Suggestion to DBG for SK epic, Mangler server

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vashazir, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. yerm Augur

    No, the issue is that the few competitive and/or reward from time investment aspects of the game are going away. Tlps are becoming more and more dominated by folks who don't feel invested in their main, or very often, don't feel inclined to stick around for long at all. Completing an epic quest doesn't make you proud of your character, more attached, etc. It makes you feel like a task was complete. Many epics it's an easy task at that.

    Until gates, you basically have only tradeskill quests left for this kind of feeling. Maybe, very maybe, some sky quests. This easy access flood of trivial epics isn't good. Only cleric and rogue with current game balance really need to stay easy access as must haves, the rest can be lived without.

    Instead what we are seeing is a server full of people who do not commit to their characters (else they'd be on phinny, the same ruleset), coming here to argue for changes that cater to a quitter playstyle. I don't want epics nerfed for your I want it all I want it now I don't want to work or wait server crowd. I don't want you to do it to velious and make ring or shawl or circlet easier, or luclin make shield or mnemonic easier, or god forbid you miraculously manage to stick around to gates and get bic and cragbeast quests nerfed... absolutely no thank you. These chase quests are why many of us enjoy the game so much.
  2. Protius Lorekeeper

    Wow, sheer genius. I am speechless at how you have total control over how things are supposed to go. I need you to either give me your guild name so I can make a character there for you to hold my hand the rest of the time I play EQ or I can give you mine so you can come and hold my hand on my server(s). That is amazing thought processes right there. Pure, un-adulterated genius. Bravo.

    I typed this out way too early as I continued to scroll through some improvement-based comments to make quality of game life more suitable/enjoyable more trolls popped in through the comments to give their two cents. With as high as the traffic is on these newer servers since some people are returning after 18-20 years absence a fix could be to just prevent the NPC's from despawning... See how easy that was to add a productive comment?
  3. yerm Augur

    Amtrak on selos. Not only are you welcome to come have your hand held as we do content together, you can literally send the gentleman you quoted second your application for getting in.

    Preventing epic npcs from despawning would help sk with its bottleneck, but do nothing for enc or wiz, and break ones like cleric. Imo a better solution would be to move these turn in mobs to the top of posky. You're gonna call it a trolling suggestion but the more you think about it the more you should realize it's great.
  4. Protius Lorekeeper

    lol ya, I'll get right on that. You guys seems like a fun bunch of dudes to hang around!
  5. Thygrym Elder

    So are you willing to apply your same logic to EVERY epic? I bet not, because you already got your easy epic. The server is already littered with Cleric epics. Monks, Necros, Warriors, Rogues, Bards, Shaman, Druids.. Not one of them has a mob that only spawns in open world on a ridiculous timer. People like you miss the entire point of the complaints from SKs, Enchanters and Wizards.... fix those epics like they fixed all the rest long ago. With such a high server population, the bottlenecks are just that much more magnified. The epics have never been "epic" (other than perhaps the cleric clicky rez stick making raids so much easier). It's always been about the stats as they were usually one of the best items in slot.

    Btw, EQ is full of useless chores... keying, tradeskilling, factioning, xp grinding etc.

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