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  1. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    From what I understand any guild member can buy a neighborhood and it is not just limited to the leader or officers.
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  2. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Snowbound and Conflagrant are only T1 so how could this be better than prestige gear which is T2 and higher ? It would make more sense to compare FTP and AllAccess as Silver is not an official account model offer anymore.

    This is just a horrible exploit that should be fixed. If this undocumented chaotic mess is part of the bussiness concept it is even more horrible.

    The AllAccess slots are temporary extra slots. Maybe they can be turned into permanent slots by bought loyalty and marketplace slots. Not sure how they do stack but I had to delete two characters when AllAccess expired for being able to get access to two others. The six temporary (undocumented !) additional character slots are a fraud to coerce players to buy AllAccess again. Horrible !

    I would fire and arrest some people and going to revamp that horrible bussiness concept which does involve underworld elements and undocumented account exploits.
  3. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    You don't need to fill every character slot on a server in order to play and enjoy the game. You also get those 6 extra slots that as far as I am aware don't go away when your subscription expires.
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  4. CatsPaws Just use plain English.

    You are correct. Iven is thinking of the base character slots that do fluctuate when your subscription changes. The 6 extra are purchased slots regardless of subscription.
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  5. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Maybe it is just a bug but still a bad situation that should not happen. There are currently 8/8 slots on this account that once was AllAccess for a year. I have unlocked 3 loyalty and 3 marketplace slots. The account should have 8/14 slots but it does not. This and the need to delete two locked toons in the past is why I think that they are temporary.
  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    They are not temporary and behind the scenes all your characters are there. It seems you are more complaining about your situation then what the average player needs. 8 slots is more then enough for most people and if they need the full 14 slots then asking them to pay for all access shouldn't be a big deal.
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  7. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Let me guess, you are that average player.
  8. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    What are you trying to suggest here? You seem to be making a lot of suggestions based on your situation of having more then 8 characters on a single account/server which you don't need to play or enjoy the game. If you want access to all 14 character slots that you could possibly have then you should pay the subscription cost or acquire krono in game to get them that way. There is no reason why you can't continue to play and enjoy the game with the 8 character slots that you currently have available.
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  9. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    Ok try and follow this. Keep in mind it does not matter how long you had the account -

    A free account gets 2 base slots. This free account then buys 6 more dolls of character. So now that free account has 8/8

    A Silver account gets 4 base and buys 6 more so now has 10/10

    An All Access gets 8 then buys 6 = 14/14

    The All Access then quits paying and goes back to F2P so now the account only has the base 2 (from free) and the 6 bought which is 8/8************This is where you are now

    But the other characters are still there ...just use those names to sign in.

    The All Access goes back to Silver (yes there is a way) and now get his base 4 plus the 6 he bought for 10.

    The Free account now goes paid and will have its 2 base plus the 6 it bought PLUS the other 6 that All Access get = 14 but it will lose those base free slots if subscription is changed again
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  10. MacDubh TABLES!!!

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  11. Waring_McMarrin Augur

  12. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    for some reason that came up small, fixed now.

    Just joking about needing more character slots.
  13. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Okay, that makes more sense now
  14. Iven Antonius Bayle

    @Loup Garou

    That is how I had got it. Thx for proving my theory that AllAccess character slots are temporary and bound to a subscription.
    Its is dubious that DBG does promote them to be worth $60 but let's get back on topic as this riddle has been solved in our side discussion. My account is not the topic and not that important.
  15. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    If you were a premium subscriber back in the day, you can have 2 more slots, for a total of 16 possible.

    I would really like to have that myself, so I can have one of each race or class on each account.

    They should just grant that flag to everyone; would cause more Heroic/etc. sales.
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  16. Iven Antonius Bayle

    35. Nostalgic gear upgrade quest for level 60

    Restarting from lvl 1 can be easier than to continue at lvl 60-70 after a long break. Adding an easy lvl 60 moloable quest for returning players and in generally for players that need to upgrade their gear would help much. I am thinking about Elaborate Defiant gear (59-70). Each task step (step by step) does take about 1 hour (molo) to reward one equipment piece including a weapon and all armor parts which would be nine items. The task locations are zones from each one of the first eight expansions including original EQ but excluding LDoN. Quest NPC location is PoK. Name: Iven Sturmwind ;).

    Add the quest to the Hero's Journey achievements and tome and send an automated ingame mail message to the PCs that do reach level 59. Create a "no drop" copy of the Elaborate Defiant gear to prevent that players do farm the set for their alts, friends or selling it in the bazaar. As LDoN is excluded from the quest because of accessibility and difficulty problems, the last reward (breastplate) should have an unique clickable effect that does translocate (gate) the user to the location of the LDoN wayfarer camp in the Butcherblock Mountains infront of Magus Tira (near loc -1077, -2463) so that the user has quick access to LDoN adventures and the associated zones. That would also make this nostalgic quest interesting for all players and grant it a high replay factor.

    Step 1. Original - Nagafen's Lair: Kill 25 imp protector.
    Reward: Elaborate Defiant weapon.
    (tested with a lvl 56 tank + merc; ~6k HP buffed)

    Step 2. The Ruins of Kunark - Timorous Deep: Kill 25 a gunthak swabby.
    Reward: Elaborate Defiant gloves.
    (tested with a lvl 57 tank + merc; ~6k HP buffed)

    Step 3. The Scars of Velious - Velketor's Labyrinth: Kill 15 a crystal gargoyle.
    Reward: Elaborate Defiant boots.
    (tested with a lvl 57 tank + merc; ~6k HP buffed)

    Step 4. The Shadows of Luclin - Maiden's Eye: Kill 10 Xin Thall Centien.
    Reward: Elaborate Defiant helm.
    (tested with a lvl 57 tank + merc; ~6k HP buffed)

    Step 5. The Planes of Power - Plane of Storms: Kill 10 a fish.
    Reward: Elaborate Defiant bracers (2x).
    (tested with a lvl 58 tank + merc; ~6k HP buffed)

    Note: The fishes do sometimes get bugged and disappear while still being up in the zone. They also sometimes do not respawn until the zone does reset ! If this cannot get fixed, replace them by 10 "a wanton tronera", which are easy mobs for their level. However they can be much more difficult because of the many (strong) roamers that can social add. The fishes are basically much more fun and exotic mobs and I wanted to add an underwater area for its uniqueness and to add an opportunity to raise the swimming skill and let the questers making instant use of the EB effect (Faerune) from their new gained helm (reward from previous step).

    Step 6. The Legacy of Ykesha - Torgiran Mines: Kill 25 a Broken Skull dreadguard.
    Reward: Elaborate Defiant sleeves.
    (tested with a lvl 58 tank + merc; ~6k HP buffed)

    Step 7. Gates of Discord - Qinimi, Court of Nihilia: Kill 25 an ukun fleshhound.
    Reward: Elaborate Defiant legs.
    (tested with a lvl 58 tank + merc; ~6k HP buffed)

    Step 8. Omens of War - The Bloodfields: Kill 15 a noc darklurch.
    Reward: Breastplate with gate clicky to Magus Tiera in Butcherblock Mountains.
    (Stats similar to Elaborate Defiant breastplate)
    (tested with a lvl 58 tank + merc; ~6k HP buffed)
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  17. Iven Antonius Bayle

    36. Restrict power leveling (PL)

    The majority of players does not level up the way the game was designed for in the conventional way by killing mobs that are close to the PC level in a player party or by playing solo. Instead they do level up their PCs with the help of other high level PCs that do pull and kill red coning mobs (red con to the lower PC) for very fast, high and easy incoming experience.

    Why is PL a problem ?
    • Most content does not get used anymore (zone graveyards) because of PL which is a waste of ressources.
    • The core of the game like exploring content, doing quests, getting infos about the lore, socializing and having a good time does get abolished by it and only reaching the level cap does matter.
    • New and returning players but also players that want to play conventionally cannot find an experience group and are forced to play solo or start boxing with the help of mercenaries. Often they start to PL too to reach the level cap faster which is fatal and part of a downward spirale.
    • PL is a boring technical process with very limited immersion and zero roleplay.
    • Viewed from a holistical perspective it does turn players into dehumanized PL machines (bio robots).
    How is PL being done ? There are many methods, here just a few of the most common:
    • Out of group PL with DRU or MAG or/and RNG damage shield (DS). Level range does not matter. Higher PC does mass pull and tank, mobs get killed by DS. Lower level PC has to deal only 1 point of damage per mob to receive the experience.
    • Out of group PL with reverse CLR or PAL damage shield (DS). Level range does not matter. Higher PC does mass pull and tank, mobs get killed by reverse DS. Lower level PC has to deal only 1 point of damage per mob to receive the experience. Can be combined with conventional damage shields.
    • In group PL where the higher PC does kill green or higher conning mobs. All PCs have to be inbetween a certain range of 0-30 levels.
    • Self / group PL per buffs: The lower level PC or a group does get buffed with a very strong (long duration) MAG damage shield (DS) that does deal up to a few thousand damage points. One or even two ranger DS do stack ! This is slower than the previous methods but no other PCs are needed beside the buffers. Can be combined with a healer merc or out of group assistance (puller / healer / crowd control).
    How can PL be restricted ? The suggestion:
    • Add aggro to all damage shield buffs including clickies so that the damage that is getting dealt by a DS does count as active spell or weapon damage that is being dealt by the DS wearer like casting a DD nuke or doing a melee attack. This would even help tanks to keep aggro and nobody else should wear a DS. Currently the damage factor is neutral and only can let mobs start summoning.
    • Revamp or remove all reverse damage shield spells (CLR, PAL) and compensate this by making the cleric hammer pet spell and paladin yaulp spell lines stronger.
    • Set a firm downward buff level range rule of 10 levels. Example: A level 100 buff would take hold on a level 90 PC but not on a level 89 PC. No limit upwards like yet.
    • Set a firm (maximum) level range rule inbetween where PCs can receive mob kill experience. Do not use to much complicated scaling forumlas for this, just set it to -/+5 levels until level 10 and -/+10 levels at and above level 25. Everything above a span of 10 levels is PL, basically even below, but a decreased range does make it harder for players to team up with others or to buff the own pet with the highest available spells.

      • A level 1 PC can group with a level 1- 6 PC. (-0/+5)
      • A level 2 PC can group with a level 1- 7 PC. (-1/+5)
      • A level 3 PC can group with a level 1- 8 PC. (-2/+5)
      • A level 4 PC can group with a level 1- 9 PC. (-3/+5)
      • A level 5 PC can group with a level 1-10 PC. (-4/+5)
      • A level 6 PC can group with a level 1-11 PC. (-5/+5)
      • A level 7 PC can group with a level 2-12 PC. (-5/+5)
      • A level 8 PC can group with a level 3-13 PC. (-5/+5)
      • A level 9 PC can group with a level 4-14 PC. (-5/+5)
      • A level 10 PC can group with a level 5-15 PC. (-5/+5)
      • A level 11 PC can group with a level 6-17 PC. (-5/+6)
      • A level 12 PC can group with a level 7-19 PC. (-5/+7)
      • A level 13 PC can group with a level 8-21 PC. (-5/+8)
      • A level 14 PC can group with a level 9-23 PC. (-5/+9)
      • A level 15 PC can group with a level 10-25 PC. (-5/+10)
      • A level 16 PC can group with a level 11-26 PC. (-5/+10)
      • A level 17 PC can group with a level 11-27 PC. (-6/+10)
      • A level 18 PC can group with a level 12-28 PC. (-6/+10)
      • A level 19 PC can group with a level 12-29 PC. (-7/+10)
      • A level 20 PC can group with a level 13-30 PC. (-7/+10)
      • A level 21 PC can group with a level 13-31 PC. (-8/+10)
      • A level 22 PC can group with a level 14-32 PC. (-8/+10)
      • A level 23 PC can group with a level 14-33 PC. (-9/+10)
      • A level 24 PC can group with a level 15-34 PC. (-9/+10)
      • A level 25 PC can group with a level 15-35 PC. (-10/+10)
      • A level 26 PC can group with a level 16-36 PC. (-10/+10)
      • A level 100 PC can group with a level 90-110 PC. (-10/+10)
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  18. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    I am assuming the intent here is to prevent people power leveling alts so that they are forced to group? If so I don't really see a fix like this providing the intended results. If a max level character wants an alt and they don't want to manually level from 1-100 they can exploit existing quests that provide massive experience returns (ie I can think of one quest that can take a level 1 to level 12 with about 10 minutes and the help of a porter). I am sure there is other less ideal ways to PL as well outside of the classic DS. Also it would give more of an incentive to buy a Heroic Character.

    The only time I would powerlevel a character is either if I needed to add a member to my existing group quickly like I did with my Cleric back at level 100 or so, or to get a character to level for some random utility (ie Alchemy, Poison Craft, Pet Toys, Lockpicker to get full access to classic VP, etc). If I wanted to really start a fresh character I play through from level 1 as the early game is some of the most fun IMO.
  19. Spacemonkey555 Augur

    Funny your idea here seems specifically designed to benefit automation power levelers at the expense of normal players, such that anyone returning to the game will have to solo all the way up (since there are NO GROUPS), lean on friends and guildmates to do something they don't want to for months, or else pay an exploitive power level botting team.

    Beyond that, I can say that I returned a year ago (gone since hot) and leveled 6 characters of my own and 2 of my buddy's from 75-90 up to 120, with a mix of grouping with my buddy, powerleveling other characters once some were more powerful, and overseer. I already won't make any new alts for a year due to anniversary being turned off making the anniversary bonuses like stein/augs/etc unobtainable, but if I did it would be 1-120 nonstop (or more likely burn a heroic and 85-120 nonstop). I've done all the content 90-120 in this last year on 3 characters, it's not so fun I'd do it again unless I had to to improve a raiding character. If you can't make a group at any level other than cap right now because powerleveling, you won't be able to post-pl nerf. You'll just see less new characters and more departing players.
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  20. Iven Antonius Bayle

    I would call it more to close some backdoors and removing exploits that have been connivanced or are unperceived since too long and now everyone is wondering why people do box, cannot find groups, the game is so broken, and new players have such a high fluctuation. PL can never be prevented totally and it does not have to. But it should help the game to make it harder. It would be ideal if an experience group would just be the better option. PL is not only used for alts, I have seen so many returning players that got PLed by guild mates and right after that many of them were never seen again and maybe re-started with a new toon anonymously.