell and the mobs are under lvl 88(keep it the same as melee) that the dd has a change to do so much damage as to kill the mob in on shot and give it the same % to go off as what hs/decap/assnate has to go off.
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  4. Dandin Augur

    No.. No more of these abilities are nessacary.

    It would lead to more class envy and more 20+ page threads
  5. strongbus Augur

    never said need more. i was just respawning to tarrin on how to make it fair for casters. lol
  6. Sinestra Augur

    I requested years ago an ability like one I saw in a MUD I played back in the 90s. The game had a special damage roll on any non-melee damage. So there was a small chance that anytime you did any spell damage, including procs, that it could hit for 9999 damage. This was high enough that it would outright kill almost any mob in the game other than raid targets and the very top tier of mobs in the game.

    In EQ I would guess that would be like it having a chance to proc on any mob other than Tier 4 of an expansion or on any current raid target and hitting regular mobs for around 10 million or more damage.

    This would be much like the Slay skill for Paladins, except it would be much, much less common and do a lot more damage.
  7. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    That is the million dollar question and issue to think about.

    Melee's ability to take hits (and the limit to that ability) are what keeps their swarming "in check".

    The versions casters have (currently only mages can abuse it because of the Cone version instead of PBAE) have zero limit outside of summoning mobs. There are many many places where this does not keep their mass killing "in check".
  8. Badname0553. Elder

    Seems like a lot of people are missing the power of a well played melee with a riposte disc pull. Rogues, monks, zerkers and even warriors in the right locations and with the right skill can clear entire zones or large potions of zones depending on lag for xp with the hits of the mobs basically being irrelevant outside of the damage they take pulling the mobs. Totally relies on pull skill, bunching up and the weapon and disc combo under riposte being > mob hps.
  9. strongbus Augur

    in older world contect yes. But please explain how any melee class is going go into a current content zone and do that. Just not going happen. This is where the big issue is. Melee can swarm if its older content where the mobs don't hit hard and don't have the hp that current content dose. Mages can go into a rof t2/3 zone and swarm without any real trouble. As I said before my wife is a 100 zereker with maxed aa and bout 100k unbuffed hp. At max level mobs that her decap can hit(lvl 88) she can't take more then 6 or 7 at a time with just her and a merc.
  10. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    There's no skill that allows any melee to drop a train with current level hps in their alotted 30 second repo disc timers.

    /G A bat in 175s, 1606k

    Even if you use DA to allow every mob to get to you and start immediately as it wears off, no melee can put that kind of DPS on infinite targets. Berserkers are close, but even with T4 RoF weaponry and near max AA they can't pull it off before their repo wears off.

    Clinging to off-topics again. Nothing compares to beaming.
  11. Explicit Augur

    I cannot riposte down a train of greenies (FOS) before my disc (furious) fades, let that sink in.

    Now, I can likely use -another- disc after riposte to kill my train but the EXP is extremely poor in those zones at level 100 - I am better off grouping.
  12. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    I'd say just to be able to get experance at all.
    At least looking at it from a druid's perspective. Especially since the Druid class, as it is now, is the least desirable class to group with.
    At least thats my point of view.

    If i'm wrong, please tell me what classes you like to play and why you would prefer a Druid over a Cleric, Shaman, Enchanter in your group. All play skills, gear, AA's being equal.
  13. Helrazor Augur

    I played that mud myself Legends of Cosrin I think it was, anything that is trivial should be easy, how can a golem in PoF that is 20 levels lower than me DT for an insta kill? It should be the other way around. That swhy I;m working on my 1.5 pre-quest much easier and I know it;s off topic (sorry) but epic 1.0 aren;t even worth doing anymore the items suck by today;s standards.
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  14. Badname0553. Elder

    Have not played in CoTF at all so no clue there but in VoA and RoF I know many a rogue, zerker and monks that would pull 15-30+ mobs at a time in Argath or Shards every time riposte disc refreshed, depending on the class and toon setup. I do not know the exact combination of clicks, buffs or AA they used or the class threshold number wise but all 3 of those classes can swarm lower current content with riposte disc paired with other class abilities to varying degrees. Which netted them decent reg and aa xp and millions in plat to buy kronos by selling stacks of current ts drops. Not bad for 5 minutes of playing out of every 40 min or whatever the refresh was for the discs they used in combination with riposte disc. Far from the numbers killed that rangers were doing, far from sk swarms in older content and far from what mages currently can do with beams. But very useful none the less its just it isnt common knowledge or easily copied without practice.
  15. Sinestra Augur

    Legends of Terris, Cosrin was one of the areas I think in the game. Great fun in that game. It had such great mechanics.

    I agree that getting Death Touched by something that is grey to me is one of the dumbest things in any of the countless games I've ever played.
  16. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    There aren't many classes that will outperform a druid DPS-wise sustained over a long period of time these days. I don't understand why people say that they are not desirable in a group setting.

    Not only can they keep you alive, they augment all of your caster DPS and they are monster sustained DPS on their own.

    /G Combined: An unearthed monstrosity in 1424s, 55254k @38802dps --- Sunubis @19036dps --- Sanh @5534dps --- Paninaro @4522dps --- Cethlen + pets @4319dps --- Ammorto + pets @3131dps --- Swetegirl @1741dps --- Boner @1387dps --- Minislacker @1040dps --- A bixie spellslinger @11148dps

    That was my druid in a DH HA, the group was Druid, Paladin, Druid, Necro, Necro, Shaman and DPS merc. I had to med once during the whole mission while the group killed 1 mob without me.

    You don't even need a lot of AA or gear to make a druid be good DPS either.

    On top of any of that.... druids should be getting their best exp from killing 4-10 mobs at a time solo. But saying they aren't desirable grouping just doesn't make sense to me.
  17. Tarrin Augur

    If a druid is consistently leading your group of DPSers in sustained DPS, I would say its more the DPSers that are at fault.

    A druid only augments caster dps under specific conditions (asuming you are refering to auras)
    Necros don't get augmented.
    Enchanters negate the druid aura with a better one.
    This leaves mages and wizards.
    Comparing a druid to a bunch of people doing 3-5k dps is really...cute.
    19k dps is not a monster. It isn't even beating out a merc on burn ( which I have been told over and over, should be nothing for a true dps class to beat ).
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  18. Axxius Augur

    Only all classes whose primary job is... you know... DPS. :D
    BER BST MAG MNK NEC RNG ROG WIZ: 8 out of 16 classes. Are you prepared to name a class from that list that will not outperform a druid in sustained DPS?

    You didn't specify who in your parse was which class, but there was 2 necros in that group, and only 1 player with a relatively high parse compared to the rest (outdps'd a merc). So at least one of your necros wasn't any good. And if that top parse was a druid then you should fire both of those 'necros'. But that doesn't suddenly make druid a dps class.
  19. Denial_Sinfae Augur

    False 3 out of every 6 minutes a druid can hit you with:
    6: Increase Current Mana by 50 per tick
    8: Increase Chance to Critical Nuke by 9% and Increase Critical Nuke Damage by 200% of Base Damage
    Text: You are infused with the spirit of the black wolf.

    False-- most necros in a group DPS setting will run maybe 3 dots at max, and nuke. There's not enough time for them to build up any kind of crescendo. Their nukes get a huge boost from druid. Also:

    1: Increase Incoming Spell Damage by 12%
    2: Limit: Max Level(100) (lose 10% per level over cap)
    3: Limit: Effect (Hitpoints allowed)
    4: Limit: Spell Type (Detrimental only)
    5: Limit: Resist (Fire allowed)

    Increases fire dots as well, the primary dot lines for necros are fire.

    19k dps for a burn is nothing, you're right.

    19k dps over 24 minutes (1424s) is extremely good with everyone else being poor DPS. Had that group had higher DPS among the rest, the parse would have easily been 40k sustained instead. There was no caster modifications within that group to help my druid either.

    And yea, I would say unless you're a top tier raider, a druid would beat all of those classes in a regular old PUG setting except a wizard and magician for sustained DPS. Especially if your tank is one that can handle more than 1 mob and their rains can be used more effectively.
  20. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    Thats the way I would look at it to. That parse to me just shows the druid's are trying and the other ones are under performing their full potential. Or just not really trying that hard. Or maybe your parser is not picking up Damage over time damage?!

    I completely disagree with that statement, but I have a feeling there would be no way of convincing you other wise :(

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