Suggestions for Beastlord please - I've hit an impasse.

Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ARCHIVED-Tryst, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Tryst Guest

    Short of finding some uber crazy nuke damage weapon, it looks like I've just about maxed my damage potential so future mobs are going to take hours to kill I tried the "level 50 hotzone" Plane of innovation, my pet and Beastlord took twice as long to kill one robot as a similar level Warrior using two standard Defiant swords. Beastlord with a pet and spells and I couldn't even out-DPS a Warrior with no special high damage weapons so it means a Warrior has crazy tank and crazy DPS as well... What the hell is the point of playing any other class? Get two high damage weapons for a couple of warriors and all you'd need are healers in a group, makes other classes almost redundant. I watched his health on one and with only healer merc buffs, each hit he took was less than 20% of the damage the robots were doing to me.
    I have a 44 Iksar Warrior with Defiant Longswords and he took less than half the time to level up as my Beastlord did and the warrior isn't even up to the level of using triple attacks yet and on top of that, I have the ambidexterous AA to look forward to giving him even more DPS It really makes my Beastlord look pathetically lame. I rarely take on any reds with my Beastlord unless I know that they will go down to yellow when I level up. My Warrior was taking on Witchlamps in Blightfire at level 17 and they didn't go yellow until he was 21.
    Either the Beastlord is downhill after 50 or there's a dead spot between 50 and 66 when the AA's come into play for pet flurries etc. So is there such a thing as a high damage Beastlord? I'm at 53 right now after hours of bashing and casting over the last couple of days.
    I have a named staff with a 50 base damage but can't use it until level 60 so I'm using a defiant staff with only 29 right now. Until I got the staff and decided to improve my 2H Blunt, I was using a hammer/sword combo with 1H Blunt and Piercing, both with Augs to proc extra damage. I've added an Anatase aug to my staff to proc 25 damage every 6 seconds. Is there some other ultimate weapon I should try to get for my level? My 2H Blunt skill is 210/250 so needs improvement still to get it maxed to 250 but even so, it's missing 90% of the time so I'm actually hitting only 10%. My 1H Blunt and Piercing are around the same level. All I seem to be doing is tanking damage and throwing damage over time spells on the mob while my pet actually does most of the DPS. While solo, my healer merc keeps us both healthy.
    Is there some weapon combo I should be looking for to improve my damage output? Maybe 2H Blunt isn't the best weapon for a Beastlord since it seems to miss quite a lot compared to my previous hammer/sword combo. The problem is that the hammer/sword combo I was using is very low damage with a total of only 60-70 DPS. The staff (when it does hit) averages around 100 so it's better but doesn't hit half as often. Hopefully the named staff will be a lot better but if it misses just as often, I'd be better off going back to the hammer/sword combo.
    What does the beastlord excel at in terms of weapon types? It seems to matter because 1H Blunt seems to hit more often but 2H Blunt has higher base damage. Are hand to hand weapons any better (fighting claws or whatever they are called)? Are there any really good weapons that make a Beastlord best at a specific combat type (good base damage and good % of hits rather than misses)? Yes, I know it's going to be expensive but if I can kill a single mob like the robots in POI in less than the 5 minutes it's taking at present, it will be worth it.
    Finally, is there some way other than fighting mobs or buying the skills from my guildmaster that I can improve the type? Hitting an unbreakable object or something that heals faster than I can damage it without getting myself killed in the process? I can fit hand to hand weapons but it completely kills my ATK and means I'd be hard pressed to fight anything higher than 20 levels below me.
  2. ARCHIVED-TehGuru Guest

    Tryst wrote:
    No, if that is what you want then you probably picked the wrong class. Beastlords are one class that has many different strings to there bows but are master of none. I would go back to 1 handed weapons for damage dealing - find the ones you can use 1hs,1hb,pierce??,hand to hand and make sure you keep them up to limit. Fight any green/lb mob to level them up. It will be slow but atlewast you can still get some xp while you are doing it.
  3. ARCHIVED-beryon Guest

    What you're neglecting here is the delay on your weapons. The delay is every bit as important as the damage. What you need to look for is the best dmg/delay ratio. Just looking at dmg alone only gives you half the picture.
    Dual Wield classes are almost always better off using two 1h weapons as opposed to a single 2h weapon. This is especially so for Bsts, as we do not get any 2h AAs that other classes get.
    The taking on red/yellow thing is experienced by all melees as they level up. In the teens, I could get a Temp & own a room of yellows & reds solo. Once you get to the 80s, soloing a dark blue becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible. Yellows are out of the question, let alone reds. Mob power scales faster than player power. Bsts have always traditionally XPed faster by plowing through lower con mobs vs taking longer to kill an individual higher con mob.
    Generally speaking, h2h weapons offer the best ratio of equivalent level weapons, & equipping them gives you an atk boost. If you're seeing a big drop in atk, you either have a very low h2h skill, or you don't have any decent h2h weapons. Your best bet for working skills up fast is finding lower con xp mobs that you can just beat on without worrying about dying. You don't need something unbreakable, just grab another when it dies.
    As for weapon recommendations, you've been kinda vague about what you have, so it's hard to say. Let me know which weapons you currently have, & how much you'd be willing to spend, & I can get a better idea of attainable upgrades for you.
  4. ARCHIVED-Medicianman Guest

    As you know, your DPS comes from you and your pet, so AAs will play a big part as you level up. Make sure that you are getting your pet AAs while you get your combat AAs. This is what makes BST challenging to play, you are not just focusing on 1 area.
    As mentioned, go for 2 weapons with good damage/delay ratios, that will help up your DPS. There are threads running around here that say that skill-ups are very difficult after you hit 200, so expect your run from 200-250 to take a while, that is why it is reccomended to fight lb-db mobs, that is where your power lays, plowing through lots of lower mobs, not holding agro on a big mob while others dps it down (that is a warriors job). Stick with it...and if you really want to have fun, team up with a mage and watch the mobs disintigrate.
  5. ARCHIVED-Chelaqua-Rom Guest

    A couple of minor pointers:
    Skinspikes for you and the long lasting ranger DS for your pet will help kill rate. Buy some gear for your pet. If he is getting killed a lot some of the mage summoned armor otherwise the summoned mask and belt and items with high str and dex that are cheap. Pets have no stat cap and level testrictions do not apply to them. If you do not have a good haste item tribute haste is good and the affliction efficiency tribute is excellent if you dot. There are potions that extend dots also. Weapons with big procs actually are great for beasts at your level but will drop in value later.
  6. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Unfortunately, level restrictions DO apply to pets. Yes, a beastlord you should be getting a set of mage summoned plate, trinkets, mask and weapons - at low levels, Fists of Ixiblat are the ay to go; otherwise, check at what level the proc will trigger - that is based off your warder's level (not your level, and not the level of the spell that summons the warder).
    The summoned weapons increase your warder's dps; the rest adds hp (and ac) to increase survivability (and the mask haste). Buff with dex (more procs) and str (better hits), as well as hp/ac.
    As stated above, look at a weapon's ratio (I use dmg/delay; the higher, the better). Generally speaking, H2H weapons have better ratios (and are rarer and more expensive) than other types; piercing often has a better ratio as well. But all that matters is the ratio. For a beastlord, 2 handers usually do less dps than 2 x one handers (there are certain exceptions, and other reasons than dps to equip a 2 hander). Try to keep all of your combat skills at max if you can (which I presume is your problem with H2H weapons).
    Beastlords do best when fighting large numbers of low light blues; at 50, PoI clockworks don't qualify. It's all about exp/time, not exp per kill or how high a level mob you can fight. Use slow to reduce the damage you take, and use your fast casting nukes and dots.
    There will be levels where your warder out dpses you, and vice versa. As you gear up and pass 60-65, and collect some dps AAs, that will stop. Back when 65 was the level cap, beastlords were one of the highest dps melee classes when well geared.
  7. ARCHIVED-Chelaqua-Rom Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    Unless they changed things recently the ONLY level restriction that applies to pets is weapon proc level. So if you are willing to run around a bit you can get some cheap armor with much higher stats than mage items. Very good advice as usual Borek and good catch on the summoned weapons.
  8. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    I'd link the FAQ from Tulisin, but unfortunately the Mage forums are down at the moment. You should also be aware that any attunable gear will vanish from your pet when you zone (once it has become notrade), so is of limited use.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tryst Guest

    Thanks for the replies and help.
    I do look at delay and realise it plays a big part in DPS, I'm not really that keen on anything that goes over the 30's as far as delay goes, my staff at the moment is 35 and the named staff is 32. It's not so much the delay as I know most weapons with good damage have a longer delay, most of it is to do with hit/miss ratio. It seems some weapons are not suited to the Beastlord as he tend to miss more often with some and not with others even with maxed skills in that weapon. It's one of the reasons I changed from the staff to dual wield before, I just thought that he would be better once he hit the master levels but it seems not. He's limited to H2H, piercing or blunt which knocks out any really good dual wield weapons from what I can see so far. I can't seem to find any good 1HB weapons unless they are just really rare.
    My previous hammer was a bone hammer 17 dmg with an Anatase proc (Attack of Necessity) and the sword was a Defiant Rapier 12 dmg with a Wulfenite proc, both items sold at CR since I couldn't find anything decent in the Bazaar (Povar server). Attack of Necessity doesn't stack so having it on both was a waste although the dot has a beter total damage which is why I used it on the staff. I will definately look at trying to find the fighting claws, if anyone knows where I can find half decent ones, I'd appreciate the help because they are definately lacking in the Bazaar and it would be nice if I could outfit both primary and secondary with the same ones. There must be a zone where these things are common weapons.
    I cast dots for Venom of the Snake, Envenomed Breath and Disease. I couldn't find the mines on the map of Gulf of Gunthak to get the Malaria spell as well as the Bond of the Wild, although I am sure I have seen the Malaria spell on sale somewhere other than the Bazaar, I just can't remember where. I have Wild Lords Tunic which allows me to have a 2 hour Bramblecoat DS and stack it with Skinspikes VI for 42 damage. Most of the rest of my armor is Intricate Defiant except for shoulders which I can't seem to find anywhere so I just have padded leather and Wrists are still Crude Defiant, again, nothing better to be found. I can tank a reasonable amount with my merc helping but often find my health dipping <50%, I'd have to fight greens if I had to rely on my own health spell.
    As far as pet goes, I use only my spells, it doesn't take much to re-cast them if he dies. He's my tank if I have to zone to escape so I'm not wasting plat on armor and weapons for him to have them lost like that. It also means buying the stuff again when I log in the next day since he doesn't seem to keep it when I log off. I normally buff him to the max with all the same buffs I use on myself as well as the Spirit of the Storm and Bond of the Wild which are my specific pet spells. IIRC, at 55 I get the next level pet so he's quite weak at the moment which isn't helping matters with the mobs I' taking on in Blackfeather Roost. No, I have not gone to the harpies area yet, I'm killing bears, spiders and pumas because harpies are still yellow to me.
    For the amount of time it's taking to kill anything, the amount of XP I'm getting seems hardly worth it and the lack of useful AA's at my level makes it even more frustrating, even pet flurry at this time would be useful for a bit of much needed DPS. 50+ just seems to be a dead zone with low DPS and nothing to help until the AA's come into play at 66
  10. ARCHIVED-Critter667 Guest

    Just curious... what's a beastlord's 1.0 epic? Can it be gotten at 50 and is it worth it?
  11. ARCHIVED-PaulCoffrin Guest

    Tryst wrote:
    Unless things have changed since I left, you can shroud to suspend your pet and get to keep all the items it has equiped. That way you only have to buy when pet dies.
  12. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Critter667 wrote:
    It's 2 x H2H - one with haste, the other with a slow/dot; unfortunately the ratio is only 13/22. A 65 beastlord can solo it, can probably do it with a merc at 60, more or less. But as a weapon it's almost totally useless, even at 51 (earliest you can get it). That's about the same as the various Intricate Defiant weapons.
    Interesting weapons:
    Dedgerex's Flintforged Cudgel 12/27 (req 55), but nice proc.
    Whitby's Back Scratcher 20/32, 500pp
    Intricate Defiant Handwraps 12/19, 600pp
    Waning Light Katar 16/22 + proc, req 55, 3kpp
    That's just from the Bazaar on AB.
  13. ARCHIVED--Mandaar- Guest

    The thing to remember is that for melee classes, the higher you get in level, the more weapon-dependant you will be. For all classes. Even with pets and nukes.

    I assure you, you've not touched the potential of your class. Beastlords solo very well and are quite powerful. But, like all classes except some casters, you need the gear to make it work.
  14. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Honestly, if your skills are equal you won't miss any more with one weapon type than any other. Low delays are good for one thing only - more skill up opportunities.
    At low levels you should stick with the vendor sold proc augs; you can get better augs at 65-70 from the DoN merchants (Life Sap is the proc to look for). You should only use one dot proc aug (that's the Anatase); but Wulfenite is a good DD/stun proc with stacks with itself; personally, I'd use that just for aggro, and I prefer the Dioptase heal procs, unless using a merc when I'd go for the Wulfenite.
    Torgiran Mines are through Gunthank to Dulak, and you can see the zone connections quite clearly in the atlas window.
    Wild Lord's Tunic is good - I wouldn't worry about Defiant before Elaborate Defiant (level 59 req), just wear any old thing - but preferably Scout Madu quest gear with random Intricate Defiant if you have any.
    If you are killing in Blackfeather Roost, then you are right - mobs are too high for your pet to do much damage on (even higher than PoI mobs, which you know are too high for you), and have very high hp anyway. Go someplace easier!!! Plane of Justice would work, and there are many other places.
  15. ARCHIVED-Tryst Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    OK thanks for the heads up. I'll have a go at Plane of Justice and see what it's like there.
    One of the real downfalls I can see about this game is the lack of information for newer players. Since I've only played just over a month, I can only go by what the popups tell me when I level up. The suggestion from those was PoI but I hunted in Goru Kar mostly until now so I already knew about Blackfeather. With so many zones, the last thing I want to do is walk into a KOS zone with high level mobs as I explore to find new hunting grounds. Already tried that once and discovered a quick route back to POK via the soulbinder so I'm not keen on repeating the exercise.
  16. ARCHIVED-Critter667 Guest

    Try to find the links to Almar's guides. He's done a very good job creating some useful guides including suggestions on where to level, what's new, and such.
  17. ARCHIVED-Borek-VS Guest

    Tryst wrote:
    This is true. EQ has so much content that it is hard to get to know it all. Your best source's are in game: friends and guild. On line you have Allakhazam, Samanna, and Almar's guide pages. It's worth spending more than just a little time checking things out off-line.
  18. ARCHIVED-Ayhar Guest

    The regulars here already covered the basics, so just some random additional comments:
    Other weapons that were widely used and might be available in bazaar: Copper Hammer of Striking and Pale Velium Inlaid Claws. The latter is a GoD treadeskilled item, so if you happen to know a good blacksmith you might get lucky.
    Don't be concerned about Ambidexterity. Your beastlord has that AA available too.
    You don't have to gear your pet to the max, but Muzzle, belt and 2 weapons (Fist of Ixiblat at low level, Blade of xxx once the pet hits level 46) are worth the expense.
    Weapons are important but you'll need one item with haste too. The haste from your best item haste will stack with the haste from the best spell/potion. You should try to find something like the Belt of Lunacy from Grieg's End.
    Don't just follow current hot zones. The special drops in previous hot zones are still there. Head to Dulak's Harbor and have some fun at the nameless tavern in the middle or on The Lady Dirulia. Don't judge the zone by the aggro range of the mobs near the zone line or in the courtyard. Most camps have mobs with a small aggro range. Hunting in this zone will give you a decent shoulder item (random drop off any mob). If your beastie is a Vah Shir, there is even a vendor in zone that you can use to offload loot.
    Some of the zones you can use are years old and there is plenty of advice available where to hunt on class sites. The Beastlords' Den has a big hunting section, nicely sorted by level range. About the only thing different is that with today's gear it has gotten easier than back in the day when most those posts were writtten.
  19. ARCHIVED-Critter667 Guest

    What server are you on? Not sure if you mentioned this. That said...
    The Fabled Ulump drops a 31% haste earring equipable by all classes and races. It's remaning stats are not the greatest, but for a haste item, it's not bad. Plus, I know on Drinal Ulump doesn't seem to be camped ever. I've had no problems looting a few of these earrings to sell at a later date or give to guildies.
  20. ARCHIVED-beryon Guest

    Borek-VS wrote:
    The slow on the 1.0 is almost twice as good as what a bst can cast until 60, so if you can get a decent group together, and/or a high level toon or two to help out, I'd still recommend getting it. The offhand weapon also gives a 40% haste, which will make a huge difference if you don't have another haste item. (Which, incidentally, you need to get if you haven't already. There's a drop down list in the bazaar window for stats; you can sort by haste.) It's also one of the few epics where getting the actual 1.0 is easier than the 1.5 prequest, & you'll want the 1.5 at the very least for the clicky proc. If you get better weapons, you can use the bandolier (hit B ) to switch once it procs. Info on the epic quest is here:
    One reason you may have a hard time finding h2h weapons in the bazaar is how they're listed. There's a drop down list on the bottom left of the bazaar window you can use to specify weapon type. 1hb is easy to find. Piercing is a bit trickier because they buried it further down instead of making it 1hp. H2H confuses a lot of ppl at first because it's listed as "martial".

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