Summoning Beasties/cloak of the darkest night question

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vontod, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. Vontod Augur

    Hello all,

    Was wondering if this event is still in/works. Was asking in general/in FG and no one could confirm. I remember reading there was an issue with it earlier when Luclin released and want to know if it's worth trying to get some people together to help my bard with it.

  2. Soltara Augur

    It was taken out of game because of people exploiting it for AE exp on phinny.
  3. Communist Puppy Augur

    It was put back in after the exploits ended, but u can only spawn one at a time now
  4. Vontod Augur

    Okay, thank you.

    Anyone have suggestions for it? I saw people taking about soloing it at 65, and groups of 60s doing it in era (when Luclin originally dropped), but not sure about now with the power creep.

  5. Notafel Journeyman

    As mentioned, it works, but its not as quick as it was previously. There's no way to get the callers to aggro on you the player, so you end up having to defend them against the spawned mobs. Most of the old guides were written prior to being able to hand in stacked items. Under those conditions you could hand 4 Kegs to the 3 callers and end up with 12 spawns (each summoning 3 mobs a cycle) going at once. With each having an independent chance of spawning a named, it wouldn't take very long to get the desired named to spawn. Surely with the ability to spawn 240 callers at once (20 kegs per stack X 4 turn-in slots X 3 callers) which would then spawn 720 mobs per cycle it wouldn't take long to get the desired named at all.

    Nowadays you must take a group down there to protect the caller while fighting off the mobs as they spawn with only 3 per caller (theoretically 12 a cycle if you have all 3 going). In practice I find that a group an only really handle one caller at a time, so 3 mobs per cycle. The mobs will spawn in 5 waves and then the caller will take an extended break for medding. You are also not guaranteed a named spawn in those 5 waves. When I tried this we were only comfortable doing one caller, and after 3 hours we still hadn't so much as glimpsed the proper named (though we had repeats of some of the others). We gave up for the time being and maybe will come back down to it eventually, but for the time being I'm writing off the TCoDN.
  6. Belegar New Member

    Hello all,

    I did this recently on Phinny solo. What I did was just turn in a bottle...didn't use the kegs because they spawned too fast and then grab the first spawn cycle. I pulled the mobs out of the tunnel into the larger area and killed them using charm (fastest way solo for a bard). I would try to add in the additional mobs as they popped. Most of the time I could go a few spawn cycles before the Caller called got killed, but then I would just restart the cycle.

    This method achieves the same results as multiple waves, but its just a little slower.

    Kind regards,

  7. Vontod Augur

    Great! Glad to hear it can be done. I guess the names are random spawns and not tired to a certain number of killed normal mobs?

    Did you eventually get your cloak?
  8. Belegar New Member

    Yes, I got the cloak. Took me about 3 or 4 hours total. I believe I was lvl 55 at the time.
  9. Vontod Augur


    Thanks again
  10. Bewts Augur

    I did this cycle for about 3 hours shortly after Luclin launch with my box crew of WAR CLR BRD RNGx3 ENC - all 60 and epic'd.

    Really had no problem with the lower priced and middle priced options, I might have fallen behind with the expensive kegs however.

    I never noticed an exact amount of cycles for a named, seemed pretty random. I even got two named in a single spawn set of 3. I did notice depending on the named, casters could lag behind in the cycle - meaning they wouldn't rush the caller and would buff first.

    All said, I didn't get the Fungus Patch Vest I wanted - lots of the clicky snare pods however. I think I saw somewhere in the range of 10 named over the 3 hour period I was there, ending both cycles by turning in the note and not failing by losing the caller.

    I expect you could speed it up with charm pets, maybe even run multiple events at once.

    Unfortunately, gone are the days of turning in multiple kegs to AE are gone unfortunately and with it the speed at which the rares enter the game; cloak and vest both.

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