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  1. Iven the Lunatic

    Do not post your suggestions here !

    Instead create your own thread and do post the link to that site with a short description here.

    Only link + description here.

    That way each suggestion will have its own thread for discussions and this thread will function as an easy findable central index. I will try to add your links to the index of the first thread post and you can create your own number index.

    A few of mine:

    1. Add a suggestion forum section. In the general forum suggestions get easily overlooked and are hard to find again.

    2. See Advanced Screenshot Options

    3. A lot marketplace features should be converted into account-wide features. Example: Hero Forge armor access and keyrings. Increase the prices a bit if wanted. Why would someone buy Hero Forge armor access for every single PC especially if she/he only does want to buy a single armor ornament ? Its an unnecessary shopping barrier that does prevent marketplace buys.

    4. A lot achievements, keys and progression flags should be converted into account-wide ones. Examples: Zone access progression, Explorer, Vanity, Collections. Its a very annoying and unnecessary time sink to do them over and over for every PC that is located on the same account and it is also hard to keep track and synchronize them. Today the majority of players does run multiple active accounts so there is more than enough work (timesink) left over.

    5. Add A LOT shared bank slots for tradeskill items (tradeskill item vault !) so that players no longer have to use tradeskill mules where they hoard their components and which get used to skill up on tradeskills. Its super annoying to parcel and shovel tradeskill items around between PCs constantly. DONE ! (Tradeskill Component Depot)

    6. Add more hairstyles to some of the Shadows of Luclin PC models. Nothing exotic like modern RL haircuts but something that does look better. As example the wood elf models offer only three hairstyles which are a long haired elf stereotype based on the classic female models and two more or less ugly styles for each gender. New hairstyles could be even sold for DB cash in the marketplace to bankroll them. This customizing feature is pretty successfull in other games.

    7. Add an additional tab for augmentations to the inventory window and remove the augmentation slots from items so that we can keep track of them. Also remove the need of augmentation solvents as this is only a small but annoying money sink that does occupy bank slots on quiet a few players (database size !). While doing this you could maybe revamp the whole augmentation system as its currently a total mess with all those different slots and augment types.

    Thx for reading all of this. ;)


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    1. Add a suggestion forum section
    2. See Advanced Screenshot Options
    3. A lot marketplace features should be converted into account-wide features
    4. A lot achievements, keys and progression flags should be converted into account-wide ones
    5. Add A LOT shared bank slots for tradeskill item DONE !
    6. Add more hairstyles
    7. Add an additional tab for augmentations to the inventory window
    8. Highlight the current target in the Extended Target Window DONE !
    9. Add numbers to Extended Target Window slots
    10. <deleted>
    11. Show the AA pool cap in the AA window
    12. Show the tribute points or if an item does grant tribute points DONE !
    13. Show the mercenary resistance stats
    14. Reduce the number of mercenary gear sets from 4 to 2 DONE !
    15. Add the pet aggro percentage value into the pet window
    16. Safe custom slot setups for the Extended Target Window permanently
    17. Global friend list tell chat channel
    18-a. New class: Spellsword aka War Wizard - Part 1
    18-b. New class: Spellsword aka War Wizard - Part 2
    19. Add a heirloom search filter to the Find Item Window
    20. Add Lost Dungeon of Norrath Adventure Points and Radiant Crystals + Ebon Crystals (DoN) to the Alternate Currency tab
    21. Add a "Dislike" button/link beside the "Like" button/link to the forums
    22-33; 57; 58; 66-67. The Big Overseer Revamp
    34. Measurements for strenghtening the community
    35. Nostalgic gear upgrade quest for level 60
    36. Restrict power leveling (PL)
    37. Adjusting the game to the actual market situation
    38. New account models including Limited Lifetime Membership
    39. Magician - Monster Summoning
    40. Trustee (Cash on delivery) function for the parcel system
    41. Hardcore Heritage 24/7
    42. Lore for loading-screens
    43. Classic slow progression TLP server
    44. Combined Invisibility Spells - Dual Invisibility
    45. Naming: Merge of Invisibility versus Undead and Invisibility to Undead
    46. Revamp the Extended Target Window (again)
    47. Add an Inventory Window tab for the pet (stats+gear)
    48. <deleted>
    49. Convert Thief's Eyes/Visions into an aura
    50. Add the HEIRLOOM tag to most if not all NO TRADE items
    51-52; 2; 69. Advanced screenshot options
    53-56. 3D item preview window
    57-58. See The Big Overseer Revamp
    59. Prestige gear: Unlocked for FTP at the cost of nerfed foci bonuses
    60. Plane of Crafting
    61. Mute button for character selection UI
    62. Racial Subclass System - Rogue
    63. Luck Loot
    64. Add all spells and tomes to the Great Library in PoK
    65. Dyeable Heroic Armor
    66-67. See The Big Overseer Revamp
    68. Beastlord pet revamp
    69. See Advanced Screenshot Options
    70. Better integration of the test server
    71. Heroic catch-up expansion (read whole thread !) , Link #2
    72. Loyalty discount for expansion purchase
    73. Calculator
    74. Revamped alarm window
    75. Revamped PoP flagging
    76. Achievement Score Shop
    77. Marking for unusable items
    78. New project: EverQuest Revamped
    79. Expansion concept about High Keep and Highpass Hold
    80. Item description window does show the expansion name
    81. Overseer tradeskill item rewards go directly into the tradeskill depot


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  2. Iven the Lunatic

    8. Highlight the current target in the Extended Target Window.

    This is mostly needed for aggroed mobs but such a function would affect all targets as long as they appear in the ETW. Still helpfull for all other targets. DONE !

    9. Add numbers to Extended Target Window slots. Would help to keep track of mobs.

    10. <deleted>
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  3. Tegila Augur

    as far as the whole shared bankslots for ts items goes..housing works wonders. set up a tradeskill house or two, make all your toons coowners, and dump stacks of supplies there and placeable ts containers. done. also works well for collectibles: one house per expansin if you have a lot. can always make more alts to buy more plots, jsut add coowners. i paid rent recently on most of mine with chronobines (any other alt currency works nicely too) because its only 1 per week no matter what currency it is, rather than sinking plat in. you can also get and place a parcels dude in teh house on teh plot, put the ts containers inside said house, and have everything at your fingertips.
  4. Zamiam Augur

    what are these TS containers you speak of ? are you referring to the placeable loom, brew barrel, forge etc ? or are there other TS containers im not aware of that can hold TS items while also put on a house plot ? afaik a plot can only hold 300 non placeable items and up to 5 or 600 placeable items ..
  5. Tegila Augur

    im referring to the containers you combine the tradeskills in as you said: loom, bowl, icecream churn, this and that table, etc etc etc. so that you can do al lthe tradeskills without hurting your personal inventory space, AND yo ucan access the closet of the housing plot to access the supplies without running around or swapping toons etc

    if said supplies are too numerous, then logical pairing helps: one polot for baking and brewing, place those containers either outside (to mark the plot) or inside the house so yo ucan have the parcels dude nearby, and stash closet and shed full of supplies,with the parcels dude you can have an alt running around pok or whatever to grab merchant supplies you may need to go with it and parcel to you in your home, or buy missing dropped supplies from the bazaar and havem sent directly. since afaik you can still only have 1 parcels dude (he was quested when i got him, idk if still the case) you would have to pick him up and move him to another house if you need for a different set of ts's

    as for the 300 nonplaceables: that varies somewhat with the more premium houses, but its also why i said about pairing the skills for the plot. i was quite happy to see i oculd have 3 plots per toon now instead of 2, but you have unlimited plots if you buy them on alts and make your main(or all toons) coowners. my buddy and i have almost an entire neighborhood bought up with just the 2 of us, no one else has ever "lived" here, or they moved out years ago.
  6. Iven the Lunatic

    11. Show the AA pool cap in the AA window. Example: "AA Points: 102/150"

    12. Show the tribute points or if an item does grant tribute points in the item description windows. This would be of great help for the advanced loot window filter settings. DONE !

    13. Show the mercenary resistance stats in the mercenary tab of the inventory window.

    14. Reduce the number of mercenary gear sets from 4 to 2. As example the rogue and wizard gear sets could be combined. Same with tank and healer gear sets. This would free up inventory space and make things more clear. DONE !
  7. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    @Iven - great post & you obviously put a lot of thought into it, well done.

    I like the suggestion & it probably would make it more likely for folks to buy things from the market place for alts, the unlock for Hero Forge does act as a barrier of sorts as you don't feel like it is warranted to have to buy it for any & all characters individually - the problem might be that those people who did buy it on multiple characters on the same account get peeved if they don't get a refund if this were made serverwide let alone account wide.

    Account wide flags & keys would make TLP progression entirely meaningless & trivialised, serverwide/heirloom style would be as far as this idea should go.

    I would like it if you could pull from any storage you have items in through world tradeskill containers (not portable ones), so if you are in guild hall, house, PoK or at any other world tradeskill container you can open it & you can access resources for recipes directly from any of your houses or bank or bags - inventory management for an avid tradeskiller EATS up so much time it isn't even funny and it is boring laborious & takes away from playing the game a lot. Similarly you should be able to just parcel to your house storage or dump into your house storage form the bank interface to save a ton of time.

    I take zero enjoyment from managing thousands of items across a few houses & dozens of mules due to storage & inventory management issues.

    I realise there are likely very heavy limitations that prevent this from being possible but as the game gets older this would be an immensely valuable feature improvement.

    Pie in the sky idea is some form of serverwide shared Inventory I can have for tradeskill items - this would be like a gift from the gods & then some, especially if I could have my other accounts access it, then I could drop stuff into it from any of my characters on the account - possibly from other of my accounts & pull from it on any too via tradeskill containers, perhaps with a permissions system as a security safeguard.
  8. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Very clever but I doubt most players want to go to the lengths that you had to in order to macro/micromanage everything like that, personally I just want all of that organisation condensed down into one simple system.
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  9. Tegila Augur

    perhaps, but a lot do it, and do it again with a plot for each expansion's collectibles, etc etc. its really not that much effort unless you have to reorganize the mess i just reorganized where everything was mixed together on every plot lol. Oh, and there are a few storage crates (i think they were all achievement rewards) that add to the nonplaceable storage capacity, so might be able to squeeze all the normal ts's into 2 plots depending how much vender stuff you keep onhand, and another plot for tinker/poison/alchemy (i keep going back and forth between poison/alchemy together due to chemicals, tinker/poison together bc my rogue is the only toon i have for either, and tinker/pottery bc all the energeiac overlaps i still need to do)
    many use housing just for storage, why not organize it. i have tons of summoned bags of pet weapons and whatnot and other temporary items stored in some houses so they dont disappear, including some halloween costumes from like 2012. lotta things housing is useful for that other storage doesnt accommodate: like access by any toon you want without using a guild bank or doing hand to hand trades.
  10. Aanuvane Augur

    For 5 - I'm not sure there is a happy medium for stand alone tradeskill storage options. I don't think they could ever make it big enough for the real hoarders out there. I also use housing to organize everything I have in excess - tradeskill items, collections, ornaments, spells, attunable armor, etc. If you don't take the time to organize it, it's too hard to find anything since one character can only own three plots. I also try to keep my bags somewhat organized while I'm out and about so when it comes time to empty them, it's one circle around the neighborhood and I'm done.
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  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    4. No thanks, the reason I make alts is to run through old content I've not done in years, flaging the account for stuff takes that away, leaving no reason to make alts.

    5. I'm waiting to see what Dragons hoard is. I'm hoping it is accessable by other chars on my account, will make TS a lot easier on multiple chars.
  12. Iven the Lunatic

    15. Add the pet aggro percentage value into the pet window.

    There seems to be no EQTYPE code which could be used to add this into a custom UI. Currently pet aggro can only be made visible in the Extended Target Window but custom slot setups have to be reloaded each time after a login which does lead to my next suggestion....

    16. Safe custom slot setups for the Extended Target Window permanently

    so that they don't have to be reloaded after a login.
  13. Tegila Augur

    Did this get changed? I used to have them saved.. for like a year for raiding and they never went away.
  14. Iven the Lunatic

    Well they fade very often here. Sometimes they do not.
  15. Zevran New Member

    Mage pet illusions: I'm sick of staring at my water pet and I'm not a fan of other pet illusions. Necros get pet illusion spells to turn their minion into whatever flavor of zombie, specter, or skeleton pleases them; mages ought to learn the ability to disguise their pet as earth, fire, air, or water elementals.

    Healthy tree warder: Wood elf beastlords have 3 different models of treants: the primary leafless warder pet, the fungus-covered bestial alignment form, and the healthy-looking bushy attack warders from the AA. Give the primary warder pet the nice bushy model. I have no defense for this change other than that I personally think the leafless treant looks sad and diseased. Just throwing it out there.
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  16. KarmaKitty Augur

    I'm sure this is listed elsewhere, but

    Add a collections compactor to the marketplace ? This would compact a single set of collectables into a single stackable item bearing the name of the collection. Stack to 1000.
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  17. Iven the Lunatic

    There are some at the DB marketplace. The anniversary NPC shop also has a few. As none of them is an elemental or construct they do not really fit to the magician class. But most players AND devs do not care about roleplay anyway today, as else such items would have class and race restrictions.
  18. Accipiter Old Timer

    I would really like to see this but I'm pretty sure it'll never happen.
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  19. Iven the Lunatic

    17. Global friend list tell chat channel.

    Most players play on different accounts and servers and have dozens of more or less active player characters. The problem is that this does make it very hard to track the players behind the PCs (player characters) on the /friend list. There are also players that create and delete new PCs every few weeks so that the friend lists do grow larger and larger because it does not show which PCs do still exist.

    The solution and a quality of live feature would be to make it possible to link PCs to a global tell chat channel and that the name of this channel could be added to the friend window. When a /tell is getting sent to this channel OR a PC that is linked to the tell channel, all online PCs that are linked to this channel will receive the tell serverwide.

    Here the tree structure how this should show up in the friend window.

    • PC A
    • PC B
    • PC C
    • PC D
    • PC E
    • Player A (channel name)
      • PC A
      • PC C
      • PC E
    • Player B (channel name)
      • PC B
      • PC D
  20. Tatanka Joe Schmo

    Fair enough, but, the process described can be done now with current supported features. The other one can't, because it's a request for a new feature.