Suggestion: Turn any weapon/shield into an ornament

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Kalipto, Jun 11, 2024.

  1. Kalipto Augur

    Could you please give us the ability to turn any weapon/shield item into an ornament? It'll give us something fun to do with our old equipment.

    Tie it to a long repeatable quest if you'd like. Restrict it so that only item so the exact same type work with it. But make it available on all servers (TLPs too).

    You can even tie it to the /marketplace store if you'd like to make money off of it.

    Thanks for considering!
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  2. Iven the Lunatic

    I made a similar suggestion long ago but there are two problems:

    The first is that many new ornamentation items would have to be created. In the best case that would be one for each unique 3D graphic model, which are less than one thousand. In the worst case it would mean one copy for each visible item, and there are about 30,000 of them around. A few thousands for weapons and shields alone.

    The second problem is that it would make most of the current ornaments obsolete, which does include crafted ornaments, the loyalty shop, the Overseer shop, the anniversary shop, claimable ornaments, and some others.
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  3. Kalipto Augur

    Your first concern seems legitimate, though there aren't 30k different 3d appearances. So there is surly some shortcuts there.

    The second issue doesn't sound like a problem at all. The new system wouldn't require the old systems to stop functioning. You could still obtain ornaments via those other methods. Perhaps the method to turn any item into an ornament could require hours of effort. Giving you two options for how to obtain an ornament.

    Think of solutions, not problems! =)
  4. Sprooce Lorekeeper

    I like this idea as a way to keep using the looks of old raid gear that you still dig, I'd keep rocking the ToV style raid gear with the green floaties.
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  5. Kalipto Augur

    Yeah, same here. Plus it'd give me a reason to go back and farm old content for fun. I only see this is as a win win for DB.
  6. Celephane Augur

  7. Kalipto Augur

  8. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Nothing has changed. There is no updated needed.
  9. Gialana Augur

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  10. Kalipto Augur

    Ah, at least it's on their wish list! Thanks for the updated info. I'll go hold my breath now =P
  11. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    Instead of 'making' them into separate ornament items; I would try to make it so a held item that doesn't have any augs in it can just go directly into the ornament slot.
  12. Iven the Lunatic

    This suggestion would be more compatible. Its does require some effort on the player side but not that much effort on the dev side. Not all items would be included but it would at least extend the amount of nostalgic ornaments.
  13. manglered Lorekeeper

    just give us old model players the ability to buy velious era armor ornamentations with hero's forge .... i would finally buy the feature ... old models are 1000x better and im sure im not the only player who thinks so
  14. Bigstomp Augur

    Agreed. I'm sure I've suggested this before as well.
  15. Iven the Lunatic

    And they would be dyeable, which does make them superior to Hero's Forge armor.
  16. Sdoofbuc Augur

    I would love to be able to take a weapon and put it in the type 20 slot and have my weapon now look like the weapon I put in there.
  17. Sdoofbuc Augur

  18. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I think a "wardrobe" tab would be a logical step.
  19. Sissruukk Rogue One

    While I am not really hip on WoW, one thing I think they got right was a wardrobe, where you could change appearances of all slots based on items you have looted/equipped in the past. And, if I remember correctly, these applied to all characters (not sure if it is server based or account based).
  20. Cuzon Augur

    If not a wardrobe like WoW has, what about an appearance tab like EQ2 has?