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    40. Trustee (Cash on delivery) function for the parcel system

    Players should have the possibility for trading items and currencies over long distances without the need to put up a trader in the bazaar. The current parcel delivery system is nice but has no safety feature like a trustee which would ensure that both the buyer and seller do receive their wares. It currently is a one way delivery system in form of a gift when not buying something from the bazaar with it.
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    41. Hardcore Heritage 24/7

    As now quite a few HH event zones do exist, it would make sense to spread them monthly over a year so that at least one HH zone would be accessible anytime during and for a month. There is little time to visit and farming them all during one event with mulitple PCs and the players would like them to be more available. As currently only nine HH zones do exist this might require to build and add a few more. Zone doubletime per month is also possible: A mid level and a high level HH zone together.


    January - Reinforced Blackburrow (Level 80)
    February - Greater Unrest (Level 80)
    March - Lost Temple of Cazic-Thule (Level 80)
    April - Anniversary event / Bristlebane event / Brew Day (no HH for this month maybe, because of to many ongoing events)
    May - Darkened Ruins of Old Guk (Level 80)
    June - Crushbone (Level 90)
    July - Permafrost Keep (Level 90)
    August - Nagafen's Lair (Level 100)
    September - Castle Mistmoore (Level 100)
    October - Nights of the Dead (Halloween) event
    November - Old Sebilis (Level 105)
    December - Expansion release

    Another point is that people are complaining about not having access to the standard zones (standard NPC table) while a zone has been turned into HH. As example Old Sebilis is required for some epic 1.0 quests. So there should be two zone versions available when a HH event it going on. Standard and HH.

    It might be the best to have two standard zones around the whole year (copy and paste) and only one version does get toggled into the HH state. All HH zones should be only accessible from one PoK NPC that does announce which zones are currently available. He will be able to port the PCs into the HH zone when an event is going on. Not to the standard zone. The HH zone lines (exits) will return the PCs to PoK.
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    42. Lore for loading-screens

    As there is so much lore in the game and because the most players do only know some fragments of it, some lore should be added to the loading screens with reference to the expansion. This would also be a QoL feature that does make loading times less boring.
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    43. Classic slow progression TLP server

    No mixed fake content with features from later expansions. Offer players a real nostalgic trip to experience the game and its expansions as authentic as possible in their original state during their first release phase. Similar to Project 99 and The Al`Kabor Project.

    • Omens of War should be the final expansion
    • Slow experience progression; equal to 1999-2004
    • Unlock new expansions every 1-2 years because players do not play as much as in the past. Small expansion like LDoN and LoY = 1 year, everything else should be released in a 2-year cycle. Players have much time to catch up (level, equipment, flags, unlocking zones) and to explore everything. Hopefully less stupid leveling race as on other fast food TLP servers. Instead a slow food gourmet TLP server.
    • Two Box (extended True Box) - Because dual boxers were part of the original EQ. More than two boxes were very uncommon.
    Detail examples:
    • Unrevamped 1st version zones (North Freeport, East and West Commonlands, Cazic Thule 1.0, Plane of Hate 1.0, PoF 1.0, PoM 1.0, Lair of the Splitpaw 1.0, Firiona Vie 1.0, The Bazaar 1.0, External 1.0 "tutorial.exe", etc.)
    • Stonebrunt Mountains will be released with TSoV
    • Veksar (zone) will be released with LoY (not with TRoK)
    • Caverns of Exile (Solusek C) will be released with LDoN
    • No zone loading-screens
    • No easy corpse retrievals
    • Midi music until TSoL (TSoL only partially had mp3)
    • No mounts until TSoL and only horse mounts with a visible head in 1st person camera then
    • No maps, armor dyes and drogmor mounts until LoY
    • No Advanced Loot window (TDS)
    • No offline traders (RoF)
    • No mercenaries (SoD)
  6. CatsPaws No response to your post cause your on ignore

    There will always be complaints about the zones going Hardcore and blocking epic and other quests. This does nothing to alleviate that problem and in fact will make it worse because most players forget or don't know for the one month it happens now and they lodge many complaints over this. So now they would be complaining all year long that HH interferes with other stuff.

    Anniversary is currently spread out thru 2 months starting in March 16th which is when EQ came into being so there would be no reason for it to start in April.

    I could go thru this calendar month by month and list all the other events you did not list but I will leave it for you to research this further and you will see there are plenty of other events going on each month that there is really no room for them to add more or to spread this out over the year. Each month having a different level is very restrictive.

    While you have many ideas it seems it would require the entire game to be remade and then it is no longer EQ. Perhaps there are other games better suited to your wants.
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  7. Iven the Lunatic

    This is not a problem of HH, it is a problem of how it got implemented. My suggestion would even increase the standard zone unavailability by ~19%, but because only always one zone will be affected it is much less intrusive. On the other side it would extend the overall HH availabilty by the same percentage (+19%). Currently you are the only one who is complaining, CatsPaws.

    Zone unavailability in 2022:
    Blackburrow, Cazic Thule, Lower Guk, Unrest: 21 days * 4 = 84 days
    Old Sebilis: 35 days
    Crushbone, Permafrost, Castle Mistmoore, Nagafen's Lair: 28 days * 4 = 112 days
    Sum: 84+35+112 = 231 days

    9 zones * 30.4 days = 274 days

    There won't be a problem if in march one HH event does overlap by two weeks with the Anniverary events as long as it is not one of the higher level zones like Old Sebilis which is more popular and does require more attention.

    The other events are far less intrusive than Anniversary. Nights of the Dead is also an exception so it is not the best idea to put Old Sebilis HH onto october like I did at first, but the yearly list is just an example. The developers would have to rearrange the run time of some events anyways a little bit and that is not under my control.

    It makes me sad to read that you have such a negative sight on my suggestions. I want to turn EQ into an even better project without ruining anyones game experience but of course it is not possible to make it perfect for everyone. Maybe we should all leave so that CatsPaws can play EQ alone and nothing does get changed forever ? You seem to be a candidate for P99 and TAKP. Think about it ! ;)
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    People complain every year that HH starts as they can't complete many quests in those zones until HH is over. It doesn't matter how many zones it is and making it be a different zone over the course of 9 months just makes it worse. If you want to get support for something like this a better approach would be to make a suggestion that would allow both versions of the zone to be up at once. This way a lower level player, or someone needing the zone for quests could still use the zone while a higher level player could use the HH version.

    Not to mention the unless they keep updating those HH zones to keep up with the gear in the new expansions they quickly become unused just like the base zones.
  9. Iven the Lunatic

    I have added that to the suggestion.
  10. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    I think HH/anniversary/holidays are up plenty already, but I wouldn't mind if DPG decided they could monetize all the seasonal content by selling/renting access to a gateway zone that would let you access that content year round in instanced versions of POK/Seb/etc. It's downright irritating to start a new alt and have to wait months to get a stein, anni augs, trophies, etc. I'd pay to be able to fix that. No reason to up the ftp access tho, making it a paid service gives DPG an incentive to organize and maintain it, and doesn't result in a patchwork halfway effort like different HH zones being available and ruining epic quests etc part of the time, still never when you want them and in the way when you don't.
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    1. debuff window so i dont have to look through all my buffs to see when I got hit with a debuff
    2. text saying when you join a raid DZ. I tab out when Im at the npc waiting for someone to grab it, then dont notice till everyone else is inside. I could make a gina trigger saying Raid joined Get in!
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  12. Fenthen Living rent free in your headspace

    1. Debuffs show up as red, so it's really easy to see. If you have problems with your buff icons, get a custom buff / short buffs window that shows the full names.
    2. There is text? You can even set ATs for when the raid invite window pops up.
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    Ahh, I meant the dz not the raid, sorry.
  14. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You can set an AT for both a raid and dz invite
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    Im talking about when someone grabs the dz and Im added automatically because im in the raid. Im tabbed afk so I dont see that we got the dz. Thats what Id like to AT. I guess I critted that fumble.
  16. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Okay, I see what you are saying now and that sounds like a good idea.
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    44. Combined Invisibility Spells - Dual Invisibility

    The evolution would be to revamp some of the invisibility spells and AAs from those classes that can cast both IvU / ItU and Invisibility into a combined spell (dual invis) which would affect the enchanter and necromancer classes (only). It would also partially compensate the legacy spell stacking issue where Invisibility spells do overwrite Invisibility versus/to Undead spells.

    Enchanter spells:
    • Invisibility (lvl 4, single target)
    • Invisibility versus Undead (lvl 14, single target)
    • Improved Invisibility (lvl 50, self only)
    • Invisibility = Suppression Field (lvl 66, single target) -> Revamp into a combined version that does include both Invisibility + Invisibility versus Undead. Do the same for those AA skills that are lvl 66 or higher.
    Necro spells:
    • Invisibility versus Undead (lvl 1, single target)
    • Invisibility = Gather Shadows (lvl 7, single target)
    • Improved Invisibility to Undead (lvl 50, self only)
    • Invisibility = Skin of the Shadow (lvl 55, self only)
    • Improved Invisibility to Undead = Shadow of Death (lvl 68, single target) -> Revamp into a combined version that does include both Invisibility + Invisibility versus Undead. Do the same for those AA skills that are lvl 68 or higher.
    >> More infos about spell stacking in this post

    45. Naming: Merge of Invisibility versus Undead and Invisibility to Undead

    A consistency issue is that there are two spell lines: Invisibility Versus Undead and Invisibility To Undead.
    Those shoud be merged into Invisibility To Undead (ITU) to prevent confusion with the invulnerability spells which are sometimes called IVU or INVU just like or similar like Invisibility Versus Undead. This does affect spells, AAs and hotbuttons and their descriptions.

    Invisibility to Undead
    Invisibility Versus Undead
  18. OldTimeNewbie Journeyman

    I don't think any more classes should get dual invis beyond Bard. The fact that you can get dual invis by casting IV then IVU within casting times is an old and accepted oversight.

    It should not be possible to just roam through a zone without any thought to danger. This should be reserved to Rogues, in which case it should be almost universal (not so many see-SoS mobs as today even). This 'easy mode' stuff just ruins the classic dungeon crawl feel, in the name of convenience.
  19. Angahran Augur

    • Click a bag on the bank's auto-inv button to drop everything in the bag into the bank.
    • Ability to select a bag on the parcel NPC and send the contents of the bag to the chosen player.
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    On the live servers most players are boxing and so they can already use dual invis by casting invis first and then quickly IvU / ItU with another toon, or they do box a bard. Which does mean that "easy mode" is already the standard there but it is restricted to some class combinations. As example the magician + enchanter / necro duos are great for that as the magician can summon the whole party to a spot after running to it with active dual invis buffs. At lvl 78 the magician can even randomly summon a cloak from its cauldron that does grant Tier 2 (dual ?) invis (similar or equal to rogue SoS) which never was a problem for the rogue or bard classes. However a real dual invis spell would improve the QoL for many players and solve some issues with the weird spell stacking rule of Invisibilty.

    I don't think that it should be limited to bards only, which is a class that is already very OPed in its supporting abilities and aDPS. And it won't be much in conflict with the rogue class if it is limited to Invis Tier 1. If easy mode would be a problem the spell duration could be just limited to a short duration like 2 minutes.