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  1. quakedragon Augur

    1. in game DPS meter (no 3rd party software),
    2. A combat log filter
    Show me my damage
    Show me the targeted enemy's damage
    Hide pet damage
    Hide other peoples damage
    Hide adds damage

    Notice I said filter, so if something messed up happens, I can show all the damage I see it. Even though I had it hiding from earlier.

    3. Combat log color coding
    myself text name is blue
    Target text name is red
    Allies name is white text
    Adds/extended enemies names are orange text
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  2. Leerah Augur

    Whatever you do, don't ask them to simplify anything like they did Spell Research! I still get mad when I have to do "simplified" research.

    Agree about hairstyles. My racial choices are partially predicated on who has the dumbest hairstyle.

    And "a lot" is always two words unless you are talking about giving a person a share of something.
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  3. Leerah Augur

    Necro pet appearances are too limited for me.
  4. Chyll New Member

    What # are we on? 18?
    I'm in a minority for this feature for "the old way":

    Add an option in the view settings to turn off the visible percentages on all the places where there is a percentage. Mousing over a bar to view the percentage is fine but I remember a time without visible percentages (i.e. health/mana/etc) on the bars. I still use the regular UI, I do not want to use a custom UI but I would like the option to make the percentages invisible. Maybe there is a way to do this that I haven't come across or maybe I am looking in all the wrong places. I think the interface looks cleaner without the percent to the 3rd decimal being displayed.

    It falls into that category of how I remember other things being displayed, like vendor prices being in coin denominations of 6p 7g 4s 3c and not 6.743 like it is now, I liked it spelled out. I don't use advanced looting because having your loot deposited directly to you takes away the whole check the bodies sequence, which should be part of the experience. Just like getting our own corpse from the bottom of a dungeon in nothing but our skivvies or we'd lose our gear if we took too long getting back to our moldering self. I miss some of the old days features that are no longer part of the game. Anyway, thanks for starting the suggestions post.
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  5. Fell Augur

    Bless you my son.
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  6. Malpheroth Elder

    give us a good grow clicky
  7. Fenthen aka Rath

    There's pills for that !
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  8. Iven Antonius Bayle

    Its just my own counting numbers. Feel free to start your own sequence ! :)

    All right. Im still learning ;)
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  9. Vizier Augur

    Suggestion: Be more engaged with your player base. This game survives because of its insanely loyal, lifetime fans. Can you respect us enough to at least engage with us about long standing game and class issues?
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  10. Iven Antonius Bayle

    18. New class: Spellsword aka War Wizard
    (In remembrance to the game WarWizard from Brad McQuaid and Steve Clover)


    Wizard/Warrior hybrid with medium armor. Balanced between DPS and tanking, spell casting and melee damage. The most balanced class in all aspects.

    • Dark Elf
    • Drakkin
    • Froglok
    • Gnome
    • Human
    • Defense ++/++++: A fighter wizard that can equip leather AND chain armor. No cloth armor and robes. Does tank like a ranger but cannot equip a shield as it does need the primary hand for the sword and the other one for spell casting.
    • Melee DPS ++/++++: 1HS and 1HP only, no dual wield, double attack, tripple attack
    • Range DPS ++/++++ : Throwing weapons. Much better than a wizard but not as good as a rogue.
    • Spell DPS ++/++++: Better than ranger nukes but not as good as wizard nukes. 50% wizard power.
    Abilities and Spells:

    Basically a mix of warrior and wizard spells/abilities.
    Just a few as example that should be integrated:
    • Kick and taunt combat abilities
    • Dodge, parry, riposte
    • Stun spells
    • Snare spells
    • Root spells
    • Gate, Portal and Translocate spells (limited to one location per expansion and continent whatever is higher)
    • Evacuate spells
    • DD and AoE DD spells
    • Shielding AC HP buff
    • Shieldskin rune buff
    • O'Keils Radiation DS/fire resist buff
    • Elemental Shield buff
    • Invisibility and See Invisibility buffs
    • Levitate buff
    --> Part 2
  11. Mongol311 A really bad wiz

    Dear Devs,

    Please fix ACTUAL WIZARDS before creating another hybrid 'wizardesque' class.

    Thanks you for coming to my TED talk.
  12. Iven Antonius Bayle

    19. Add a heirloom search filter to the Find Item Window at "Selecty by Type".

    20. Add Lost Dungeon of Norrath Adventure Points and Radiant Crystals + Ebon Crystals (DoN) to the Alternate Currency tab in the Inventory window. Radiant and Ebon Crystals could then be removed from the Inventory tab of the Inventory window and free up same space.
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  13. Bigstomp Augur

    I like this idea.

    "Remember that time back in (zone)?" Oh yeah, I have a screenshot of that .. maybe .. let me dig through 10000 screenshots.
  14. Allworth Elder

    This is my favorite of all your suggestions.

    My suggestion is for DarkPaw to hire more developers. Suggestions are great, but without the manpower to read, evaluate, and implement them, I'm afraid most of them fall on deaf ears because the devs are up to their necks in work because the EverQuest franchise has been chronically understaffed for years.

    For example: the devs can't even read, evaluate, and fix existing and new bugs because more bug reports are coming in faster then they can be dealt with and fixed. We're not even talking about complex bugs that require a lot of detective work, I'm talking about bugs that require the correction of a name typo have not been fixed. Even the implementation of suggestion forum which is brilliant and costs nothing will probably never see the light of day due to symptoms of understaffing and corporate apathy.

    The EverQuest franchise has some of the most passionate and intelligent fans in the video game business, unfortunately there is precious little reciprocity from DarkPaw in this regard. Every day scores of new video games are released and the studios that create them would kill for just a fraction of EQ's loyal fanbase. Hopefully someday a company that owns this franchise will take it more seriously and ensure that it is appropriately staffed so that customer feedback will be appreciated.
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  15. Vizier Augur

    EQ is in a terrible place. It has been sold and resold too many times now. A company looking at buying EQ is thinking about one thing only: CASH GRAB AND THEN DUMP IT!

    We wont be getting any of these wonderful suggestions. We wont even be getting a reply from a mod. They dont care about the players, only the money they can squeeze out of us before they inevitably dump the game off to the next company. And the cycle continues...
  16. Randomized Augur

    Not entirely true. They've taken suggestions from players and implemented them into the game before. It may not be instantaneous and no one is going to get an "atta boy" (something about showing favoritism by highlighting the player whose suggestion you go with). But quite a few of the QoL changes over the year came from suggestions from players who "saw a better/easier way"
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  17. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    Unlock the Sword of Truth Template to be used on 2 handers. Its comically oversized for a 1 handed sword. and would be a badass greatsword. Even better if it was All weapon types for those of us who like to disguise our gear.

    There, I added to the necro thread of likely unread suggestions.
  18. Vizier Augur

    You have Stockholm syndrome. They take your money. They give you a few pieces of intern-level QoL trinkets here and there and you rush to their defense. Get real. The communication between any / all of the many companies that have had control of EQ and their devoted, wonderful player base is non-existent.
  19. 666DPSweDeliver Augur

    You just created a class that can neither tank nor DPS .,. why would anyone bother playing
  20. Randomized Augur

    Their communication with the player base isn't what's being discussed here. I never once claimed it was top notch. Not many games actually keep in touch with their player base on a regular schedule. Way too many players and not enough CS to do that.

    And again, they can't come into the forums and say "oh hey that's a great idea". They have to keep quiet and implement things silently, and usually quite a bit later (another expac, or added into a patch where they rework a lot of things of old).

    All the QoL improvements over the years, do you really think those ideas came strictly from the devs and not suggestions from players. Just because someone isn't making eye contact with you doesn't mean they're not paying attention to you.

    Now this is not me white knighting, I've had the same argument for multiple MMO's I've played. They do what they can. They do take feedback, just because they're not vocal about it doesn't mean it doesn't happen. Also means we don't know how much or how little is being taken in as well (beta testing is a good example for this - lots of suggestions or reports on broken things that go untouched and pushed into live, whereas other things get hotfixed asap in the Beta).

    The age of instant gratification has ruined a lot of people.
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