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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Vashazir, Jun 24, 2019.

  1. Tierdal Augur


    timesink is part of the game, its part of the reason you feel achievement

    remove that and what? you have wow.
  2. TLP Addict Augur

    Most epics are just status symbols or at best minor performance improvements.

    Only the Cleric epic is considered anywhere near "essential" yet still isn't if you know the difference between a want and a need, hint nothing in the entirety of Everquest is actually a need, it's all wants.

    You make the tradeoff between having that temporary status symbol that will probably get bagged a couple of weeks into Velious or keeping your sanity.

    Having said that I agree it's unfair that a few epics, SK, Enchanter, Wizard come to mind, have to be bottlenecked by ridiculous 3 days spawns while many other classes can achieve theirs with no more inconvenience than a bit of RNG on drops or camps.

    As others have said, there's nothing epic about standing around for days waiting for a spawn. Back in 2000 you had 12 months or so to get it done and far less competition.
  3. Accipiter Augur

    It looks cool, duh.
  4. Xhartor Augur

    The true classic experience was trying to the ashbourne drake hide in hate to drop or CT to drop Soul leach. Only a handful of guilds were able to clear this content during Kunark. Manglerprogress shows 17 guilds killed CT in Classic era with an additional 4 more since, the site is also missing Europa and Highlords. So we have 23 guilds killing CT. Hates is group content zone now instead of being a raid zone, so the drake hide is obtainable by any SK that puts time into it. Sitting around waiting on mob to hand stuff is a purely TLP experience for the SK epic.
  5. suineg Lorekeeper

    Like I said earlier if you are going to remove "stupid design choices" why are you on a TLP at all? You can just play on Live and get a ton of EQ in without all this "stupidity" but here you are, on Mangler of all servers, complaining about stupid ....

    I am a Shaman and Magician that completed them in era and on TLP and they were neat back in era but on TLP they are just a stupid chore. You do it just because if you don't people will make fun of you for being the one Shaman or Mage that didn't do the chore and how lazy can you be. The Mage one at least requires some work but the Shaman one up until a few patches ago was mindlessly easy and stupid.

    You brought up the Shaman epic after they made it take longer, I find that absolutely hilarious. Have you done an epic yet? Are you aware of any of the quest lines?

    There are a multitude of quests in this game between now and live that are "downright awful" for everyone. Have you played past Kunark?

    There is no "necessity" to do so, please remove words like that and need out of this conversation.

    I will provide reasons even though I have a feeling they will be dismissed as not good enough because you are annoyed by what you "have" to do.

    The epic quest is a long and storied process with a lot of history surrounding it. This is what a good majority of players remember whether they earned one or not. To fundamentally change what the item takes to be earned would be a slap in the face to the people that did the work and a disservice to the epicness of it. I know you don't like that answer but that is just my lead in. The epic itself is not the best 2hander you can get, there is one better in Veeshan's Peak. There isn't a huge compelling reason to keep it the way it is but on the inverse there is not a major reason to change it. The number one reason I would not want it changed if I was an SK even is that it sets a very slippery slope of what else do you change merely for convenience that is way worse than this one quest? VT key? VP key? LDoN aug? BiC aug? etc etc
  6. Vashazir New Member

    This is exactly my point of view, they can make these drops much rarer I wouldn't mind, but once you get them, you should be able to turn them in and not compete with cheaters, auto clickers etc. People have to understand that what you say means that 23 versions of CT is killed each week, means how many soul leech drops every week? We are not playing a classic experience with AoC's, the turn-in guys should follow the same pattern and spawn in picks, that's why I suggested it.
  7. suineg Lorekeeper

    That I can get behind but don't think it's an emergency that needs to be fixed. I have had to sit out there on that island waiting for stupid robe dude to spawn in order to hand my book in for paladin. Good luck if a rogue hasn't killed it or just some random person for his robe. That is a poor design overall, but I don't need to complain about it. I camped it for days and I got it done.
  8. Scruff Elder
    i think i've done at least a couple epics on mangler so far
    what if the mage epic despawned each "power of element" guy for 24+ hours when you hand in your macguffins to them? what if the spirit sentinels each despawned for 24+ hours each time you give them your shaman's shibbledibbles? what if the high scale kirn guy despawned for 48 hours when you killed him? what if rak'ashiir could only exist one-at-a-time, had a specific reaver that only spawned every 48 hours? what if the Master of Elements in Sky could only be spawned every 48 hours and could not be accessed in AOC?

    these are things that don't happen, because it would be stupid design and completely unnecessary
    I would not feel cheated out of my own time in the slightest if every future shadow knight were able to actually finish their epic in a streamlined fashion, without having to deal with all the nonsense that myself and others have endured to acquire our pleasantly mediocre weapon
  9. Hadesborne Augur

    That is just your opinion. Remember that opinions are like ......
  10. Hadesborne Augur

    Now, I will say there has to be some "epicness" to an epic quest. It just is quite unfortunately that the original designers of the SK quest "apparently" ran out fo time and just but made the "turn-ins" the bottleneck events for the SK epic, thereby cheapening their significance and adding to frustration. If they could be changed, I would think that the turn in NPCs being in picks would be great, BUT instead of just handing items to you, a mob would spawn requiring a smaller raid force to be present to kill and get the item. THIS is how you create epic events. You make it so the turn in NPCs have a smaller respawn time, maybe not immediate, but certainly not 3 days, then you make that turn-in an actually event by adding in spawning mob(s). I am quite sure the Devs understand this and if they had time they absolutely would adjust this.

    I think we all can agree that the forced respawn timer of 3 days just for a turn-in seems super cheap and un-needed, unfortunately this is the hand we currently have been dealt. Simply asking for the delay to be removed is a bit shortsighted, BUT also stating that these events are fine the way they are is also a bit shortsighted.

    Instead of asking for your cake and eat it too, instead ask for your cake and the ability to win it through effort and skill (not just the amount of time you have to sit at the computer). Suggest alternatives that don't cheapen the quest in other words.
  11. Tierdal Augur

    where does it end? /claim epic?
  12. Hadesborne Augur

    Not very constructive.
  13. Dythan Augur

    Too much work. The devs need to put the epic in the starter backpack with the note.
  14. Scruff Elder

    this is already the case for the shadow knight epic - you require a raid to kill Cazic'Thule, to get your Soul Leech. then, usually, you require a smaller raid to kill undead dragons in Plane of Hate near innoruuk's castle. the issue stems from having to wait anywhere from a fortunate 24 hours to an unlucky week at a time just to hand these items in. by this point, the player has already killed an actual god with a raid force

    the next fights involve bringing 3-6 players with you to The Hole, at least twice, to kill what you've stated - a mob in which you hand an item to, so that a bigger bad spawns and then you kill that bigger bad for your next quest hand-in item... the final fight of the shadow knight epic is again what you've described, an encounter that you'd only feel safe bringing two groups at the very least into - but again, it's blocked off by a two to three day variance respawn window.

    your proposed fixes are already very much a part of the knight's epic quest, the complaints stem from the very unnecessary design of having the hand-ins related to them gated behind aforementioned slogs of staring at floors for days at a time
  15. suineg Lorekeeper

    They do though for some epics for flavor and lore reasons or "just because". I know for sure the Paladin one does and it didn't hurt me at all the 3 times I have done it on a TLP in era.
  16. Xhartor Augur

    This statement is just wrong, Soul Leech and Ashbourne Drake hide were the original bottlenecks in the SK epic. Hate being changed to be viable for a single group on trash mobs, and the addition of DZ's removed these bottlenecks. Marl became a bottleneck in in pre-DZ TLP's, because players were familiar with the BP and Earring portion of the epic that didn't require Soul Leech (Hate had been changed at this point).
  17. Spayce Augur

    These hand in bottlenecks exist because back in the day there weren't 500 SKs all waiting to turn in the epic quest, and the current devs are unable to fix the issue without completely screwing up everything else it touches.

    Anyone who thinks waiting to do a quest hand in is good game design is clueless. Defeating the enemies and getting the required items is the quest, not waiting to hand the stupid thing in to an NPC.
  18. Spayce Augur

    The classic slippery slope argument fallacy with a tinge of strawman sprinkled in, the bedrock of any good internet debate!
  19. Alister New Member

    Ok what you are failing to understand is the HUGE differences between classic and now. How many guilds can spawn their own DZ of the Plane of Sky, Hate, and Fear to obtain epic hand in items? .......................... Well on classic there was only one sky one hate and one fear for ALL the guilds and the bottleneck WAS NOT THE FREAK-EN HAND IN MOB.
  20. Gio1999 Lorekeeper

    Classic experience my ... do you type out raid instructions? Do you force yourself to look at a book while you med?

    Issue is more people playing video games all day while they fake disabilities trying to tell the adults that there's no issue.

    Just saying.

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