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  1. Greymantle Augur

    Greetings , my wife play's a necro. Latley she is having issues with the summon corpse spell. Was wondering if there are zones where it does not work? Was in the new Velk's last night and got summoned down a couple platforms and killed. She tried to summon my corpse, it consumed the 2 coffins but did not summon me. Is this a normal thing or a bug?
  2. Szilent Augur

    Missing from your story: the part where you used the fellowship's campfire to zone back in before the attempt? Necromancer has to target the character, not the corpse, to summon. Once they can target the character, they can choose either Summon Remains AA to put all corpses at the target's feet (from anywhere in the world) or Summon Corpse AA to put all corpses at the necro's feet (just from in the zone)
  3. menown Augur

    Were you in hover mode, or did you run back to the zone? Summon corpse spell does not work unless you are in the zone and not in hover mode. Another possibility is the spell level. Every 5 levels, the necro receives a new spell which increases the max level of the person's corpse you are summoning. A third possibility is a zone graveyard. Several PoP zones were like this, and you could not summon a corpse to you after it went to the graveyard, but I don't think Velks has a graveyard. The final possibility is someone already has /corpsedrag on your corpse. I could be wrong with this last point, but I remember that the corpsedrag feature can prevent corpses from being summoned.
  4. EchoFreya Lorekeeper

    I have a question about this entire spell line.

    Classically, this spell was part of a series of spells.
    • Summon corpse at level 39 (drop from Ishva Mal in Splitpaw Lair)
      • consumed a ceremonial coffin that was a container
      • coffin took up a whole bag slot
      • coffins did not stack.
      • coffins cost approx. 150pp
      • were quite heavy
    • Conjure Corpse at 57 (Kunark drop spell).
      • consumed a tiny coffin that stacked, and could be stored in bags
      • coffins cost approx. 75pp
      • were not heavy
    The two spells worked similarly, the major differences being price, weight, and stack ability meant necros could carry several around at a time.

    This spell was always one of the key defining utility abilities of the necro in this game. There are countless reasons why this is still useful today. Essentially, it returns a player to the group/raid in situations where a corpse is otherwise unrecoverable in a convenient or sustainable way.

    I recently returned to play on TLP having played in classic (decade and a half ago), then several years on P99 (uses classic codebase). Coming here, I was surprised to find there is now Lesser Summon Corpse at level 12, but the description says that "This spell works on characters up to level 35. Consumes a black ceremonial coffin when cast." Because of this description, and situationally I did not have need to use this before level 35, I have not used it yet.

    I am now level 52. I have long since farmed the spell from the Ishva Mal, surprised to find that it is now Level 255. Kunark recently launched on the TLP where I play, and I have yet to see Conjure Corpse drop (which I won't be able to scribe until level 57 anyway).

    If I understand these descriptions and new spell levels correctly, it appears that:
    • There is a new summon corpse spell that only works on players up to level 35, using the non-stacking coffins once used by Summon Corpse
    • Summon Corpse has been effectively 'removed' from the game having a level 255 level applied to it
    • Conjure Corpse is not attainable until level 57 (if it still exists in the game?), and I have yet to confirm if there is now a 'minimum player level' this spell will work on (assume it does, as Lesser has a maximum).
    This means that between the levels of 35 and when the necro reaches 57, the entire Summon Corpse line is unavailable and effectively broken, (if it is still in game). Can someone please confirm: How does this line work now? Is this line broken, or working as intended?
  5. GNOME_POWER Augur

    I think the summon corpse spell did not work on the Wakening Land side of Kael Drakkel.
  6. menown Augur

    Looks like the spell "Summon Corpse" can still drop, as of April 2019. One problem is that the spell data was changed, probably during AA consolidations of "Call to Corpse" which now casts the highest known rank of this summon corpse spell line. People who have scribed the spell in their spellbooks before this broke will still have the spell. Level 255 is just a reference for AAs. If anyone tries to cast the actual spell, I'm afraid it won't work. This looks like a bug.
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  7. EchoFreya Lorekeeper

    Yes, and on TLPs where AA's are not accessible yet, then there is no alternative. I would say this is an oversight that impacts TLC necros at least until AA's open up...

    Summon Corpse does drop, but it can't be scribed due to (Level 255). Is 'Conjure Corpse' still a spell, or is it also gone?

    This should be addressed/fixed.

    If it is to be a spell line that functions until AAs are unlocked on TLPs, then reasonably it should work as follows:
    • Lesser Summon Corpse (lvl 12 spell vendor bought) caps at 35, uses Ceremonial Coffins (large container non-stacking, heavy)
    • Summon Corpse (lvl 39 spell dropped from Ishva Mal), functions between 36 and ???, uses Ceremonial Coffins (large container non stacking)
    • Conjure Corpse (lvl 57 spell Kunark drop) functions on all levels, uses Tiny Coffins (stacking, weightless)
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  8. Siddar Augur

    Could be Z axis bug?
  9. Volgare Journeyman

    Did you happen to die in a /pickzone, and she tried to summon you in different /pick or static zone?